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WAZUp App Spotlight

WAZUp is a Windows Azure management app for Windows Phone that allows the user to view all current deployments and instances found on your account. The app asks for credentials prior to using the app in each instance, this is the login information for the app itself (registration steps can be found below) and not your Live ID.

All data sent back and forth is sent via HTTPS and certification is used for full Windows Azure API security. The password is not stored locally and thus the app will ask you each time you open the app. Deployments listed in the app are color coordinated, matching those used in the web management portal (red - off, green - live, blue - starting). The user is able to start and stop deployments in a few finger pressing actions.

Registering for the service and carrying out the necessary preparations should be completed using the walk through found on the app website. The walk through steps involve registering an account, bringing across the subscription ID of the service you wish to have connected to the app, implementing security certificates and setting up the app.

You can download WAZUp from the Marketplace for $9.99. More info can be found on the app website and after the break, you can catch a video demo of WAZUp. 

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Although we just showed you how to use your phone as a USB drive, which is excellent for copying media or just carrying files between computers you sync with, one downside was it wouldn't work for Office files (docs, PowerPoint, Excel) or PDFs.

Luckily, over at Marauderz Stuff, they figured it out: they created a simple webserver program for your local network. The idea is you download and install this mini-app to your PC, run it and then via Wi-Fi, you can connect your phone up to your PC. Since Mobile Internet Explorer allows downloading of documents, that's all this is doing: creating a local web page where you can list files to transfer easily.

It's almost too simple.

The author even includes a walk-through video (after the jump, along with directions) to show you how it works and how it looks. Seems like the Windows Phone community is rocking pretty hard these days, solving quite a few "issues" with ease.

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