Temple Run for Windows Phone 8 gets minor update, presumably improves things [Updated]

Temple Run for Windows Phone 8

We have another vague update inbound for the popular (and long overdue) Temple Run on Windows Phone 8. The addictive game has now been bumped to version with no Changelog in tow, unfortunately. That means we’ll have to rely on you for some testing to see if you can discern any noteworthy changes.

We can say that if you were hoping that the 1GB of RAM limit was lifted, you will be disappointed. Firing up the QR link for our adorable Lumia 521 resulted in the now familiar “App not compatible” error message. Sorry folks.

Temple Run for Windows Phone 8

If we had to guess at any improvements, it would the touchscreen controls (responsiveness) and maybe it’s just us, but the framerate looks higher (but admittedly, we’ve been playing ‘Brave’ more than the original).

Anyway, you can pick up Temple Run for Windows Phone 8 (1GB of RAM devices only) here in the Store.

Update: According to their official account, the Temple Run developers say this version should run on 512MB devices. We've tried on our Lumia 521 and 720 with zero success, so something is awry with the update. The good news? Evidently they are trying to get it on 512MB phones.

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Temple Run for Windows Phone 8 gets minor update, presumably improves things [Updated]


In fairness, the amount of apps that are 1GB-only is quite small at this point. The larger problem is WP7 vs WP8 apps/games, but we knew that was going to happen with the "break" from the past. I still wouldn't put it on par with Android though.

Daniel.....what is the chance of some of these types of games being optimized to run with lesser ram? Or has that boat sailed due to the heavy memory usage, and the tough graphical needs of these types of games?

I think there is no way that something developed for 1GB RAM will suddenly start from tomorrow morning 7:00AM to work with 512 MB as well. Software development is not like this. If the game REALLY needs 1 Gig, there is no force on Earth that lets the dev team to burn months of mandays on optimizing something, that was planned from the beginning to waste RAM as hell. If on the other hand the limit is because of a simple 1-liner artificial restriction at the beginning of the sourcecode, than the answer is more obvious: that market planning, and it will never change.
I think the you remember the marketing bullsh*t everybody said in the beginning regarding further optimization will dramatically decrease the memory requirements so it will run on less powerful devices. I have to say, such thing will never happen as long as the universe exists in its current form. Only stupid naive people, who dont understand how software development works, can believe such a blatant and obvious lie. Yes, its simply a lie, nothing more.

That's not necessarily true.  There are plenty of times where developers will continue to optimize their code for more efficient use.  Especially if they want to add more features, or improve upon them.  That's the great benefit of software.  The downside, it's software and developed by humans.  So there will always be bugs and inefficient code that will never be updated.  I wouldn't say that improving software efficiency is a lie or myth.  It's just not always the case.

If you think that fragmentation on Windows Phones is even in the same universe as the fragmentation on Android, you're loony!

You posted much the same on another post earlier, are you just here to troll?
There's like 10 games that have this issue and I think it is fair enough if you buy a cheaper device you cannot expect everything to run. It's like getting a cheap laptop, you cannot expect to play the latest games. What runs on WP brilliantly, unlike the laggy and unstable apps on cheap Android devices that don't bother with such limits.
Coming from a Samsung Galaxy where Temple Run was unplayable...

after playing for a short duration, I think the "swipe gesture not being recognized every once in a while" has been fixed.

Swipe issue. Now it registers all swipes. But it not registering has come up once or twice but improved though

Yesss..... there are way to many apps my poor little 521 can't get and the bad part about it is that they were available on my HTC radar.

Any app advertised as available on windows phone 9 should work on wp9, other wise it should say available for WP 8.5. & there should no way in hell be a wp9 phone released that can't play said WP 9 app other wise its a wp9 phone with last generation spec's ! (CAN I GET AN AMEN UP IN HERE)

The way hardware is developing these days, it won't be long until a mid-end WP has 1GB RAM and a 720p or 768p screen for that matter. The Lumia 520 today has more power in it than the Lumia 900 this time one year ago.
More importantly, if Windows Phone continues to grow (slowly or rapidly) we will see newer devices command a higher proportion of the market.
The key question to ask would be whether we'll see 1GB become the base standard for all Windows Phones, and (2) whether we'll see developers stick to 1GB as their minimum, and not raise it to 2GB!
If things turn up Millhouse, we'll see WP's fragmentation dillute.
If not, we still have Microsoft to pull things together. Look at Halo: Spartan Wars, it is poised to work on both 512MB and 1GB+ RAM devices. If Microsoft were to keep pushing premium titles we will probably see them cover all WP 8 devices.


Did they fix the wallpaper issue? I can't get my multiplier any higher because I can't figure out where to get wallpapers.

Please dont tell me they have not fixed the wall paper issue, if they dont fix it then we cannot upgrade our score and our multiplier is stuck forever.

Okie, i just realsied, they have fixed the wall paper issue by completely removing the wall paper related objectives :P

Yes, they have fixed the wallpaper issue. They are no longer listed in objectives, and the store count doesn't include them. Also it's definitely more stable and responsive.

It sounds great but I can't because I live in a f##king country named Greece that nobody has money to get a new one:-( :-(

Yea it won't bring up the update for some reason and when I try to force it, it just doesn't go through

I really hope they fix the touch screen controls. The game just fails to register swipes like every tenth time no matter how hard you swipe. Shouldn't be that hard to fix!