Telegram coming to Windows Phone in January - promises to be faster and more secure than Whatsapp

Telegram for WIndows Phone

Telegram just announced on Twitter their messaging app is coming to Windows Phone in January 2014. Telegram lets you send messages, photos and videos to people who are in your phone contacts (and have Telegram). It’s already available on Android and iOS.

How is Telegram different from the popular messaging app, Whatsapp? Telegram’s team claim they are faster and way more secure.

Telegram is supported by the founders of Russia’s biggest social networking platform, VKontakte. Unlike WhatsApp, Telegram is cloud-based, decentralized and heavily encrypted. To get technical, they support two layers of secure encryption based on 256-bit symmetric AES encryption, RSA 2048 encryption and Diffie–Hellman secure key exchange.

On top of that, Telegram is free and will stay free without ads or subscription fees, forever. Telegram is a non-profit project. The team says they do not intend to sell ads, bring revenue or accept outside investment. If Telegram runs out of money, they'll rely on users to donate or add non-essential paid options.

Are you looking forward to Telegram for Windows Phone or are you sticking with Whatsapp? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Telegram, Via: WinBeta


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Telegram coming to Windows Phone in January - promises to be faster and more secure than Whatsapp


Speaking of peanut butter, I have a question for you guys....

What's your opinion on the best messaging app (with or without voice/video) available that DOESN'T require a phone number? My 8yo daughter has my old sim-less Lumia 900 that isn't connected to a provider.... It's simply WiFi only.

Any ideas? Let he\she without SIM cast the first stone.......

I'm afraid yes...
• can't send/receive images or videos.
• can't copy messages
• unreliable notifications
• a few bugs

Yep! Same with India, most of them are using WhatsApp but slowly things are changing with Hike. It is faster than WhatsApp and have better features than WhatsApp.

Hike takes the best of all out there and adds free SMS like Hangout. Its now my main smartphone messenger while whatsapp stays in Asha/Symbian.

What has age got to do with preference?. I support apps that have invested early in Windows phone, over those that are not just seeing the potential. eg 6tag instead of Instagram. Remember we had to beg to get them here.

This app sounds pretty great. If their claims are true, I wonder why it's not more popular here in the States? I'll definitely give it a try when it comes out.

I wonder when they are planning to implement that.. Its the most awaited feature.. And since I have never heard of this app before im gonna stick with whatsapp..

Definitely not with nokia black. I hope with WP8.1 or blue as its known to be called. I haven't heard of telegram either but i wil give it a try. I don't like how anyone with my number can contact me through WhatsApp, or stalk my profile, though there's not much to stalk. :D nevertheless, the main reason for me to give telegram a try is that WhatsApp on my phone, drains ny phone's battery life way too soon. It hardly gives me 6 hours of continuous chatting, even on wifi. I wish they somehow made it a bit more battery friendly like it is on iOS. I don't use android so i don't know how it is on that. Does whatsapp drain your battery quickly too? Anyone else shares my opinion?

Exactly, whatsapp is good enough now with its dev support. Changing to a new messenger means changing your friend's messenger who has to change their friends messenger apps. I'm sure Telegram is a sweet app though.

Same brother, from malaysia and this is first time heard bout this app. Gonna give it a try when it live in store

Malaysia is big on WeChat though. This one never heard of even though im Russian, but with a lil push by sites like WP central you easily can get like a million people to sign up and try it. If it will be worth it i guess lots of people will appreciate and slowly switch.

I born in country occupied by russians and I know that even most shity stuff in US or EU is 100 times better than best stuff in Russia.

Tech Knowledge, not being mean, but all governments to a greater or lesser extenet will be surveilling citizens. Always have, always will. When you have to govern humans, and deal with criminals, you will need to do it. Its logical.  You can get as emotional and all up on your high horse, but all it will do is raise your blood pressure. Won't change anything. You need to stop worrying about it, and live your life. Unless you fancy running for office, in which case - good luck :)

@hwangeruk It hasn't anything to do with a "High Horse." I'm not sure where you detected an emotional feeling from my comment. However, the fact still remains that I'm willing to pay for apps in which developers value the privacy of their supporters/customers. On one hand some of us that value the minute privacy we have left (if any) are behooved by the NSA's "third eye." And on the other we get a sense of relief when we're notified by the all mighty WPC community about developers whom are willing to take some sort of action in order to reassure our trust and confidence. We all have our preferences. "To each his own."

If your not aiding and abating any terrorist organisation, not involve in any illegal business, then you should be perturb by NSA watching!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Yeah, just give up all your rights while you're at it. Put video cameras in your home, record all of your conversations - afterall if you're not doing anything wrong then it's okay?

I can tell your a tub thumping policitcallist. This is an article about a messaging app, and the first thing that came out of yoru keyboard was an NSA statement, its in your mind, your thought. It shouldn't be.

It physically impossible for government to review every piece of data (even if they have access to it) and in any case 99.999999999% of human interaction is tedious boredom and predictable. Don't be delluded enought to think that your Purchase Order for a Dildo 2000 or any other thing you get up to is in the least bit unusual, its not. We are all perverts, schemers and weirdos (except we aren't, thats normal human behaviour)

But the fact you American citizens get so exercised about something which if you thought about it long enough you'd know goverments have been and will continue to do whether you like it not (or ever know about it) is tiresome on every almost every thread on the INternet there is some juvenile post about the NSA, closely followed by an I hate Microsoft post. Its in itself predictable. I was just trying to help you think about this for a moment, and see what a whole waste of time it is. Pointless. But I guess my help will be wasted :/  But yes, if this floats your boat, to each his own, you can do exactly as you please, I am not telling you to to anything only offering a different perspective. What you think about security of the lack thereof is irrelevant. you will _never_ know whether an APp you use or not is NSA penetrable, but why even worry about it? For you to think about.

BTW, to the other poster talking about cameras in the home. If your NSA wants to watch me, or study footage of me yawning, picking my nose or masturbating, then they can go right ahead, my Xbox One is turned on right now, yes that is a mole on my penis. Doesn't bother me in the slightest. The fact it bothers you illustrates your imaturity.

They who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

Which of course would be relevant had we been talking about liberty, but we weren't we were talking about privacy.

The next time you try and be glib or clever, get the context right ;)


The context is exactly right. We're talking about monitoring of personal communication, cameras in the home and a loss of personal privacy - which directly relates to an erosion of our personal freedom for the sake of a little "safety". We should not have to sacrifice more personal freedom on the off-chance that a small percentage might be up to no good. You may not care about your own privacy, but everyone else is entitled to it. Only people suspected of a crime should be monitored, not everyone "just in case". Information can be used against you, especially when it falls into the wrong hands, as it inevitably seems to. It's a slippery slope, and it must be opposed at every turn.

+928 @schlubadub I agree with you wholeheartedly. I'm not willing to sacrifice my "entire" privacy at the cost of "little" safety.

I do care about my privacy, its why I don't use Google products. But your quote didn't fit. Of course, gathering data, and studying it is EXACTLY what happens today.

Agencies review material in relation to suspected criminals. We are getting down into sementics territoriy, but I don't agree with your assumptions, your paranoia or your quote fitting as liberty is loosely related to privacy but not directly enough to make your qoute usage correct. No one has yet demonstrated that data requests from the NSA got into any wrong hands, or that it transfered to the NSA en masse. And in any case, I am sure they do have a mass of data, but its just not ever going to stop whether you like it or not, in fact it will probably broaden in scope. If you thought about it long enough, its logical. But that still detracts from my main point that every story about an app with encypriont some knobber comes on talking about the NSA like a no stuck record. We need to change the record, you can't change it, and its boring :)

Faster, more secure, pictures and video uploads got me sold. However, if whatsapp steps up then .....

Agreed.... I enjoy using Whatsapp. I discovered its benefits during a trip to Mexico in which I was able to keep in touch with family and friends back in NYC. However, the lack of background wallpaper doesn't resonate well with me. I traveled to Mexico for a friends wedding, and about a group of 30 people and I were new to whatsapp. I made mentions of it as a mean to keep in touch. We were intrigued by the group chat ability. Everything went okay for me until I help set whatsapp on a colleague's iPhone. Suddenly my app seemed anorexic. As for now , it still gets the job done. I would just like to see whatsapp for WP up to par with competing OS's.

Hy mates....i am facing a problem..my skype and kik are both crashing...and everything is slow...plz help..

Hurf? I could've said the exact same dumb thing about MySpace when Facebook launched... and look where they're now

As I always say, when it comes to IM, its all about what people around me use, changing the platform is very very difficult. To beat whatsapp, the app must be something incredibly better, and sense telegram is not a hit on IOS nor android (based on my friends) I don't think it will, suddenly change when I get it on WP. IMO.

I disagree mate. BBM on iOS is buggy. Way too buggy. I don't know about its android version, but all my friends have shifted base to BBM. I think its more about which one is popular. BBM is shit yet people are joining it like crazy. May be all telegram needs is some good publicity.

Hahaha exactly. I'm gonna ask 50 or so of my friends to stop using WhatsApp and switch to 'Telegram' because they support two layers of secure encryption based on 256-bit symmetric AES encryption, RSA 2048 encryption and Diffie–Hellman secure key exchange. Hilarious.

Faster makes no sense. WhatsApp is slow? No. It's instant. Takes less than a second for a message to be delivered and received. WhatsApp is ad free too; how many have you seen on your phone? And it's free forever as well. They claim it's paid, but they never charge after a year. The expiry date keeps going forward.

In South Africa, everybody uses whatsapp. I've never actually heard of this app before. But I'm not going to complain whenever an official app reaches the marketplace.

What other apps are we missing if any? just curious. Once we get all these apps that are supposed to be coming in the weeks or months ahead. Gap has had to of closed quite considerably. Apps are doing better than the Xbox gaming situation Windows has. Don't think thats ever going to get addressed properly.

its russian so is it realy free??? i think they want some info from us so i dont believe its realy that free as we think it is.

If your not aiding and abating any terrorist organisation, not involve in any illegal business, then you should be perturb by NSA watching!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Yeah, just give up all your rights while you're at it. Put video cameras in your home, record all of your conversations - afterall if you're not doing anything wrong then it's okay?

The main thing I've learned over the past year is that if someone really wants your info, they can get it, whether it's the NSA, Google, Microsoft, Apple, or the phone carriers. All you can really do is be so mundane as to not warrant anyone caring about the info they gather on you.

Thats not true. Use proper encryption with Perfect Forward Secrecy and watch the certificate footprints.

And heck, I would prefer having the russians wiretap my private conversations over the US authorities any day. Russian legislation does not reach me...

I still imagine someone out there can get past that too, but even still, the average person isn't taking those kinds of precautions.

Again, you CANNOT get past THAT encryption, only if you have full control over the phone/pc. The problem for the NSA is they cannot take over all different devices, its much much more economic to wiretap the communcation between the devices. This is why today good encryption is a MUST!

The point is: If more and more people use secure software like Jitsi, Telegram and the likes, the average person is taking automatically precautions.


Really, why do you feel the need to have that level of encryption on your messages, I certainly don't, but then I'm only sending normal messages. I always wonder why certain people have a real issue with this. Its only a concern if you are up to something, you really think they have the time and inclination to monitor mundane sex texts, bollocks, they are interested in high end criminals and terrorists which I am not, so any fucker can read my text and emails, they'll get very bored after a day or two!

Please google "Why Innocent People Should Fear the NSA’s PRISM Program" .

You are very naive if you think this surveillance is only aimed at criminals.

Well neither Russian nor US legislation affects me, but the NSA creeps me out more as they happily take away the US citizens rights under the guise of "anti-terrorism".

I use whatsapp and Line, line has my preference over whatsapp. Mainly because u can use stickers

Technical encryption mentioned in the article is fine, but what type of encryption is used in whatsapp that makes telegram better ?

But it was engineered with an NSA API into it...

The russians got it right if they implemented the OTR feature correctly. No NSA, and no KGB will have access. Another bonus which makes it more complex to wiretap is its decentrally organized.

Take off the tinfoil hat. WhatsApp has no NSA API. If they are forced by the government to hand over information, they do so; but there is no "back door" in any of these systems.

You are naive. Please google "Piercing Through WhatsApp’s Encryption". It is one of the easiest sources for NSA.
Consider all your conversations compromised!


They didnt need Whatsapp to ask for it, it came with security holes attached, which was either on purpose or just ridiculously bad engineering.

Again, I refer to the fact that there is no 'NSA API', so stop spreading FUD about it. If it's exploitable then it's exploitable, but WhatsApp haven't built an 'NSA API' to consciously share all your data with the government.

I actually don't have any friends that use Whatsapp. Free and forever free means I'll use this along with Kik.

Honestly, this is the first time I hear of this app and it seems to be a pretty decent project. However, since I'm from Brazil and people over here love to stick only with the most popular things, I'm pretty sure I won't be using it anytime soon :(

Everything coming from Russia is with support of Russian secret agency so it's your choice to share your personal info with Russia or US.

Sounds really gud, wud definately prefer this over whatsapp in WP coz the features are very limited in WP cant share videos n all

Telegram wont be able to share either unless Microsoft changes the privacy policies on WP8. Music and video APIs aren't allowed to be shared. Thus you cant share videos and music. Whatsapp's not at fault.

The choice is getting too big for me. For sake of sanity I'll stick with whatsapp and hope they buy telegram or vice versa.

Will never charge, no ads, but their going to spend money for servers and maintenance....why? What's the ROI?

I worry for their business model. When they run out of funds they'll start asking people to donate. I'd rather just pay up front and not feel guilty later that I haven't donated enough (eg. Wikipedia)

Sticking with whatsapp. Keep it going guys!

I wonder how are they secure more than, say, Skype? I moved to Whatsapp because many of my close ppl and friends here in Russia already use Whatsapp; but I still can't dig why, why did they choose that app? How is it better than Skype if we are talking about texting?

Speaking about Telegram, who gives the bet that Durov doesn't do his monitoring in his cloud? I mean, how come encapsulation and encryption guarantee against legal MITM and eavesdropping on their servers? I am not big concerned about my personal security, I am not a VIP person neither am a celebrity and don't have much to hide, but still I don't see how could Telegram be better than anything already present on WP.

Still, if it is easy to use and feature-packed, I don't care much about SORM and FSB, maybe that's stilly of me, who knows, and may well opt to try the app out.

Sometimes, one UI is better than the other. Its relative, dependant on every different person, but it exists. So, personal choice.

I prefere line over whatsapp a lot way more. Line have a more beautifull ui and the stickers are awesome. The people say I don't know about line cuse don't search options. Just give it a break, and sure you don't regreat.

Did I say that? And do you know the definition of Cloud Computing and Decentralised Infrastructure? Cloud Computing means central servers in the internet that the client software interfaces with. Decentralised Infrastructure means exactly the opposite: that here are no central systems that are being connected to.

Decentralisation (often known as Peer to Peer) is the key to having a system where a governing body can't enforce monitoring of the communications, because the client devices are communicating directly with each other. As soon as you bring the cloud into the mix you loose that anonymity, because there are records of communication on one place that can be monitored.

If what you're trying to say is that there are many decentralised cloud servers being used, well sorry but that doesn't make it more secure, and still isn't 'decentralised'. That just means more central servers; 'decentralised' means none at all.

Cloud computing does NOT mean "central servers in the internet".

Cloud Computing is just infrastructure, nothing more, on which you can build even a decentralized network.
Please see how Tor project works, they have a lot of instances on EC2 (but of course not only there).

Would Edward Snowden use Tor if its compromised? And even show a sticker of Tor Project on his Notebook?

Ok, I'll stop here, too much feeding of the troll...

Tor is not as secure as you seem to believe: http://boingboing.net/2013/08/04/anonymous-web-host-shut-down.html

But irregardless, the discussion is decentralised versus cloud computing. True decentralisation (eg Bitcoin) has no central cloud servers. Anything else (no matter how convoluted and complex) is not decentralised, it's simply 'less centralised'.

I'm not trolling; I'm an IT security professional. Your comments come across as ill-informed and trollish themselves, though I'd be happy to be proven wrong if you'd like to discuss it civilly.

You are a bad example of a IT security professional.

Read the article again, not Tor (which is a decentralized network BTW) was compromised, but the users PC because Javascript enabled.


Never heard of it, but it does sound interesting. Though I think no one in Brazil has ever heard about it.

6 hours continues chatting? Seriously? Battery drain? After 6 hours of continues chatting? 6??? As in, six... Well, damn those WhatsApp guys!

For me it will probably never take over for Whatsapp.
I have family in two countries, friends in four countries and other friends spread all over... And we have one thing in common that everyone is familiar with: Whatsapp!

Or as they say in LOTR:
One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them ;-)

Considering so many people hand their data to Google and Facebook willingly I'd be surprised if the majority even value their privacy enough to switch to a different messaging app.

Hmm sounds good. I'll check it out but I've yet to run into shady gov't folk that wish to imprison me over my SMS history. So basically it sounds good but what is the actual necessity?

"If Telegram runs out of money"

With no source of income, presumably it definitely WILL run out of money?

(Sorry, it sounds very cool actually, but that's a bit of a gap: we won't charge users ever, but if we run out of money we'll rely on user donations. What?)

Q: How are you going to make money out of this?

We believe in fast and secure messaging that is also 100% free. Therefore Telegram is not a commercial project. It is not intended to sell ads, bring revenue or accept outside investment.

If Telegram runs out of money, we'll invite our users to donate or add non-essential paid options.

Q: Who are the people behind Telegram?

Telegram is supported by Pavel and Nikolai Durov. They also founded VKontakte, the largest European social network. Pavel supports Telegram financially and ideologically, while Nikolai's input is technological. To make Telegram possible, Nikolai developed a unique custom data protocol, which is decentralized, open and secure. As a result, Telegram is the fastest and most secure messaging system in the world.

Pavel Durov was born in Leningrad (now known as St. Petersburg), but spent most of his childhood in Italy, in the city of Turin. His father Valery (who holds a Ph. D. in philology) was employed there. He attended an Italian elementary school, and after returning to Russia attended the Academy Gymnasium in St. Petersburg.[2]
Durov holds libertarian economic and political views and says he is a vegetarian and identifies as a Taoist.[3] He published anarcho-capitalist manifestos describing his ideas on improving Russia.[4] On his 27th birthday, he donated a million dollars to the Wikimedia Foundation.[5]

I used to use Whatapp, but it seems to cost money after a year or so? Anyway now all my friends have switched to Viber. Im Sweden btw.

Daniel Rufino, you know something about this app? With the caos of whatsapp and fb we need this!

Promised it will be there in January, in the mean time it is almost the end of February and still no app for WP8