Telstra: GDR2 rolling out for Lumia 920 tomorrow morning

Nokia Lumia 920 with GDR2 and Amber

G’day mates! Here’s some pretty stellar news for all our friends down under. If you happen to have a Nokia Lumia 920 on Telstra you’ll be getting GDR2 soon. How soon? Tomorrow morning. Details after the break.

According to the internet, it’s about 6:30PM on the 15th of August down there. When you go to bed tonight you’ll wake up tomorrow and should be getting GDR2 on your Lumia 920. According to a Telstra employee on the Telstra support blog you should expect to see it rolling out tomorrow morning (16th of August). He also mentions that the GDR2 update was approved by Telstra on the 5th of this month.

Telstra Lumia 920

What can you look forward to in a few hours? You’ll be getting GDR2 for Windows Phone 8 that adds a handful of features like FM radio, call and SMS filters, improvements for Xbox Music and Internet Explorer, Data Sense, and much more. Read up on it here. Don’t forget since this is a Lumia device you’ll be getting the Amber update that lets you play with some pretty stellar stuff like Nokia Smart Cam and more.

Any of our friends down under looking forward to this? Sound off below.

Source: Telstra

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Telstra: GDR2 rolling out for Lumia 920 tomorrow morning


At least by flashing you will have access to DataSense as Telstra is not enabling it. I flashed my 920 a week ago and I have no regrets

How did you do it! Please gimme instructions. I had such a hard time finding the right files that i just gave up.

The guys in this forum will help you. Note though, that I don't use the same product code for my phone. (Used the EU ROM)

Glad that the ROM enabled Data Sense and 4G, for me. Though it was such a hassle to restore all my files and I found that my data plan had reach its limit.

Telstra announced weeks ago that they'd be rolling out GDR2 this week. I wish other carriers were as open.

Hopefully this means NZ not far away.. Geographically located close to Aus and Telstra... If it's ok for them it must be ok for us right?!

I sure hope your logic is true... I neeeeed gdr2 and amber ughhh. Do the updates have to go through carriers in NZ? because I don't think they really care about us...

I tweeted @nokianz last week and they said "timings vary but the update is planned for Q3 2013 after testing and operator approvals". i included telecom but naturally no response...

Totally agree. Got my 820 last Dec, it was released along with the 920, has done well. Where's our update?

Oh no.. That doesn't sound promising for me D: I have an 820 too!!! Ugghhh why do they have to mess us around like this?

To be honest im pissed off in this news to the fact that i own an unlocked lumia 920 no love for the unlocked phone

I think Nokia is holding back so that each models update is available worldwide at the same time. Then they work from most expensive down because that's how you should treat your higher customers.

Yeah, deep down we all know you're probably right. Sucks that everyone can't get it, I'm liking it a lot. 

I have data sense too but I can just text bal to 50233 (Vodafone Ireland) and it tells me how much data I have left so I wouldn't be too bothered either way

I have data sense too on my L820 and seems to running well on Meteor Ireland, just done balance data (50104 for Meteor) and the figures match. I must say though I'm liking this app alot as you can see exactly what is using up the most data as you go.

That's good but mine always says I've about 15 Mb less than what my Vodafone data says, not sure if it's on purpose so I won't pass my limit, or maybe I'm doing something wrong!

Did you set your data sense exactly the same time as your month reset cause that's all I did and its in sync. But also you could be right!!??

No a couple of days after but I text Vodafone to get my exact remaining data just before I set it on data sense and even then it was lower

Telstra has their own data monitoring app called Telstra tracker that provides the same info as data sense, being the actual provider of the data must have some benefits over data sense.

Telstra Tracker is not the official Telstra app. The official app from Telstra is called Telstra 24x7 and should be available sometime in September, provided its not delayed again

Data Sense is MUCH more than the Telstra Tracker app. All the Telstra Tracker app does is get your current data usage from Telstra. Data Sense can show you how much data each app has used on your phone (so you can get rid of apps that hog data, for example), and plenty more.
It sucks that we don't get it on Telstra, especially considering how poor Telstra's data plans are. And I get close to using up my data every month when I barely use anything that could be considered data intensive when I'm not on WiFi. Data Sense could show me if apps are downloading over 4G when they shouldn't be, or at least show me those apps that are using more data than I would expect.

What's their reasoning? I recall they claimed that MS hadn't enabled it for our region, but hearing reports of Vodafone enabling it, with the compression as well I might add, so that was just utter fluff.
I go over my limit every other month, when I'm trying not to use data (ie careful not to download things until I get on wifi, switching off data when I'm home) Which sucks 'cause on my Omnia7 on Optus, I could hardly break 800mb actively trying to use data randomly downloading crap.

I still don't understand how some carrier models are getting the updates earlier than unlocked or non-carrier models.

It was the same for GDR1/Portico, whatever the reason it's just the way it's been. We should all have it by the end of the month I reckon though, just a bit more patience.

My guess is that Nokia is withholding it in order to "help" sales of the 925...
Said that I am quite disappointed by this behaviour.

This sucks, I have the worst of lucks. I bought it unlocked and the carrier shows CV Malaysia...I bet it will be the last region. Oh well

I'd say it's unbranded. None of my unlocked Lumias have got the update yet (720, 820 and 920) and they're all unlocked/unbranded devices that I got either from MS or Nokia. So it looks like for whatever reason the unlocked firmware update just isn't ready yet.

+920 for why phones that aren't locked to a carrier haven't got it yet or know when were getting it.

**** this **** its taking a ****ing year stupid nokia *****es

<Moderated for a few too many curse words>

The problem is there seems to be no type of unification on this update many have it and many don't hows that fair in any way or is it supposed to be that's way we want to be patient but it would be easier to understand if no one had it! Then were just complaining but when you have companies like Telstra ahead of "premium carriers" like att it bothers a little makes many wonder day after day if its worth just to buy unlocked phones! My next one will be unlocked that way I'll get the updates when there actually available not when carriers feel its ok

As its EE, i suspect we will be waiting a mighty long time. They probably having issues with DataSense correctly measuring their 4G.

Oh, well... I'm still resisting the urge to flash my 620. Gods know when I'll be getting the update, even though it's unlocked, unbranded, uneverything. And I wonder if Data Sense will be included, since it's unlocked. I wonder if carriers must approve of Android's innate capability to track data usage? Hermes forbid we should save a megabyte or two...

I never understood why the Data Sense feature is limited/related to carriers. When it comes down to it, it's just a calculator of data usage, a network app.

I m using Lumia 920 unlock in uae
As I aspect unlock phone should get update earlier but still now I didn't get any gdr2 updates,
Any one hv idea when unlock Lumia 920 get gdr2 updates?

So much for WP not going to have the problem that Android has, we are gonna get people stuck on GDR1 when 8.1 is getting released. :(

L920 unbranded unlocked un-everything straight from the Nokia factory oven to my pocket and yet no update, anyways this update has nothing special, I am only looking forward 8.1, but worries me a small simple update is taking that much time to hit our phones, how long will it take for a heavy update to hit our phone once it is released, you know what, as long as it is going to be released and confirmed that my device will get it, I don't mind waiting, but no too long as I am that kind of person who likes to hit the update button.

If GDR2 is coming tomorrow to Australia and India, is there any chance it's coming to Europe too (at least to unbranded devices)?

Oi mate! If you're up for it we could make posters and protest im front of their headquarters! God I'm sure a genius *_*

Improvements to internet explorer? I feel stupid now but I must have missed something (although I visit wpcentral daily). What are the improvements?

I dont understand why the carriers are pushing out the update but i, with an unlocked nokia Lumia 920, am still running the older version. I always thought that carrier locked phones got the updates later than the unlocked ones because the carriers have to install their stuff on it, but it seems I was wrong. *sigh*

Has the GDR2 on my 925 unlock unbranded and with Telstra and can say apart for a one or two improvement its much the same, so really can't see what all the fuss is about...will make a fuss when my phone can make coffee lol and do my tax paperwork..hopefully they update the 720 as well I do like the ability to block numbers and SMS

Hah. WP8 software updating process is so slow that by the time first WP8.1 phones arrive in stores people will still be waiting for GDR3. Also add me to the crowd of people wondering how it's possible that carrier locked phones are the ones getting the update first. It's not logical since the carrier testing process is  surely longer.

At least now all us 920 owners now know that the firmware has completed testing, which means that it should be in, or just about in all carriers hands for testing now AT LEAST :)

Its a great day for Canada, and therefore the world :)


And no branded lumia owners nothing yet. Very funny. Well, thx Nokia and Microsoft for this waiting and waiting and waitin......

Can someone please explain to me what the xbox music update will include? I'm a little confused :) 

Im on AT&T and i flashed my phone with the Euro Dev Rom cause I was tire of waiting for them. I notice that they were good with updates during the 6 months the Lumia 920 was exclusive to them.Once the exclusivity period ended they haven't release updates at the same pace. I have said it since the beginning. AT&T doesn't care about Windows Phone but Nokia keep insisting to choose them as the exclusive carrier of the premium Lumias. That doesn't do any help to the platform.

Good News for htc 8x owners "@ATTCustomerCare: @EduardoPL Microsoft released the new software update today Eduardo. The update is available Over the Air (OTA) via Wi-Fi connection."

SO KEEN!! I can't wait for tomorrow morning, I'm so excited! (So excited that this post was automatically marked as spam the first few times I tried to post it, for some reason)
For months I've been eagerly awaiting the magical day when I'd see this WPCentral  "Update for Lumia 920 is here!" announcement!
Glance screen and flip-silence, here I come!

This sloppy method of OS updates is ridiculous. Apple manages to get out their updates, it shouldn't be this hard.

Why are we letting Telcoms the power over our computing devices anyway??

Its clear they are incompetent. Android proves that too.

Good thing everyone can get these updates by simply signing up to the "enthusiast program" that MS promised 18 months ago to roll out... Oh wait, we're still waiting for that too

Maybe a silly question, but I'm running an unlocked AT&T Lumia 920 on T-Mobile, does that mean I get the update when AT&T pushes it still?

Im gonna go ahead and answer my own question...yes it does include Amber and lets you download Nokia smart cam and pro camera. The radio is amazing and i love the glance screen (though the peek feature doesnt seem to function too well), missed it since i switched from the N9.

Got my update this morning. I really like glance :) 

No data sense is a major shame! I just got a response from Telstra on their forums:
"as far as Data Sense is concerned, we're currently working with Microsoft to make sure Data Sense works well on all our Windows Phone 8 handsets and, importantly, is able to include more complex components such as zero rated and premium content.  Given this, Data Sense will not be enabled for Telstra customers at present, but we will continue to work with Microsoft to see what can be done in the future."
Sounds like Telstra is just dragging their feet with it though I guess you can never tell for sure.