Telegram Messenger beta updated with voice messages, Photo Hub integration and more

Although WhatsApp and BBM rule the roost for messenger apps these days, Telegram comes in right behind them in terms of features and even security due to the onboard encryption. The group behind Telegram held a contest to see who could make the best Telegram app for Windows Phone, and back in May Ngram won the honors.

Today, version is live in the Store, and this is more than just standard performance improvements, as new features and some refined ones are included.

Telegram Messenger beta (v0.1.3.4)

  • Voice messages (listen and send)
  • Photos Hub integration
  • New toast notifications
  • Secondary tiles on the Start screen
  • Bug fixes

Those are not trivial additions, as voice messages are a big deal these days, especially when you do not have time (or two hands) to type out a message, and the rest of the new features are certainly welcomed as well.

The biggest hurdle Telegram faces is getting your friends, family, and colleagues to use it. Assuming they already do, then make sure you grab today's update as Telegram for Windows Phone just became significantly better.

Thanks, Yuvraj R., and Riccardo, for the tips!

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Reader comments

Telegram Messenger beta updated with voice messages, Photo Hub integration and more


Yep, hike is actually pretty darn good. It tells you when messages have been read, unlike WhatsApp.
Don't have any BBM contacts, so I just use the first two.

Hike messenger is already ahead of WhatsApp on India's windows phone store, u can see it, see number of reviews of both

Maybe try to read-up on it before you say anything. Yes the founders are Russian, but they moved away from Russia after the issues wtih vKontakte part of which was the refusal to hand over contact information of people openly supporting Ukraine. The founders were seriously against the Russian government and it's control of the internet and did not want vKontakte to be used as propaganda machine. Telegram is based in Berlin.

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I'm a Canadian of Russian and Ukranian descent, I guess according to you I should be boycotted as well.

This is not the first time you are trying to start this racist crap on this site either. You have serious issues. 

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Gerard...you are ridiculous. You don't like the Russian leader so all Russian's are inherently bad to you?  Um...OK, at least you put it out there so everyone knows what kind of person they are dealing with.

I don't care. The Russian leader does not give a shit about the people in the rest of the world either. So why should I care about the people of Telegram that are Russians? Now if the Russian leader stays in his own country with his army, maybe i will gladly download and support Telegram. Oké?

This is the kind of comment that up/down voting is made for. #1 It's not topical.  #2 It's insulting to anyone who might be of Russian origin. #3 it's the rantings of a lunatic who given a voice could be dangerous.

Where's that voting, Daniel?? :/

So, you decide what the Russian people must feel like an insult? Are you an American? You decide for the rest of the world? And why is it off topic? If you would ask me, Microsoft should stop shipping anything to Russia. But, many American and European compagnies do allready. Thats called a boycot. Trying to stop mister Poetin.

Oh so you have a problem with Americans now too.

Do you want to just shoot out a list just so we know everything, I bet it includes everyone wtih the exception of your own people.

Installed telegram a while back and couldn't find any of my friends there!!! BBM has total 4 friends and whatsapp around 200....

You can now send a picture from the photo hub to Telegram directly, no need to open the app first. Sorely missing feature I'm glad they added.

Nice additions. Getting friends to move out of WhatsApp is a herculean task. Though I use this to stay connected with people at work. Suits it because of the ability to add around 100 members which is not possible in WhatsApp

My new L1520 arrives tomorrow so I can't check at the moment... Did they change it so the fonts don't look ridiculously big in this kind of phone?

Hike is slowly taking over in India. Soon Hike will overtake WhatsApp as WhatsApp is just vegetating. Had heard that WhatsApp was gonna support voice calling but it was just a rumor.

I'm pretty sure the photos hub integration is referring to Windows Phone 7.8/8 devices. I have it installed on my Lumia 900 (My Zune Music/Video/Podcasts player. Hubs.... They made to much damn sense to actually keep this feature in WP 8.1 I guess) and it works exactly the same as on my 920 with 8.1, except for notifications not coming through sometimes. I guess WP7.8/8 users get a bonus feature, so to say, compared to us 8.1 users:-P

Totally agreed!!! I don't know why they chose ngram over migram. It is not even updated anymore and is still better than this updated version. Do you people have a problem when swiping pictures you have to swipe backwards to go to the next picture instead of swiping forward ?

Migram was great but too sluggish... Ngram was just missing features (which they've been adding, slowly but surely) but it's super lightweight, swift and works better on poor connectivity conditions.

What was the point of having WhatsApp before when everyone (actually most) was using KiK?  Everything huge started small.

Secret chat is included (from what I can see). When you click the + button to start a chat, there is an option at the top that says, "secret chat"

That's the point, it's so secret that you can't add anyone to chat with. The best way to keep a secret is not to tell it to anyone :P

Haha. Lol. No for real, Migram has this feature for over 6 month now. Very useful, this is what I use with my Android, IOS friends to chat. Otherwise, it is much faster than Migram, so once secret chat is available, I don't mind to switch. Plus Migram didn't have update since march, they are probably upset that they didn't win the "Telegram" name, despite having much larger feature set compared to Ngram

Whats the best messenger for talking to people on hangouts? Ive got IM+Pro but its lacking picture video support, opens the browser and fails to load images

Couldn't find,one. I've used ICQ one in the past pretty similar to IM + Pro. But my friends have running group chat on Hangouts for quite sometime, and I can't find the way to join it from the phone (google chat api only doesn't support group hangout)

Seems faster.  I'm really happy about this.  I've been waiting patiently for the full fledged version of Telegram on WP.