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Tentacles: Enter the Mind coming to Windows 8 this summer

Tentacles: Enter the Mind

Remember Tentacles: Enter the Dolphin? Despite being pretty difficult at times, it was by far one of my favorite games back on Windows Phone 7. It was made by game development studio Press Play, a studio based in Copenhagen that was acquired by Microsoft in 2012. Press Play is famous for their other games like Max & The Magic Marker and Max: The Curse of Brotherhood. Now that Press Play is part of Microsoft Studios you can expect them to keep producing fun games for Windows Phone, Windows 8 and Xbox consoles. Which is why we're really excited to learn that Tentacles: Enter the Mind is an upcoming sequel coming to Windows 8. Video after the break.

The trailer came out a month ago, but slipped by our radar. Tentacles: Enter the Mind is the sequel and new take on the Tentacles universe. This time you're in a 3D world as you navigate the mind of Dr. Phluff.

Look for Tentacles: Enter the Mind to come to Windows devices in early summer 2014. No word on Windows Phone just yet, but we'll be just as happy playing this on our new 'Surface Mini'.

Source: Press Play


Reader comments

Tentacles: Enter the Mind coming to Windows 8 this summer


Indeed. In fact, my first thought was that it looked beautiful. I've long been clamoring for them to bring the WP7 Tentacles to WP8, but this will definitely suffice as I'd love to play it on my Surface! Would be nice if they'd still port over both versions to WP8, though. #SaveXboxWP

I'm mad to this day that Tentacles doesn't work on WP8.

Bought it - a week afterwards my WP7 phone broke and I couldn't play on my WP8 phone i bought after that.

Ditto. One of my favorite games. Would love it on my Lumia 1520. Hopefully Tentacles: Enter the Mind makes its way to WP.

I confirmed that it does not run right on WP8....i was ticked off about losing it so I found the current XAP (I did pay for it) and sideloaded it to would run and play but when you got to the end of level 1 it would hang/lock up....only way out was to kill it..

Prbb a bug fix but like most WP games that are not updated:(

Hope this does come to WP8.1 and has Xbox achievements #SaveXboxWP

Agreed. One of the biggest app losses when upgrading to WP8. de Blob was another. Sucks when good paid apps disappear like that

OMG, Tentacles was always my favorite WP game sooooooooooooooooooooooooo far!!
I can't wait for that!!! Praying that will be also available in the WP8.1.

If you call support, they will refund the games no longer available to you. No hassle. Its all on record, attached to your account. If you purchased any app that has since been delisted you can get that $ back :-)

I heard about the original Tentacles when I first got my 920. Searched high and low. Looking forward to having a go.

The original Tentacles is still not back on the marketplace. Will not spend another Cent on this developer. Never again.

By far the best game in original Windows Phone, couldn't understand why it wasn't released on WP7. Can't wait to get it on my ever improving N920