TELUS launching Nokia Lumia 800 in early March

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TELUS has been listing the Lumia 800 as "coming soon" since mid January so it only makes sense that we start hearing about it launching soon. Rogers already has the Lumia 710 which went on sale last week but Nokia's other Windows Phone needs to get into some hands and hopefully soon.

Mobile Syrup is reporting that launch events are now being scheduled (see above) and employees are being trained on Windows Phone--meaning a release is immenent. Some dates tossed around include March 9th or at least during that week.

That gives you folks just a few weeks to start saving for that phone, which hopefully won't be priced too high.

Source: Mobile Syrup; Thanks, Jesse B., for the heads up


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TELUS launching Nokia Lumia 800 in early March


Check the forums here Daakkon, it looks like Bell won't be getting a WP for quite a while.  The 900 is going to Robbers.

The 710 went on sale at Rogers more than two weeks ago, actually. Absolutely brilliant phone and for $254.99 the best smartphone deal I've ever found, anywhere.
I'm expecting around $600 for the 800. I can't imagine it being worth more than twice the cost of the 710. I don't care about the contract price, because I never buy phones on contract.

I hope this means Bell is getting the 900 or any Nokia phone. They've been slacking in supply of WP7.

900 is going to Rogers as well, but they all use 850/1900 (at least in Saskatchewan) so if Rogers pegs the off-contract price as aggressively as the 710 ($500 or less) I'll be unlocking it for use on Bell...

REALLY looking forward to it. Hopefully it'll be priced in the $300-$400 range or else I'll just fix my Samsung Focus. The Cyan version is HOT.

"employees are being trained on Windows Phone"
That's a good start! Hopefully that removes some of the bias to any other product but WP for many of the Telus store people I've encountered (the same people had never ACTUALLY used WP to any length).
I wonder if this training is just for the Telus store employees (and via phone), or if it includes all the Telus 3rd party vendors like Best Buy, Future Shop, SuperStore, etc...

I've encountered those people as well. Walked into a store not that long ago and struck up a conversation with a guy about WP7 when the other salesman barged right in being an ignorant a-hole saying WP7 sucks and that it was useless.