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zombie attack 2

If you ask little old me, last week’s Xbox Live sale game was a bit of a dud. This week’s deal game isn’t much better. Zombie Attack! 2 is on sale for $1.99, down from $2.99.

Zombie Attack! 2 is a tower defense game in which players actually control a human survivor who runs around and builds the towers. A fine idea in theory, but the execution leaves much to be desired. A few criticisms from our review: Clunky controls, a complete lack of music, a bug that can make sound effects refuse to play, help screens that clearly refer to the iPhone version’s tilt controls (absent here)… It’s a zombie-filled mess.

Worse, the crux of the game involves completing 10 Challenge levels, which take 45 minutes to an hour each and are just super boring. Seriously, there are much better tower defense games on Xbox Live, including Plants vs. Zombies and geoDefense. One of the two even has zombies

Zombie Attack! 2 is on sale for one week only. If you insist on picking up this rotting corpse of a game, you’ll find it here (Zune link) on the Marketplace.

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Zombie Attack! 2 - Review

Windows Phone 7 has no shortage of tower defense games. In addition to numerous indie offerings, Xbox Live games Star Wars: Battle for Hoth, Plants vs. Zombies, and geoDefense will all be available by the end of June. Then there’s Zombie Attack! 2 (AKA Zombie Attack! The 2nd Wave) from IUGO Mobile Entertainment. “Sweet, zombies and tower defense go together like brains and ketchup,” you might be thinking. Don’t get too excited just yet…

Zombie Attack 2’s claim to fame is that the player controls a human survivor that runs around planting and upgrading towers. Standing next to a tower boosts its damage by fifty percent. The survivor can attack zombies directly with a machete or shotgun, but zombies can hurt him or her as well. If the human dies, he or she will re-spawn at the base after several seconds. The base has its own health meter. If the zombies destroy the base, the game ends.

The six playable characters include: Survivor, Red Ninja, Fighter, Super Spy, Santa, and Daisy Mae. They don’t play differently and are fairly generic, except maybe for Daisy Mae. She’s actually the star of a separate indie WP7 title from IUGO.

Creep past the break for our full review.

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It's Xbox Wednesday, which means of course we have new games to report on. This week we're back to two releases, although they're a bit niche, if you ask us.

First one is Deer Hunter 3D, which at first we thought was a 3D game version of the 1978 Cimino film. How disappointed we were to find out instead of being De Niro we're an actual deer hunter, plucking off 3D models of cute furry animals.  If "devastating kills" are your thing, you can fork over $4.99 for the simulation of blowing away Bambi's mom, repeatedly, while pretending you're paying attention in that morning meeting. You can grab that game here for a trial, but men are hunters and men don't use trials, so just buy it.

The second is 'Zombie Attack! 2' from IUGO, which is evidently an alarming event, judging by the exclamation point. Adding to the surfeit of tower-defense games in the Marketplace, 'ZA! 2' (hip folk can abbreviate) brings tons of weapons, zombie apocalypse and your normal tower game play to your Windows Phone. It certainly looks colorful. 'ZA! 2' fetches for a fair $2.99 and you can grab that bad boy right here.

As usual, hit us up in comments with your thoughts. We're getting back to our favorite game, 'Shift 2'...

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