Theme+ updated with new patterns, color shuffling and UI improvements

Theme Plus

We're big fans of customizing Windows Phones to suit our personal tastes and mood, and Theme+ is one such app that helps make it easier to add some really awesome effects to the Start Screen. We've covered the app in the past, but today we're looking at versions 1.5 and 1.5.1, which were both recently released. Head past the break to see what's new.

Version 1.5:

  • Added new set of hexagonal patterns (for a total of 32)
  • Added button to shuffle colors and patterns

Version 1.5.1:

  • Changed shuffle icon for better representation
  • Modified behavior of next button to jump between pattern sets

We're fans of the app and can definitely see the new features being put to good use by consumers. Let us know how you're enjoying the latest version of Theme+ or if you're using other apps available on the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Theme Plus

Reader comments

Theme+ updated with new patterns, color shuffling and UI improvements


If you block it, wpcentral would take a hit in audience number, a lot of people come here just to check for this comment!

Hi Aalejandro. Its Yasar Tuna Zorlu. Remember Note+ :)

You know i kinda like that you are here and checking out this thread or new. Well if you want to add another language for Theme+ i can help this time too :)

And its a good job you did. I'm using it since day 1 :)


See you

Thanks a lot for your desire to help again! I really appreciate it. In the meantime I'm working on new features, so it wouldn't be a good idea to translate it right now. But when it's ready, I'll definitely keep you in mind, as you did an awesome work! :)

An article listing apps like this that require WP 8.1, would be appreciated when WP 8.1 starts being pushed out without the need for the developer preview.

The point is that when 8.1 is official and in the hands of the masses, all these posts about great 8.1-only apps will be buried and rarely seen.

Why all the hostility? The OP was merely asking for an article listing all the apps for theme customisations once the 8.1 update is on general release

Yeah, somebody misread something here big time... the original post was complimentary not critical.

My appologies if i sound hostile, that is of course not my intention. It was just a reply, imho an equivalent of the poster's tone.

Yes, let's snipe at each other about who uses the better version of the WP OS and insult intelligent comments and request from those that don't use the latest. Dorks. Fandroids. Stop proving you having nothing intelligent to offer.

I've just used my first Theme+ generated background rather than one of my photos. I think I'm going to like changing it up from time to time with this app. Before the options were a little limited, but now, lots of possibilities.
To the dev, if your reading (its WPCentral, so I'm betting you are): Is it possible to add a third color to the image, and maybe overlay an image to the backgrounds? Personally, I'd like a chalk outline of a certain little green robot, maybe a rotten apple, or a Windows logo crushing them both.

I'm glad you're liking it so far!

Regarding adding a third color, do you mean a multi-colored background? If so, you can go to Settings, then select "triple" from the menu. If you mean something else, please let me know.

And regarding overlaying an image, I've been considering the idea, and will have to further test it out. I can't promise it'll come in a future update, but be sure I'm looking into it.

There's a delay in the Store, and it hasn't been published yet. It has only two tweaks, so you're not missing much. Hopefully they publish it soon!

Hmm, which device are you using? It should be available for everything, but keep in mind it only works on Windows Phone 8.1, so that might be the reason.

I really do not understand why this app needs to be paused instead of closed after pressing Back. I hate that new MS logic...

for creating lock and background screens I also recomend lock+ from snack [+] Lockscreen Style....Greate App Also

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Don't worry about it! Your ticket will keep working until you uninstall the app (in which case you can request a new one after you reinstalled, if it's still available), or a future, but not immediate, update removes the ticket system. I'll be as transparent as possible with that, so users don't lose the feature overnight.

Get the trial version, then go to About > Free Ticket, which will explain everything. In short, leave an honest review, send me a screenshot so I can verify it, then insert the ticket I send you in a reply to your email, and that's it!

Just keep in mind this is meant for users who are really enjoying the app, so the review should be honest —not just to get the offer. Other than that, it's open to anybody who wants to get it!

You press volume up and power button together. Your screen will flash to indicate a screenshot has been taken. You can then find your screenshot in the camera roll.

Could you move the number of colors from settings and place a toggle under the colors so we don't have to jump around the app to experiment with color /style combinations?