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Sonos the popular multi room entertainment system is a great bit of kit but the company has yet to release a official app for Windows Phone. Phonos seeks to fill that gap and allows you to control all the players and music services throughout your home. We previously covered the app and did an interview with the developer a while back if want to read our views on the unofficial solution.

An update to the app to take it version 4 has hit the Windows Phone Store today and brings with it a number of improvements.

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WiMP available for Windows Phone

Good news for those who reside in Denmark, Norway or Sweden, WiMP is available for Windows Phone and will allow you to stream music for a subscription fee - similar to Zune. Offline listening is available too, just in case you find yourself with little-to-no network connectivity. Signing up to the service will earn you a 30 days free trial to test WiMP out on your phone. Should you not be able to get Zune, this will be a worthy alternative.

You can download WiMP from the Marketplace for free, accompanied by a free 30 day trial.

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