TalkBox getting early update, first images of Windows 8 desktop client appear


The mobile messaging service TalkBox had a nice little launch last week and has since racked up some solid reviews grabbing 4.5 stars out of 5. Not bad for a version 1.0 though clearly the app can use some fixes and features e.g. landscape for typing, Toast notifications that take you directly to the message, perhaps pinnable contacts, etc.

The good news is an updated version should be coming this week. We're not entirely sure on the changes but we'll get you that list as soon as possible. One thing we're certain of, the TalkBox team seems set on delivering a rock-solid experience on Windows Phone, which leads us to Windows 8...

As you can see below, the TalkBox team is evidently working on a a desktop application for their push-to-talk messaging service, which will allow you chat via texting or voice clips to all of your contacts on Windows Phone, iOS, Android and eventually even BlackBerry.

TalkBox for Windows 8 Desktop

No word on specific features but as you can see from the images, it looks to support everything the mobile clients handle. The design also looks bright and minimal which should keep the Metro-peeps happy out there.

It's great to see developers taking the ability to co-develop for Windows Phone and Windows 8 seriously as we can only imagine such a strategy will be very helpful to their brand. We'll keep you posted on any more info that we get, so stay tuned.

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Pick up TalkBox for Windows Phone for free here in the Marketplace.

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Reader comments

TalkBox getting early update, first images of Windows 8 desktop client appear


is it a Windows 8 'Desktop' app or a Windows 8 'Metro' app..? (or both?) the first two images make it look like 'metrofied' Desktop app (has the little close/min/max buttons), but the third image looks like a metro app with its app bar opened-up..

It is desktop - it has minimise/maximise buttons which are impossible in Metro apps (and it can't be both because it is impossible).

Yup, definitely desktop app with Metro style, like MetroTwit, Zune PC software etc. Would've preferred a real WinRT app.

Agree. Making a desktop app and make it look like metro is a complete fail to me. This app will not work on Windows 8 ARM tablets and it will not have a live tile in Windows 8!!!

Call me when the Windows RT compatible version gets done...

Got the app last week, though it work well it take a while to load. Would be best if integrated into WP messaging. I personally used it for about two or three massages and soon found myself back to the traditional texting. If Talkbox can speed up the process and utilized voice fore hands free communication than maybe I would start to use it again. Until than, just like Ask Ziggy a cool app but just not practical.

This is actually a really good app for windows phone, works perfectly on my lumia 900. Whatsapp team needs to take notes.