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As Microsoft's vision of one Windows comes closer to being a reality, our vision of a website covering all of this overlapping that technology is also nearing completion. One request we have had from a small percentage of users is a filtering system to weed out news not relative to your interests.

Truth is, the overwhelming majority of you do like reading everything from Xbox to Surface to Windows news, reviews and articles. Nevertheless, in our attempt to make everyone happy, we are pleased to be rolling out our front-page news filter today, both for the main website as well as the mobile version.

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Editor's rant here! I realize that there is a lot of news and buzz about Windows Phone these days, which is always a good thing. I also appreciate that our audience is growing every day, and we welcome you warmly.

Comments are a crucial aspect of our community. The fact is you folks are often our connection to the rest of the world. If we miss something, or get something wrong, we love learning more from you in those posts, as you are a valuable resource too. As our site grows, there are more challenges for us to face including moderating comments. A few solutions are due in the coming weeks, but for now, here are a few guidelines that can keep your fellow WPCentral readers happy.

It is time to lay down the law and for you to eat your veggies or something.

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We're ending the weekend with another From the Forums, where the most popular threads you may have missed are covered as a fail safe. Our community forum is the number one destination for all Windows Phone fans, where gatherings and discussions take place. It's our pride and joy and we'd recommend everyone to check it out should you haven't already done so.

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