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Telstra joins Vodafone and skips GDR2 for HTC 8X; GDR3 due in November instead

The HTC 8X is going through some bad times it would seem. The Windows Phone isn’t faring well with the latest GDR2 update from Microsoft. Vodafone AU has already skipped the update and is instead heading straight for GDR3, and it seems Telstra is also following suit. The mobile operator has revealed on its website that consumers will be able to look forward to a future rollout.

So what’s the reasoning behind skipping GDR2? Surely these operating partners want the latest software running on supported hardware to provide the best possible experience for customers, right? Absolutely, but they’ll also hold off should issues arise, which is what appears to be happening with GDR2 and the HTC 8X. Here’s what Telstra had to say on its website:

"Approved 26 July however due to issue identified by HTC the GDR2 update has been cancelled on this device worldwide in favour of the GDR3 update."

The update was approved back in July, but has since been cancelled and this is reported to be a worldwide issue too. Indeed, Windows Phone Central first reported on some 8X and GDR2 stability problems back in July and carriers have noticed too.

So, onto GDR3, when does Telstra expect to have the update for testing? Late November. There’s a slight wait, but at least an update is on the way and it will include all the features of GDR2 plus the new ones for GDR3.

Source: Telstra, via: Windows Phone Central Forums,  AUSWinPhone; Thanks, Chris H. and Peter M., for the tip


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Telstra joins Vodafone and skips GDR2 for HTC 8X; GDR3 due in November instead


Im not talking about HTC, those carriers... I live in europe and don't give a flying star about them, since my phone is unlocked.
It's sad to see that carriers stars people in their ass so often, i hope such carriers control won't widespread over europe.
Aswell HTC isn't that bad, their apps sucks but atleast HTC users gets the WP updates first.
I didn't had to wait months for GDR1 and GDR2 like Nokia users had(they got amber for waiting thought)
Althought faster updates won't change my plan to buy a new Nokia/Lumia or Surface phone(whatever it will be called)

I got mine on T-Mobile and it's been pretty bad. It freezes more often, some apps like Engadget don't resume after locking the screen anymore, sometimes when I swipe up on the home screen it doesn't stop and the icons keep going down until they dissapear and I'm left with a frozen black screen and the battery is draining like crazy even when I'm not using it. It never lasts more than a day now. It's a disaster. :(

unless they don't get the update pushed out before 12/31/2013, it's not an issue - google extended sync support for gmail users til that date.

Hahaha they better not. Otherwise I may be forced to kick open the at&t stores automatic door, and demand a tethered update immediately.

I'm still mind blown how Verizon keeps Windows Phones up to date... This has to be the sign of the end of the world.

My desktops and laptops are not MS devices, they just run MS OSes, and MS pushes the updates directly. The hints about MS pushing updates skipping OEMs and carriers were flying since the PDAs times..... and never materialized.
If this will ever happen MS market share will skyrocket up.

windows hardware generaly doesn't have a native radio chip. you connect modem or to WiFi to use data. that is why no testings needed from carriers for windows updates..

But even if Windows hardware has native radio chips for 3G (as e.g. some of the laptops in my company) it gets its updates straight from the Microsoft servers. No Vodafone or whoever is involved ever.

Apple has leverage like almost no one else enjoys. Samsung is probably the onle one that comes close due to the popularity of the Galaxy line. In what way can Microsoft ever intimidate the likes of AT&T with such a small marketshare. They're already supposed to be a premier partner and employees actively discourage consumers from buying Windows Phones.

All Apple has to do is say, "do what we want or you don't get the next iPhone," and AT&T will bend over backwards to please them. Certainly, it's gotten even easier for Apple since their phones have started showing up on other carriers. I'm not sure how they managed to establish their policies from day one, but I suspect AT&T really wanted the exclusivity.

Windows Phone has entered the market in a different era so Microsoft is stuck playing by carrier rules at least until they can match Apple's marketshare.

I think Apple will continue to have leverage over the carriers in the U.S. for many years to come because the iPhone is still hugely popular there. But I think elsewhere, that leverage is eroding. Take for example China Mobile, it took a year for Apple to convince that carrier to carry the iPhone altogether. And in Russia, carriers have stopped supporting the iPhone. I think as market share for the iPhone errodes, that vaunted Apple leverage over carriers will also continue to erode.

missed for HTC prudence, that NOKIA squandered to test on their devices and provide the best for customers

I wonder what can possibly go wrong with those updates? GDR2+Amber did wonders to my Lumia 620, it's so much more responsive and perky (seriously, this is not a placebo effect - "it seems faster"). How come something that should be pretty much the same kills another phone so effectively? I understand there are differences in hardware but are those differences so complicated and alien to those working on developing all of this? :S

My HTC 8x is running gdr2 and it is indeed the most stable release. Weird people are saying HTC's support is bad, I got the 2 updates as one of the first of the world. My phone isn't branded. It is the fault of the carriers that the updates are pushed late or aren't pushed at all...

But at least there's something to look forward to for the 920 at EE because GDR2 for both the 520 and 820 are already "Coming soon" at EE. But in this case, it a skip altogether for the GDR2 update.

Fucking HTC. This is why I didn't buy a ONE (STILL stuck on 4.1, EIGHT months in) & went with LUMIA. Updates & aftercare support are important to me.

I doubt it, Vodafone AU had completed testing of the updatea month before it was pulled. Until it was pulled, it was waiting for MS to push the update in AU.

It's HTC's fault. Vodafone explicitly said HTC cancelled the update. And if you think they're just trying to shift the blame, you don't explicitly blame someone you have a working relationship with unless it's true.

I have a unlocked/unbranded Lumia 920, bought through (italian nokia store).
And I didn't received the GDR2/Amber update yet.

Strange because Nokia's update page is showing "Available" for the Country Variant of the 920 in Italy!

To be precise, every 920 country variant in europe have the update 'Available'.
This is one of the reason I'm so pissed off to haven't received the update yet...
And apparently there is no way to receive customer assistance about this (other than going to a nokia store in person, and there isn't one near to me).

Wow really some unlocked/unbranded phones have not recieved gdr2/amber yet i think you should contact nokia italy for this ( i think this is unexcusable ) my goodness... Here in the philippines has rolled out the amber update the even the 512mb rams has recieved the update ( though there are some 512mb ram has not yet recieved the update) but considering u have the flagship phone i think this is unexcusable

I suggested sometime before that the carriers should skip GDR3 to get the Blue update approved faster and their consumers would benefit for that... But seams that they are skipping the GDR2 in favor of the GDR3. And these are small updates. Looks like we are have to wait soooooooo long for the Blue! Maybe in the middle of 2014...

1. GDR2 is August/September.
2. GDR3 appears to be November/December (maybe October/November, we just know that late-November is part of the window).
How does this gap of 2-3 month guarantee a wait of 6+ months to 8.1?

Blue is late. It was already pushed into 2014 for a reason =P I don't think it will come THAT late, but I would venture saying that it will probably only arrive to non-branded phones in February and then to carriers.

Skipping GDR's make no sense. Carriers just have to be faster...or actually, Microsoft needs to take from their hands the ability to decide when updates are released. OS updates shouldn't be in the hands of carriers, plain and simple =P

I don't think 8.1 will come in February. If GDR3 is coming in November on unbranded phones it would be about 3 months till 8.1. But since it is Microsoft / windows I wouldn't expect such a big update that close after a GDR update..

Mary Jo Foley who first reported on the W8.1 update ("Blue" as she called it then) a few months ago, always said that W8.1 will come towards the end of 2013 but WP8.1 will probably come early 2014. It was never pushed back as you claim - it has always been like that!
By the way, the iPhone 5S/5C and the Xperia Z1 are now both out, so have you shifted to those phones yet?

Poor 8X owners :(
Even my Lumia 810 has GDR2 and Amber, and from what I can tell this phone is a poster child for failure.

But aren't cellular carriers companies too, in the sense that they are business enterprises?

As usual, people whining like its the end of the world. November is just over 8 weeks away and GDR2 is a minor update so you're really not missing anything. At least you have been informed instead of being in the dark and hoping for an update that would never come. Eventually all phones will get updated so just enjoy your phone as is.

GDR2 for a lot of users is NOT a minor update... double tap to unlock, glance clock on screen, ability to use pro cam and smart cam... these are NOT minor updates. These are a significant improvement, and go some way to making these Lumia phones somewhere near the N9 that Elop abandoned to further his windows pincer movement on Nokia back in 2010.
It's therefore not a lot to ask/expect of carriers to approve an update that's been out for many for a couple of months to many other users, especially if you shelled out hard cash for a flagship phone on an exclusive carrier (like us suckers that were duped into a 'sim-free' full price handset that was actually locked to EE network... a network that in the end gave the phone virtually no marketing/hype/support. Even with the handset unlocked, my phone is still recognised as an EE carrier phone by the updater... so I live and wait, and check, and wait... and check again...
I really really really can't wait to get a Jolla phone (fingers crossed!) running on what was MeeGo that ran on the N9 - which had many of these features over 2 years ago!...and finally bypass the debacle that is MS/windows phone/nokia/'different exclusive carriers for each model released' nonsense. 

Most of your statement was true except.

Jolla phone sailfish or whatever other name it goes by. Honestly, what the difference between jolla & Android? Nothing really, therefore outside of the small meego following, it will not overtake Android because androi has more features. I follow all new/proposed OS's: meego, Maemo, Tanzen, BBX, etc. It will end up just like FB Home.

2. In the early portion of your statement, you put the blame where it should be: Carriers, yet at the end you reverted back to MS/Nokia who aren't to blame....the carrier os choosing to wait, not Microsoft/Nokia, if the update wasn't important, they would not have spent time developing GDR2

@OMG55, thanks for saying that. Why wait for Sailfish, which will probably fail soon after launch anyway (if it gets launched at all), when he can always go buy an Android anytime. I don't understand why they blame MS/Nokia for everything, including those which are so obviously, clear-as-daylight, not their fault. I would rather that these people move elsewhere to vent their nonsense than stay.

It's not venting nonsense at all, and It's soooo tedious watching fanboys try to eradicate any 'dissent' on the comments pages. If you want WP8 to grow, you can't just all sit in here agreeing with each other and ignorign the pitfalls and failings of your chosen platform. That's just ludicrous. People are also entitled to want to keep up with windows phone 8 news/apps/releases etc. - and not at the same time swallow 'all things Microsoft' like all the fanboys. It's all or nothing for a lot of you isn't it? - which is a real shame.
My point about Nokia/MS/carriers was that MS appear to have crumbled / f*cked up a lot of the carrier relationships from what I've been reading from a variety of sources, including a lot of ex/current Nokia employees, and 2 close friends who work for two different major networks in the UK (both high up in sales and in marketing roles).  Therefore it seems a very low priority a lot of the time to get accessories, support, update releases etc. for windows phone/nokia.  I'm not saying other platforms don't suffer this, but in my two years on WP with a lumia 800 and lumia 920, and use of EE and T-Mobile and Phones4U in the UK - welll it's been a combination of cr*p service from all concerned (both lumia 800 and 920 models have been replaced after endless back and forth between networks, Nokia, and P4U, let alone completely ignored by MS via email correspondence and forums).
My wish for a sailfish phone was simply regarding the offering re: some of the GRD2 updates that copy the N9, which ran on Maego. I don't think it's simply an Android phone either - it looks and feels a lot different from what i've seen - have you seen any demos/screen shots of Sailfish?  From my humble view, it appears to (at least attempt!) to bring together the openness and huge app availability of android (as they simply cannot create an app base from scratch) and Maego as it was, with the major emphasis on gesture/swipe-based control, and also the tile approach of windows even. 
Your 'crystal ball gazing' analysis regarding it going the way of other operating systems may be true, but that's not a reason to hate on it is it?  I mean, WP8 with it's humbling 3% of the world market isn't exactly setting the world on fire now is it?! - yet you and others fully support it don't you? I do in some ways, because I find it better than IOS and Android, but my main personal reason for using it has been to carry on using quality Nokia hardware (although after replacements for both Lumias I've had, I'm now thinking the quality Nokia offered with European manufacturing is now possibly a thing of the past?).  I still love the innovations though, whether it be the camera, the wireless charging, the offline mapping, or the industrial design of the lumias... but I won't blindly support every single thing about an operating system. That would be childish! The fact that this website also runs sister sites for Android, Blackberry, and iPhone shows even the stalwart pro-WP8 writers for the site, many of whom appear to be worshipped by posters, are simply working for a family of sites for all phone operating systems, and have no real true allegiance... which isn't such a bad thing now really is it?! :-)

Totally agree with you tobz121.  Add to that the ability to listen to .wav files on our phones.  I use MagicJack and it saves the messages in wav file format.  My GS3 will play them with an add on player, but I've found nothing that can play them on my new L920.  For that alone I eagerly await the GDR2/Amber.

However you cannot use some of the most advanced camera apps Nokia has to offer, and I desperately need one for an assignment. Lol c'mon att.

also, didn't the ativ S already get updated?

It sucks in the enterprise space.  Without the GDR2 update you can't play wav files.  When someone at my company receives a voicemail on their desktop Cisco phone they also get it as a wav attachement in an email.  What's funny is the two AT&T 8X and Verizon 928 users on my pilot program have the GDR2 update while the eight AT&T 920 users including myself wait for the update.  Not being able to listen to the voicemail has been the #1 complaint from users.  I'm stalling the rollout of Windows Phone unitl we can get GDR2 across the board.

All the updates add on to each other, so gdr3 has every gdr2 feature, and wp8.1 will have all of gdr2+gdr3 features.... if we wait, it's like getting them all at the same time

yes. most likely gdr2 will be packaged in with gdr3.  -or like they did with WP7, they will push out the previous updates before pushing out the final/packaged update ... in this case it will go like gdr2 first then gdr3

Still no EE UK update for the 920... virtually every variant and carrier is ahead... how the flagship phone with the exclusive network to first release can be last is beyond me. Apparently we're waiting for 'mid-Sept'... yet it's not even at the 'coming soon' stage on the update checker site for Europe. 8X was updated to GDR2, and works better and is faster than it was before the update. Wonder why so many carriers are having problems?

Really think that? I think ATT will push GDR2 once GDR3 is out and wait for Blue to push GDR3 out. I have to look at TMobile for a chance of having a better experience.

Nokia promised all will get before end of September. Now by end of September, some get and some don't then we have a problem with the ecosystem. Its called inconsistency. Its bad for a brand. HTC is an example of this and so far no matter what they do, they keep spiraling downwards.

Actually it is the carriers fault, the update has been superb, the only faulty problem that occurred was my signal keeps dropping in my room and it never did that ever. It will say I have 4G but when I call a number it won't even ring, so the call isn't being made out... So I blame my carrier.

so it almost sounds as if the update had some adverse effects on your phone... but you're blaming the carrier? for what, pushing out the update? I think this is the very reason carriers are so wary of updates when an issue has been identified. If it never had the problem before the update, and now it does, my guess is the update tweaked something on your phone.

Thx god MS bought Nokia, in a year they should start doing direct updates without the damn carriers.

The carriers will probably still have a hand on it but one step will be eliminated. So instead of MS to Nokia/OEMs to Carrier, it will just be MS/Nokia to carrier.

It's so ironic how AT&T is always the first to have all the WP exclusives, but when it comes to customer service/updates they suck balls

AT&T just doesn't devote enough resources to testing updates. They're hoping we'll all get frustrated, realize the newest hardware always ships with updates the rest of us are blocked from for months. In their fevered brains they're expecting this will drive more to join their "update more often" - aka "Pay Us Twice" plan and allow them to rip us off even more.

These carriers are shit. I mean what are they benefitting by not pushing an update to their subscribers? Nothing, yet everyone will blame it on Microsoft, Nokia, or the manufacturer instead of the cellular carrier.

GDR2 has bricked 100s if not 1000s of phones and pissed off a lot of HTC Owners, think yourselves lucky you AREN'T getting the update ;-)

I dont know guyz but if its an issue with stabilities and its know issue. Smart idea i wouldnt want my phone restart every so offen. Novemeber is the date so its not that far away.

To be honest in some forums there are loads of reports with stability issues with GDR2. That affects Samsung phones and Lumias as well. So no surprise carriers are a little bit nervous.

What I wonder of many 920 ATT owners is that knowing that it's almost 100% probable that data sense will be disabled by ATT like on the 1020 , why not upgrade GDR2 with a different rom??

If I treated my customers like ATT treats me I would be out of business. I have been with them since the brick phone paying over 1k a month for service! Att is all about money and the bottom line. So if you think they care about you and WP8 your wrong!

GDR2 has made my HTC 8X unusable with my Bluetooth in my GM.  I am having issues sending txt messages also.  Constantly unable to send messages since the update.   FIX THIS NOW!