Talk.to Messenger to cease third party service support on August 15th

Talk.to Messenger

The Talk.to team has published an article on the official blog, detailing plans to cease support for third party messaging services. Google Talk, Facebook and Windows Live played an important role when the service launched back in 2012, but the team notes it's difficult to guarantee a fast and reliable service when external platforms are supported. So how is this going to affect users of the platform?

From August 15th this year, Talk.to will no longer support the third party services and will focus solely on its own messaging platform. If you use the app for Windows Phone, you'll be unable to message friends on Google Talk, Facebook Chat or Windows Live through Talk.to. If you're on Windows (or Mac) you'll need to install the Talk.to mobile app before you can communicate with Talk.to contacts from the desktop / laptop.

Unfortunately, if you still require one of the external services, the team recommends checking out alternative solutions. You can download Talk.to from the Windows Phone Store (Windows Phone 8 only). Thanks, Danny, for the heads up!

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Talk.to Messenger to cease third party service support on August 15th


And there goes the only reason I was using talk.to - as a Gtalk client. I guess I'll find a new one and uninstall talk.to.

I need Google Talk for work, so this comes as crappy news.
That being said, I won't be working by the time August 15th comes around, so I guess I can't complain.

Thanks for posting Rich. I was upset seeing that email this morning. I liked talk.to way better than GChat. Personally it was a great app. I have no use for it now so it'll get uninstalled

I understand they want to get their own chat service going, but there are already so many chat options out there. I have been using this as a GTalk client, as I am sure most people have, for a while now so this is disappointing news. Talk.To is such a great looking app too, I just can't see myself using another chat app...

OFF-TOPIC: Guys, what if Skype becomes an integrated messaging solution for WP needs.., would that be cool..? I mean, on par w/ Viber, Line, WeChat, Kik, etc. or better. HD video/audio calls + Audio Messages, file/image attachments, video messages, downloadble stickers packs(like Xbox, etc) emoji/emoticons, etc... Wouldn't that be awesome...? :D

Man, I had no idea this app existed. Sad because I use IM+ and it's just OK. Sounds like I would have liked this.
Btw, Rich, this is available for WP7.x too. I just downloaded it to my Titan II.

I am still missing a decent Jabber/XMPP Client.
A jabber server is easy to setup, and there are a lot of usable servers already around. They have no PRISM attached ;)
With Jingle protocol, you can easily make voice and video calls. There is Monal on iOS, but still nothing decent on Android or WP.
I would pay 10$ for this app.
IM+ is quite ok, but for me its a battery drainer and does no voice calls. Also its using location sensor like mad. WTF?

It was the only decent client for gtalk. Oh well, will be uninstalling on 15th. Nimbuzz sucks n IM+ is also no good. But will have to deal with it.

Can we send them an email asking them to reverse decision? I don't see how being an independent chat will ever work out for them. They could start charging etc., for continuing to provide third party service. Chat apps operate in 2 sided markets which means that unless they have a fantabulous idea, they would be better off continuing third party. Just my 2 cents - I have no idea of their thoughts/model.

This was the best Google Talk client around. Disappointed, I really don't want to go back to IM+. Maybe I'll build my own ...