5 rounds on 'Themesong IQ' for Windows Phone will let you know if you watch too much TV

Themesong IQ

Do you watch a lot of television shows? If you do, you should check out Themesong IQ for Windows Phone. It tests your knowledge (or memory) in TV theme songs. It's surprisingly fun and we have a feeling it's going to keep getting better with updates. Head past the break to see some gameplay with the Nokia Lumia Icon.

Here's how Themesong IQ works:

  • Randomly picks 4 shows from the user's selected genre and only shows the images
  • The game then plays the theme song from one of the shows
  • You select the proper show to get it correct

Themesong IQ currently has four categories based on decades: The 1960's 1970's, 1980's, and 1990's. There will be more genres added in future updates. For example, the developer can add "Super hero movies" or "Soap Opera" genres.

A round begins immediately after selecting a genre. Images for four TV shows appear and slowly zoom out. You have 10 seconds to choose the correct answer. You can earn up to 100 points per round. The amount of points you earn decreases by 10 points per second. Tap on one of the photos to select your answer. If it takes you 4 seconds to solve the round, you get 60 points.

Themesong IQ

There are five rounds per category. At the end, you see your Themesong IQ score. If you want to brag, you can share the score by clicking the 'share' button.

Themesong IQ is available at the Windows Phone Store for free. It also works with low memory devices. This free game shows ads, but you can remove them with an in-app purchase for 99 cents.

Do you have suggestions on what genres you'd like to see in the next update? Since Themesong IQ uses the MixRadio servers, there is a high chance that all suggestions are available.

QR: Themesong IQ

Thanks for the tip, Lance M.!


Reader comments

5 rounds on 'Themesong IQ' for Windows Phone will let you know if you watch too much TV


Hi Dxtr,

Thank you for the feedback. I'll try to add more content to the existing categories in addition to new categories in the next update. Do you have any suggestions for shows that I have missed?

Why does it require so many permissions? I'd love to try it but I can't trust them to just not user the data they have access to.

Hi Chillpenguin,

These are the reasons for the requested permissions.

The following permissions are required by Microsoft PubCenter (advertisements):

  • owner identity
  • photos library
  • data services
  • phone dialer
  • web browser component


These are used by my app for functionality:

  • phone identity - used for leaderboard (in development)
  • music library - used for soundFX
  • data provider - used for streaming audio
  • media playback - needed to actually play the audio


"movement and directional sensor" was left over from an early feature that allowed you to shake the phone to randomly select a genre. It can likely be removed in the next update.

Thank you for your feedback! I'll try to whittle down the permissions needed. Do you have any suggestions for new genre categories or features that you would like to see?

Cool app, I scored best I'm the 60's although I'm only 16..... I guess I can thank my dad for being in control of the remote haha.

This is a good idea, but is only really playable for 5 minutes before you've exhausted the limited amount of themes on the app. Good for a single play, then delete.

Doesn't work on my 920. It remains stuck at the "Get ready" screen regardless of what era I choose. Sounds like an interesting idea though...

Hi Slobdog,

That happens when you don't have data access. The songs are streamed from Nokia MixRadio - so you'll need access to data or WiFi. I will add some logic that checks for data connection in the next version, and alert the user if they are not connected. Thank you for the feedback and the great idea.

A short update on this.

Nokia MixRadio is not universally available in all countries, mine being one of them (Denmark). This is probably why it doesn't work for me, if the app depends on this service.