Tango everywhere on Windows Phone - A small list of carrier updates from the last few days

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We'll be honest, we get a lot of email here at Windows Phone Central. And we love it. We seriously try to read every singe one.

One area though that has been tough for us to triage is the Windows Phone "Tango" update aka build 8773 (or 8779) which features some minor fixes and enhancements for some phones, or big changes for others (like the Nokia Lumia range).

Every day we're tipped on such and such carrier now delivering an update and to be honest, it's overwhelming. To the point that we'll need to start an Excel sheet to just keep track of it all. Seriously. And we hate using Excel.

Anyway, we figured we would just post a list of the "tips" we've had on what carriers and phones have been getting Tango in the last few days. We don't doubt we've probably even covered some of these before, regardless we don't want to ignore your news either. So head past the break to see what we have from the last 5 days! 


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Some carriers and devices which have received Tango in the last few days

  • Samsung Omnia 7 on eMobile (Ireland)
  • Nokia Lumia 800 on AT&T
  • HD7 on Bell
  • Unlocked HTC Mozart
  • Unlocked HTC Titan
  • Unlocked HTC Radar
  • Lumia 800 Vodafone UK
  • Samsung Omnia 7 on Three (UK)
  • Telstra
  • Swisscom
  • HD7 on O2
  • Optus Australia finally approve the Tango update for Lumia 710 and 800 http://www.peterskitchen.net/?p=8560
  • HTC Mozart from T-Mobile Germany
  • TELUS Mobility in Canada
  • Lumia 710 Entel (Chile)h

Thanks, everyone, for sending these in! Have more? Add 'em to comments. Don't want to wait for Tango? Then do it yourself!


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Tango everywhere on Windows Phone - A small list of carrier updates from the last few days



Err, it came out awhile ago, I'm actually typing this message on my Tango-running Tmobile 710, I had to do the airplane-mode tip to do it though (a few times, when I started, I was at 7900 or something, but it wasn't in the 8000's)

My Samsung Focus S has 7.1.8773.98.  I just got the phone and the update recently, so I'm not sure how long its been available from my Mac Windows Phone Connector software.

Did anyone else (non-US) lose OTA subscription and management of podcasts via Zune on the phone, with Tango?
I know people outside of the US doesn't technically have access to the podcast marketplace, but I could actually manage podcasts that I had manually added via Zune on desktop prior to this update.

I'm pretty sure I had e-mailed you last week regarding this and I don't see mine on the list which is a bit surprising. Well just in case you didn't get it, I received my Tango update last week: Samsung Omnia 7 on Three (UK)

Still waiting for HTC Titan on AT&T. The disappearing keyboard is driving me nuts, and of course AT&T had to skip over the first update to fix it. :(

Tell me about it. Oddly enough, up until a few weeks ago, my TITAN had the stuck OEM screen...only way I could recover was the hard reset option (holding the volume buttons, etc.). Ever since, I've been plagued with the disappearing keyboard...never had it before then, and I've had this TITAN since release date. It is quite annoying.

I did the cab file method on my Focus two days ago for 8107. I got tired of waiting and the force method would not work AT ALL. Now I just need to add get the Tango cab files and update. :-)

Ditto. If its not 100% confirmed that OS updates will come directly from Microsoft for WP8, the Titan will be the first and last Windows Phone I buy.

ATT has made it clear that they can't handle it.

I agree completely. I've always been a fan and supporter of WP7 even with its flaws. But if Microsoft doesn't confirm that they will be handling and pushing all the updates to all the phones regardless of carrier...I'm out.
ATT has handled the whole updating system terribly, but I guess if they don't want their users to buy WP devices, then that is one way to do that.

Its not MS, its your carrier. AT&T have proved to be beyond useless, much like our BT in the UK.
With Apollo, that changes, and MS handle the updates. Carriers no longer in the way, which is the way it should be.

Tmobile is just as bad. I went to 3 different stores and none of them knew what mango was and one said wp8 was coming at the end of 2011.

Hahaha.that's why having a query keyboard comes in handy. No worries about disappearing keyboard

I feel you, but I don't see any love coming from Sprint. Best we can hope is that it will be released by HTC and we can use the Zune trick to get it without Sprint. I don't want to risk doing it the CAB way (nor do I have time).

Didn't you know since wp dev summit they said will be doing over the air updates now when wp8 comes. So no more plugging to Zune or having phone providers approval. I wish they done this way earlier.

I have given up hope of any further support from Sprint. An HTC rep on Twitter confirmed to me a while back that the ball is in Sprint's court regarding updates. I second the above recommendation to manually perform CAB updates, or you could do like I did and unlock your bootloader to flash a custom ROM with the updates built in.
I'm giving Sprint until the end of the year to at least make an announcement for Windows Phone 8 support, otherwise I'm dumping them as my carrier and I'm selling all of my shares of stock in their company. If they can't recognize the opportunity that the platform provides, I won't be a customer or shareholder.

Tango updates for unlocked Nokia Lumia 800, Nokia Lumia 800 from Globe Telecom, and Nokia Lumia 710 from Smart Communications now available in the Philippines :)

I'm this close to updating mine through unofficial means, but my keyboard doesn't disappear very often. The phone's pretty solid for me. Once 7.8 is released I will be getting it through any means possible and then ride it out until the next hardware refresh.

This is crazy. Att has the big boy w7 phones and don't get the update. Tmobile gets the kiddie w7 phones and gets the update.

I just realized.. 7.8 has no code name. It's not Apollo, that's 8.0. So what's 7.8? MS dropped the ball in the naming convention.

Bingo! Lol, there are plenty of -o words out there still, right? I want to see one called silo or maybe inferno would be cool.

Cameo, hero, limbo, zero, limo--yo-yo? I can't see it now... "Introducing Windows Phone Yo-yo. Windows Phone isn't playing anymore."

Updating my focus S right now from 7720. Got the update notification, so far 7740,8107 and 8112 installed.

Congrats. I too have a Samsung Focus S on Att in Grand Rapids, MI and received my notification to update when I plugged into Zune 2 or 3 weeks ago. There is not alot to Tango but it is nice that the keyboard no longer disappears. I am sure Att is rolling out the update as I did receive it but maybe they could be a little more timely until the update is 100% complete. To all who haven't received the update, keep the faith. It will happen.

Nothing for my AT&T Focus so far. Had to use the cab method to get 8107, which I couldn't get to work on my XP computer, but worked fine on a W7 one. I plan on doing Tango soon, I just had to get rid of that damn disappearing keyboard. Drove me nuts!

I have an unlocked at&tTitan here in Canada running on Telus network. By unlocked i mean carrier unlocked. When I plug it on Zune and check for update doesn't find any. Any help would be greatly appreciated for this one.

I have an unlocked Titan in the UK, only got the Tango update today even though other people got it a couple of weeks ago. I didn't get the "update available" message until I connected my phone to my PC via usb. Keep checking, it will get to you.

Now This is Windows Phone News Bringing AllWindows Phone Users From Day One To The Newest Windows Phone And Beyond  to Have A Peacefull and informative discussion for all about updates and more WPCENTRAL IS BACK I WAS STARTING TO GET WORRIED THERE

She got a notification on her phone that she had an update available. She connected it to Zune and proceeded to install 5 updates, the last being Tango.

Of the three Lumia 710 owners I know on t-mobile USA, 2 are now running tango, and one has yet to receive an update notification.

wheres rogers...... :S
and hope it fixes the lumia 710 name display issue we were having up here

yea I know my 900 got the update but I work tech support for rogers and I get about 5 calls a day asking why name display isn't working so I hope the tango update would correct this

Telefónica Spain delivered too, and a Nokia update came along... Where can I see the full list of new stuff with the updates?

Got updates up to 8773 on ATT focus flash. For whatever reason, focus flashes are being updated first on ATT it seems.

I'm still waiting my Tango on an LG Optimus 7. Carrier: Telcel (Mexico).
I did't have enough patience trying to force it a few times a week ago like I did successfully with Mango.

I have an original Focus on Rogers, and when I saw this article I thought, why not, let's just check and see if there is an update for me, and what do you know, there was.

I have a feeling htc hd7 US Will get MCR3 With 7.8 Tmobil rep told me hd7 was not restricted from future updates

Thanks for the update! I was just thinking about this the other day. There is no easy way for me to check for updates for my Samsung Focus on AT&T, which has been stuck on 7720 for the past 10 months. I hope that changes soon, but it seems at this point that AT&T is completely unmotivated to do anything about updates at all now that Microsoft took down their "Where is my update?" page and let the carriers off the hook. Microsoft can give the same old tired excuse, but we never waited 7 months for the delivery of a released update when Microsoft had that page up and the carriers had a reason to be compelled to satisfy their customers.

I still say ATT won't do anything past 7720 because they don't want us to have Internet Sharing. Too many of us still have unlimited data plans.

Really hoping Nokia & AT&T release the Lumia 900 update soon. Will give me something else to obsess over. :-)

Also, anyone know whether 7.8 will be able to run 8.x apps (and how the WP Market will handle such (fragmentation")?

A friend of mine received Tango update on her lumia 710 with Telcel (México). I'm Not in luck with LG Optimus 7 :(

I'm with you bro. till sitting on Mango with Telcel LG Optimus-looks like Telcel totally abandoned us! c'mon MS....get after Telcel and have them release Tango-it shameful really.

I dont really care about Tango. Waiting eagerly for the Nokia WP8 phones. Will sell my Lumia 900 and buy the new super cool dual core with shiny WP8. Cant really wait for Black Friday. Wish the day would come earlier. Wish everything moves fast forward.....lol

I'm sitting with a dev unlocked, debranded Quantum....I have SERIOUS doubts anyone is getting this, force method or otherwise.

Just a word to the wise I unlocked my phone and rooted it to install the Tango update on a ATT Samsung Focus via the ROG-US hack. I was able to update all the way to Tango but I am having serious texting issues. Texts are taking half a day to get or send must restart phone several times to get texts. I am not sure if this is a firmware issue or a Tango issue. I will be suprised when ATT finally releases Tango if there will be a firmware update as well for Samsung Focus plane. Windows 8 can not get here fast enough!

I'm starting to feel really alone when it comes to talking about updates......no one mentions Sprint. I think I need to look into another carrier

I did the CAB installer method for Tango on my HTC Titan unlocked for T-Mobile. Will this throw me off from receiving the official updates in the future such as the 7.8 update? Everything works except voice note.

Not sure if anyone mentioned it already, but I got the update (two actually) last week, on a Samsung Focus on Rogers in Canada.

I'm using the Zune software to update my Samsung Focus S. Version 7.10.7740.16 is available now. Just now installing it.

I'm using a HTC WP7 HD7 T9295 with Vodafone in Australia. 
Vodafone do not carry this phone and therefore will not be sending out any updates. Do the updates get pushed through Zune for non-branded phones?

It's a miracle - I got home from work and plugged it in and the update started straight off. It's finished, still haven't got tethering oh well.

Tethering was released in Feb or March for the HD7. I believe that was a HTC update, so it shouldn't rely on the carriers. Are you sure you don't have Internet Sharing under settings?

Where did you buy it from? Some phones are truly unbranded so updates come from MS, while others are American/Canadian/UK imports so you generally have to wait for the original carrier to release the update.

The actual SIM is irrelevant. I have a HTC HD7 T9296 sold by Telstra - they are carrier unlocked by default so I have been using a Vodafone SIM, but I must wait for Telstra to approve updates as it is still internally branded as Telstra.

It's a hand-me-down from my son and was bought from MobiCity. The model is T9295 and I have it connected to Vodafone in Australia. It definitely doesn't have Internet Sharing available. My daughter's WP7 from Samsung does have it.

I did notice when checking the phone info the help contact listed is support.bell.ca/mobility. Therefore it must be a Canadian Bell phone and a bit of googling shows that they don't like tethering. Bell must get HTC to hobble "Internet Sharing" on this model of the HD7.

I don't really care about the tango...i don't have mms/sms plan..i can email pics and videos for free...why pay??
I have the lumia 900 cyan...I will be adding a wp8 to my line up..hd7,710,l900,titan and wp8???

I just got my Tango this morning, in total of three updates. I am on Orange Romania, using a Lumia 800. so far so good ! ( happy )

I can confirm this. I am on an Omnia 7 16GB and received two updates last evening. It is now on 8773.98.

Big problem since last update (HTC update after 7.10.8773.98) for my HTC Titan: Bluetooth connections deactivate himself and several times (between 30seconds and 2hours of a connection done and then, the smartphone stop the Bluetooth himself and I must wait about 1 minute before to activate it one more time)... It's boring !! What must I do to fix this problem ??

HTC Titan X310e (without operator contract, I buy it to HTC and I've received it on 29th September (Yes, 29/09/2011 and I'm not laughing... HTC send it to me a little bit before he was on the market in here in Belgium (father who is IT and the boss of his company who's close to Asus, HTC, Microsoft, etc.)).

My wife and daughter got their Lumia 800 updated yesterday on Telenor in Sweden. My Omnia 7 from three in Sweden has still no update. Also Lumia 800 on three had no update yet.

And of course I got the update notification within an hour of my previous comment :-)
Omnia 7 on three in Sweden is a go for Tango.

Orange (and presumably T-Mobile) have delivered the update to Lumia 800's but not the Samsung Omnia 7.  The Omnia 7 has become a forgotten device now - still no DLNA/AllShare either.  :(  Great phone but the support has been nothing like that of the Nokia phones.  Have to hand it to Nokia for all the app and firmware updates received.

Microsoft hates open market phones :/
I am waiting for my OPN Lumia and Optimus too. Had to flash a branded ROM on my LG to get tethering some months ago...

I should have checked my phone settings notification beforehand, but having done that for several weeks prior I finally decided this morning to just plug it straight into the USB cable and check Zune, which told me I had an update.
Is it normal for the phone NEVER to tell me I've got an update waiting BEFORE I plug it in?
Mine's an HTC 7 Pro, unlocked, currently on Orange, UK. Who delivers my updates, Orange or HTC?

"Is it normal for the phone NEVER to tell me I've got an update waiting BEFORE I plug it in?"
I suspect that the update notification doesn't regularly search for available updates as I recall reading that it only searches once a day when using internet/data connection. So if the update happens to be available later in the day, your phone won't detect it until the next day.
During the last update (12070) for my L800, the notification didn't mention anything even when I was connected to Wi-Fi for roughly 15 minutes. Only after connecting to the PC and did an update search on Zune did the update appear. Weird.
"Mine's an HTC 7 Pro, unlocked, currently on Orange, UK. Who delivers my updates, Orange or HTC?"
Should be HTC, given the description. Unless your phone is carrier/operator branded, then you'll have to wait for them to approve the update for release.

I tipped the first on the list (Samsung Omnia 7 on eMobile) late last night so I'm going to assume that it was me that pushed Daniel over the edge to create this post.
I have to admit though that eMobile in Ireland have been pretty quick to update my first gen Sammy so far - I wasn't waiting too long for my Mango & pre-Mango updates either.
My wife has a Lumia 710 so I'll have to fire up her laptop tonight and see if she'll get her update - she's with Meteor - and let you guy's know.

This whole update structure is majorly messed up. They need to find a way to push these things through without having to have the carrier involved (just so the carrier can @#%& it up). Their past update makes my keyboard disappear from between once every minute, to 20 times a minute. And I should have to wait a year to see this fixed (and still waiting)?!?!? This is insane.

Blame the carrier - most people had updates roll out in Feb/March which would've addressed that issue. 7.8 & 8+ are supposed to have opt-in methods to bypass carriers.

Samsung Omnia 7 and HTC Trophy on Vodafone Germany are already receiving Tango update, at least they said so there. Still waiting with Trophy. 

My Samsung Focus S received the tango update when it first came out. My fiancé didn't and hasn't received.

This method of rolling out updates is an absolute fecking joke.
Definitely not customer focused at all.

I disagree. My phone chirped that it had an update, and to plug in to Zune, 30 minutes later I have my phone updated, no hassles, no problems, no confusion, it just works. Perhaps I should be on a carrier that sucks more.

UK unlocked here, on Vodafone is that makes a difference.
I have just had an update to 8773 on my Lumia 800, yet there is no internet sharing option - any ideas where I should be looking? I've checked in settings page and there is nothing there!

It should just be there in the settings menu. I think that its Vodafone stopping that one because of data useage. When I purchased my phone through orange they blocked internet sharing (and still have) but when I upgraded I did it through phones 4 U and because the phones not branded it allows the internet sharing feature. Same network!

USCellular sent out the update for my WP7 about 2 weeks ago but it DID NOT include internet sharing, and that really sucks! Damn you USCellular!

I'm installing it on my Focus S now. When I checked from my phone for the update it would tell me that no update was available. When I connected it to Zune it let me know there was an update available. Not sure why the method of checking makes a difference. 


I wish AT&T would flat-out say they won't put Tango on my Focus. That way I can get rid of a false sense of hope.

Lumia 900 unlocked & HTC Trophy on M1-3GSM (Singapore) both updated to 8773. On Lumia I noticed the small location icon appearing next to battery icon.

Samsung Focus S on AT&T! I don't know when the notice first showed up as my wife uses this phone. I saw the notice on the phone Sunday and installed immediately.

Hey i received my update today for(lumia 710) T-mobile Los Angeles very nice it took about 35 minutes but it's all good now.  

Sorry if this has already been covered. But I have just updated my Titan (UK unlocked) and I can't seem to find any difference at all. People keep talking about wanting this tango update to solve the disappearing keyboard issue, however I received that in mango update.
Plus my software version still reads 7.1? I don't get it. Could one of you pros please explain. Thanks

HTC told the PM for mobile devices at T-Mobile USA that the HD7 and Radar both would not be getting Tango or 7.8

HD7 unlocked (Asia/Pacific) did receive Tango 10-14 days ago. If T-Mo version not going to release, try the work-around found here. I used it (2 steps, first to 8112, then 8773) on my HD7 before the official push. Of course, read the thread and heed warnings... cheers