Third Titanfall DLC pack for Xbox One and Xbox 360, IMC Rising, coming soon

titanfall DLC

Developer Respawn Entertainment has revealed some of the details for the third DLC pack for Microsoft's Xbox One and Xbox 360 first person shooter Titanfall, called IMC Rising.

There will be three new maps added as part of the DLC pack. Their names will be Backwater, Zone 18 and and Sandtrap but specific details about their locations and design have yet to be announced. There's also not a specific release date yet. The DLC pack will have a price tag of $9.99 and is included in the $24.99 Titanfall Season Pass, which offers users access to all three DLC packs at a discount.

Are you still playing Titanfall on the Xbox One or Xbox 360 and if so will you be buying and downloading the IMC Rising map pack when it is released?

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Third Titanfall DLC pack for Xbox One and Xbox 360, IMC Rising, coming soon


Best game of the year. Last map pack was excellent, looking forward to more content. Will keep playing until Halo Master Chief pack is released...

As Murphy's Law would have it, I purchased this game for $50 for my brother on Monday because he just got an Xbox One, and then, bam, Tuesday it drops to $25 on Deals with Gold. I did not see that coming at all because it had already been a Deals with Gold game. Frustrating that it was only a half a day later, but, so it goes.

Hmm... I think I will trade in my disc version for a digital version. Best Buy is willing to take it for $24 trade in, gamers club unlocked gives me an additional $2.40. Tired of putting in the disc to play the game.

You can download the game to your console. I only have one physical game and thats because I wanted the day one box art. Go to xbox.com and search for a how to download disc to console.

Thanks, but I don't think Xbox One supports playing without disc when installing from disc. I've been purchasing physical copies mainly because of the Best Buy unlocked and getting 20% off and generally a $10 bonus for pre-ordering. If I like a game enough (like Titanfall and hopefully Destiny) I look for good deals like this one, trade it in and get the digital copy :).

If there is a way to play disc games without the disc, I wasn't able to find it on Xbox.com. I think this is one of the things they changed from E3 where originally the disc just installed the game and transferred the license to your account.

That's weird cause i do that with forza 5 all the time. I never use the disc.

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Tried to play without the disc, no luck, so traded it in at Best Buy, got $26.40 for it, bought the Live card, then bought Titanfall again, truly digital for $26.75 after tax so technically lost $0.35, but Bing points covered that for me so :)

I havent gotten any of the DLC for it yet. Waiting until there is a SUPER DELUX ALL THINGS INCLUDED PACKAGE.

Yeah not even that long ago! Its one thing for them to be like "look we put out a fully featured game with tons of content, but somewhere down the road we thought we could make it better". Instead its like "here is 75% of the game at retail price. If you want the full game it will be another $30".

Games like Bioshock feel complete. They are long and you dont really feel like there were loose ends. Then they add some DLC a year or 2 later and its like "oh good, there is more to it". But Titanfall only has like 10 levels and 5 modes or something? They need to add more Titan classes too!


I agree. Herr are my suggestions for making the game even better:

1. Increase the number of players from 6 to 8 or 10. These maps are pretty big and should be able to support more players
2. New titan classes
3. More weapons and "perks"
4. More additions to weapons
5. Perks such as air strike, "juggernaut" armor, smaller portable turret machines, land mines, etc.

There were 15 maps in the original game, so far 6 added through DLC.

Gamemodes are Hardpoint domination, attrition, capture the flag, last titan standing, pilot hunter, marked for death. I can't really come up with many ideas that would be fun and sensemaking for a new game mode. They keep implementing them (for free) as good ideas and implementations come.

Same goes for titans, although there are just three, they represent pretty well the most obvious niches. You got the tank, you got the lightly armored but fast and you have the "golden midway" between the two. Once again I've loved this game since it came out and still do so I often spend time thinking about new possible titans and I can't really come up with many sensemaking ideas that wouldn't be too close to what already exists.

Same sorta goes for weapons, I guess the BF4 way of doing it of having 30 assault rifles that are different, but marginally is sort of cool, but in that case I think the fact that they are real weapons makes a big difference. I dont think it adds nearly as much to make 30 fictional assault rifles into Titanfall that are barely any different. Once again just about all typical weapon niches are already implemented, it's just that they havn't made many weapons from "one category", really.

I'm all for adding stuff, but not just for the sake of adding it, there needs to be a purpose behind it.

EDIT: As for DLC content/pricing, I agree that they're a bit expensive for "just three maps", but the maps are always well designed and made. What justifies the price to me is that they will give out everything else free, like game modes, new features, etc. I like Respawn as a developer and the decisions they've made so I dont mind supporting them, even if that 10usd is a bit steep for 3 maps perhaps.

A few new game modes i cant think of:

1. Pilots VS Titans. One team is all titans and one is all pilots. Switch sides after each round. In theory the Titan team should always win, but in some scenarios its actually harder as a Titan.

2. Grunt Defense. The objective is to kill the other teams grunts. You could even dress them up like civilians so it makes more sense that you are protecting them. Your team wants to kill their grunts and protect your own. Assume that instead of fighting, the AI hides. Maybe you protect a single AI character instead of all of them. Kind of like Marked for Death, but i think it would be different. Its much harder to protect a player because they are jumping aroud everywhere. AI would be more stationary, almost like a flag.

3. Hackathon. Each team has to hack the other teams stuff. Turrets, Spectres, add some new things (not sure what else there is to hack, but they could add some stuff). Hacking generally involves standing in front of something for far too long, so it would be tricky. There are just some terminals you need to hack, and first to hack them all wins.


Those are just some ideas. There are a few things i would love to see but i think they would involve much larger updates that I would expect.

Still playing actively, loving the latest DLC, surprised how fast they announced this one though, the last one has barely been out for like a week?

They gotta release it before games start dropping like crazy next month ill barely have money to get the games I want much less dlc for a game most have moved on from

may b coz this game is fading fast and lots of game are coming in next few months plus may they want to focus more on Titanfall 2

Haven't bought any dlc yet. I will when they drop in price. But since map and gametype selection was so sparse in the beginning I'm not willing to give them 10 euros for what should have been already included.

Don't get me wrong! I like the game. But the content it offered was really miserable. I have no problem with them making a multiplayer-only game (seriously ... the 'campaign' was laughable) but then they have to offer more than only 6 gamemodes, NO (!) private lobbies from the beginning, and about 10 maps. Also there was nothing all to special about the game other than the movement ... but the movement alone is not worth 60 Euros. I'm sorry.

Is 15 maps sparse? I think it's a pretty decent selection, thinking back to most shooters that have come out the last decade, I can't think of many that shipped with much more than that?


I don't think this was anywhere near sparse, neither in maps or gamemodes.

Well, I just played through BF4's campaign just cos I got the game free on EA Access vault on Xbox One (have it on PC but never bothered with campaign) and most of the campaign was just the multiplayer maps too, although sure, more effort than in Titanfall (since TF campaign was still just multiplayer with audio on background :D), but I'm pretty sure (and so is data gathered by developers) that most people dont buy these games for their campaign, most people never even finish campaigns on this kind of games.

They're typically short afterthoughts that take a considerable amount of development resources for a minimal gain.

At the same time I found out that in 80 hours of playing mostly the default Battlefield 4, I cherrypicked maybe 4-5 maps that I liked, the others annoyed me. Whereas on Titanfall out of the 15 default maps maybe 1 was the kind that often made me leave the lobby and take a break when it happened in the rotation. This is very anecdotal though, but I rather take 15 well made MP maps over a crappy SP campaign (in a game that is just about all about MP) and those 15 maps.

Well, this of course depends on how you see it. I did not buy BF4 (or should I call it BF3.5?) since I was really disappointed with BF3.
But what I am usually used to as a Halo fan is a great campaign, a good selection of maps (though Halo 4 was quite a let-down compared to earlier games in the series) including a map-editor, an addition like fire-fight or Spartan Ops, several customisation options throughout all gametypes and a menu that does not lose connection to the servers when you take longer than a minute to invite your friends.
I get your point, though. Compared to the rest of the recent shooters it might be a good buy. But I refuse to accept those more recent EA and Activision games, or more specific Battlefield (which really worsened after BC2 imo) and CoD as "standard".
That's why I'm not all to happy with Titanfall. In my opinion ~40€ would be appropriate for that game and its content.

Also I doubt that most people buying those games are playing multiplayer. As unbelievable as it might sound, I recently heard that the majority is playing single player. At least that would explain why Activision always shows the campaign first when announcing a new CoD

I bought it a few weeks ago. Origin had it on sale. usually when a new map pack arrives there are discounts on the season pack so you can have all maps. Last time you could get the season pass for $9.99. Next time I find this offer i will be definetly getting it!

I usually just play the Variety Pack mode. I have had the game for a few weeks and for some reason I can still find levels I have never seen before. I dont know why some of them are so rare.

I would buy the entire season pass for $10, but I fear that by the time that happens the online community for this game will be sparse.

Titanfall dlc are boring so used to mwf and bf dlc which include around 5 new maps , guns ,vehicles, etc with titanfall.....3 maps that's it...boring!

I purchased the season pass when the game came out for a really discounted price thanks to a deal new egg had going on Live currency so have been downloading the expansions when they come out. Have also started playing more now that I have my One hooked up to my monitor as opposed to the family tv.

Still playing and the new maps, game mode and burn cards are great! It's such a well balanced game and the matches are always intense and balls to the wall. Still love it. Sequel needs to flesh out the world and characters otherwise its still buttloafs of fun.