Team behind HTC 8x for Windows Phone 8 explain that iconic design

WP Central Team behind HTC 8x for Windows Phone 8 and explain that iconic design

HTC has just released all the juicy details about their upcoming Windows Phone 8 devices but the story certainly isn’t over yet.

It’s clear HTC is keen to get back into the game with Windows Phone 8 and prove they are more than a match for Nokia. Design and colour look to be the key differentiators for Windows Phones from now on, HTC, like Nokia are launching their devices in a spectrum of colour.  A strong focus on stand out design could be what propels Windows Phone 8 in the eyes of consumers.

The HTC 8X has been designed beautifully, the designers and engineers tell us how they let themselves be guided by the simplicity of the tile tiles. In all the shots we see that the start screen is colour coded to the body colour, its really neat and will please those with an obsessive matching streak. They also speak about the curved glass, we can see how nicely that tappers to the case, that should mean it feels great in the hand. Interesting that they talk about the textured finish, HTC have gone with a matte effect here. No gloss finish for HTC it would seem.

Looks like colour is going to be with us in a big way when it comes to Windows Phone 8 and we’re really glad these devices aren’t boring slabs. It’s pretty evident HTC is more than keen to jump back into the ring and tough it out with the Nokia for the title of best Windows Phone. With designs like these we think HTC could have a chance at taking a big slice of the market back.

As ever, we’re keen to hear what you think of these new designs and colours and renewed commitment to the platform. Tell us all about it in the comments bellow.


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Team behind HTC 8x for Windows Phone 8 explain that iconic design


I'm predicting around 80% of WP8 handsets will be sold by Nokia and HTC because of their design. Samsung has a simple design that will please some, but other than that the only benefit is the expandable storage IMO. Can't wait to get some official release dates regardless!

Yep, I think so too.
Of course there are the tech geeks that want to have the best technology and don't care as much about the design *cough* GS3 *cough*. For normal people the specs don't matter that much. I mean my Lumia 800 runs super smooth with its 1.4GHz single core. Even if it would stutter from time to time, the design is still more important to me cause I see and touch it every single time I take it out of my pocket.
Those new Phones from Nokia and htc just look so different from all the boring rest. Those colors are totally eye catching. When you enter a store those colors will just pop into your eye and pull you there. The ATIV just looks like any other phone out there just like the GS3. The iPhone still looks the same and doesn't catch any attention anymore.
I really want to have a 920 for the camera and screen, but that lime green seriously makes me consider going for htc...and I haven't even looked at the specs yet.

People r tryn to hate on HTC lol but I like it im a Microsoft fan im glad windows phone 8 has got some new solid devices to put against android and ios

Oh yea and now fire fox is making an OS lol another bites the dust Firefox put android out bring the numbers down so windows phone can move up

Nokia and HTC are putting all other Windows Phone device manufacturers to shame. Nokia still takes the gold, but HTC has definitely made a huge leap forward. HTC currently has Nokia beat on carriers, but Nokia easily edges out on support. Will HTC step up their game even further?

All others? You mean Samsung - that's true. Hopefully others wake up from their XEROX machine dreams and come up with something unique. ZTE usually go for very low price point, at that level aesthetic don't matter as much. Currently Samsung is riding the Android train, but boy they will learn their lesson soon enough(like HTC). 
Because when Windows 8 goes into sale, people are not gonna have much of an option as it comes with laptops. And most will love it and they are going to want their phone with the familiar tiles as well. Samsung better capitalize on that, or it will be too late. 

At the 1:43 mark in the video we get the first glimpse of the WP8 app menu in action.. The back forth arrow is gone as expected.

I suspect the icon changes depending on the size. For example the larger tile for text messaging you will see the last text. The smallest tile will have to leave out something. The games icon shown on the phone is small

Speaking of the game hub, I hope they redesigned the whole thing. Its sad Xbox app is better on other platforms.

I think Nokia and HTC are doing the right thing with regards to color.  If you want to set your self apart from every other black/silver metal / plastic  and glass phone you should introduce what the industry is missing...color.  Color makes the phone even more personal because it's the color you want not the same thing everyone else has, but if you want black or white they have that as well.  I think the presentation of color by both HTC and Nokia is a large step in the right direction and I hope they keep this type of trend going...match the phone colors with the accent colors.

Couldn't agree more, some keep arguing htc copied nokia, com'on give them a break~~

If u ask me, i believe it's the new breed of approach that rooted from the same ground - WindowsPhone accents. Seriously no other OS can looks so good and unison with the phone body itself like these phones. (just imagine android phones in color phone, it still wont work without the tiles n accent in fonts due to the outdated look of icons)
People used to go for black because of that "safe" look, but not now anymore cos it works better even in colors!! WP Rocks!!!

I definitely believe the colors may be what finally differentiates Windows Phone from the competition. I realize there are spec differences, but when you walk in a carrier store and see that wall of color (hopefully), then that is the first place people will head to, no matter the OS.

I would love to see that happen aswell.. Allthough allot of carriers/phone stores are not doing so since wp8 is too new and wp7 didnt take off as most wanted it to.. Lets just hope atleast some stores do it..

For the 8x I mean. The gray shells aren't two tone and are mixed in with the rest of the 8x's they accounced today. You can spot them early in the video.

Just get the phones out so that I can show all my co-workers that pre-ordered their iPhone5, that they should make the switch to WinPhone8.

So, Windows Phone = Colourful! Colourful phones, colourful tiles. I like it. Must say if I was to choose a new phone right now, it would be a toss up of a Nokia WP8 or a HTC WP8 (leaning more towards Nokia in theory now, but would wait for reviews and how they feel in my hand).
I can just see a windows phone commercial, where a grey mass of people in black, grey and white with eyes shielded by fruit-shaped blinders, marching slowly and boringly into the same direction, when some colourful person crashes into the grey crowd, helping the people getting their blinders off, helping them see coulours (& choices).
Or one of the person in the grey mass suddenly gets lost in colourful childhood memories, remembers the days when he wan't just following the masses yet, was daring and enjoyed standing out, and then, all of a sudden, tears his blinders off and celebrates his reconnection to colour and joy.

I wish they make commercials comparing iPhones directly, instead of beating around bush. But unfortuantely, these people are not that creative when it comes to making commercials.(or picking a ad agency). You are giving them too much credit.

nay, that is what samsung does, not nokia n not htc...that's lame n low if u ask me (well it's SAMSUNG anyway, lol). If u talk abt creative, i think this colorful showreel is one eye bogging great ad, the industry is too much filled with the emotional-touch ads which i find it's getting too cliche n over promising. We need idversity and that's where we build identity, n htc really needs to build that, it would be nice if this is a root for their future ads.

i would love to see a bunch of lemmings talking and texting on all of their black slab phones as they are walking to the ocean to jump in when low and behold a colorful WP catches their attention and saves them from doing the same thing every other lemming does. lol 

Nokia still seems the best value, with solid hardware and more importantly, lots of Custom Software! Nokia 920 will get my $

I'm a bigger guy, so it's going to be hard for me to downgrade in size from a 4.6". I would love a note sized phone. Perfect for my phat fingers lol

Can you imagine how good the Microsoft stores are going to look now, white with all these bright colour highlights! Meanwhile, the Apple store across the hall is still black and white, with a bunch of turtlenecks milling around. Haha

This is bad for Nokia. Nokia had the entire (almost entire) WP8 market to itself, but now have to share with HTC. Great news for us consumers though. I was going to buy the 920, but I now will see which one feels best in my hand. Excitement building up :-)

Que porquería de diseños, htc se está quedando sin ingenio al crear nuevas cosas, esto no es mas que una copia barata de los lumia de Nokia, en definitiva no vuelvo a comprar otro HTC

If HTC come up with an exclusive Sat Nav app in par with Nokia's then the 8x is my next phone. God its sleek and light.

Samsung is hoping to draw in buyers with their amoled alone. I really didn't think HTC had this kind of phone in them. I was expecting a one x running wp8.
High quality, visually pleasing devices from HTC and Nokia, and even that Samsung phone, a rip off of their best of class Android phone, is going to help make Windows Phone a serious contender this fall.

Neither has the screen size of a Titan and HTC’s rear camera is actually a step down from their own Titan Gen2…ugh…
Honestly, nothing really overwhelming by either vendor…
You need to combine the two to get a real “flagship” phone lol
Resolution: Nokia
Pixel density: HTC
Screen Size: Nokia (still smaller than Titan G1/G2 though )
Glass type: HTC
Weight: HTC
Storage: Nokia (but both still need an SD card slot  :( )
Rear camera: Nokia
Front camera: HTC
Audio: HTC
Battery: Nokia (better capacity and wireless charging)
Bluetooth compatibility: Nokia
Exclusive apps/manufacturer post-purchase support: Nokia
Nokia wins 7-5…to be continued

The colors have my head spinning!!! Very nice... So confused now: HTC 8X or LUMIA 920????.. What to do?? What to do???.. Very nice to be confused what to do over WP!!.. :-) :-)

Wow serious. HTC really did go out on a limb for design. I'd say these look rather nice, if not better by a sliver, than the Lumia line. I really like the super clean look of them. The 8S looks almost toy-ish though, but that 8X is really something. I think the techy in me would go Lumia 920 because of the Pureview, but this is more of a meld between what Samsung and Nokia have done. Samsung went ultra thin and light, rehashing previous hardware, which looked like a solid phone at the time, then Nokia with his dazzling colors and design with unique hardware. Now we have HTC with the dazzling design of Nokia, thin and light of Samsung, and HTC hardware of a super fast image processor and Beats audio. I'm pretty positive the camera is going to be on par with those of the likes of iPhone 5, the Galaxy S3 and the HTC OneX, so it's going to be solid in that respect, but distant from what the 920 can offer, but at the same time if you give up that OIS tech, you'll get the lightness of what Samsung has to offer while getting the unique design that closely mimics Nokia. I think for those looking for a nice balance, this is the phone to get. For myself, I still like the 920, but with owning a 900 I'm starting to notice the weight with all the talk about thin and light phones again these days.

Seriously, if not for the 920 I'd heavily consider the 8X.  Even still, I went from 100% 920 to about 70/30.  I have to feel and see them both in person.  I like what HTC has done. :)

I'm on T-MO and it wasn't going to be the L820 not with that screen res. so I thought the ATIV if it cam to T-MO now WOW this is one heck of a nice looking device.

Que porquería de diseños, a htc ya se le acabo el ingenio y no le queda mas que copiarle los diseños a Nokia, esto no es mas que una copia barata de los Lumia, definitivamente cambiaré mia expectativas a la hora de cambiar de teléfono.

What I find pathetic in HTC, is that NOW they are 'inspired' by the tiles, and decided to finally not rehash their device shells.  They had more money in their coffers before now, but used Android shells to save money; but I guess they miraculously got funds to invest in a staff to design phones for WP that are not rehashes of Android devices.
HTC will never admit it, but they are actually inspired by Lumia and Nokia.

Wow HTC have impressed me I was like all Nokia but that HTC look nice. I going to think hard on my phone now. Nokia navigatoion or HTC

Anyone else think HTC have done with Nokia's design, as Samsung did with Apple? IMHO, the 8X is at the very least, heavily inspired by the Lumia 800/900. Sort of like the Samsung copies of the iPhone, if we can't compete with you, we'll just copy you. HTC want to differentiate themselves and their handsets from the iPhone, fearing an Apple backlash, and have instead looked at the Lumia, and realised the odds of Nokia taking them down the legal route, are far lower than Samsung and Apple (especially give Nokia and HTC alliegences to Microsoft and the platform still being an also ran atm).

They were definitely inspired by the Lumias but they tried to take it to their own direction.  They pyramidal pillow back, tapered edges, flush buttons, and coloured bottom buttons on the 8S are pretty unique.  I actually like the 8S look more than the 8X.  They should have made that into the hero phone.

I'll tell you the "inspiration" they used.. They looked at the iPhone 3g, then they looked at the Lumia, mash them together and what do you get....