Three UK has no near-future plans to stock the Lumia 900?

Three UK Lumia 900

The official Three UK Twitter account was hit with the question of whether or not the carrier has any plans for the rumoured Nokia Lumia 900. As can be seen in the screen shot above, their answer to Digixav is pretty non-specific and lacks any real detail, but they do confirm that the Lumia 900 exists to an extent.

On the other hand, the Three UK Twitter moderators could well be confirming that there are no visual indication according to their resources that the carrier will be stocking the Lumia 900, and this is simply nothing at all. We do have confirmation that the Lumia 710 is on its way to the network though.

Source: Twitter (ThreeUK), via: Digixav


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Three UK has no near-future plans to stock the Lumia 900?


EUGH!!! sometimes i hate three, why won't they stock it, i really want it :( the lumia 800 is just too small for me :(

No real surprise there. I don't think 3UK really have much of a clue what their future plans are. I recall them stating a while back that they won't be backing any Windows Phones anymore, to then being one of the first to stock the Nokia Lumia 800. :-D

Seriously, first you're posting speculative crap because there are boxes in a picture that SE will be making a WP7 device, and now this? What are you playing at? I know it'll be a slow news day but seriously?
How does this at all confirm anything? You should have led with your last paragraph, this is crap. I might tweet Three and say "Will you be stocking the Lumia 999?" or "Will you be stocking mythical device X?", the response will likely be the same.

We actually had a long discussion over whether or not to post this story, however please remember it will be of interest to some people. In the meantime you are welcome to pass over the article

What story? A company has no plans to stock a yet-to-be-announced phone that may or may not even exist. Shocker!

Still, I've got my fingers crossed :p

The 900 is a real device. We have multiple confirmations off the record that it is real and will be shown next week. That part is not speculative. 

Sorry missed your post, yeah completely agree. I'd love to see the 'Ace' surface, but never understood all this rumour crap, everyone got so hyped up about the 800 and look what happened then.. (Disclaimer: I love the 800!)

This really isn't a story though, don't take my post as offensive or anything it's just a bit ridiculous / disappointing in my eyes based on the usual high quality.

We have a "rumors" section/tag here for a reason. When we post speculative or incomplete information, it is labled as such. 

First off, you're like the only person making a big deal of this and while we like to please our readers, altering our whole website because you can't scroll over a story seems a tad extreme. We'd rather add our upcoming Wallpaper section, thank you.

Second, when a carrier's official Twitter stream states something on carrying a phone, it is news in our opinion. The information may turn our incorrect but that is their official contact with customers and can be considered a news source. If they are wrong or spoke out of turn, that is their problem, not ours for reporting it.

The 900 is a real phone, I'm goin on record with that. It is another question of who will be carrying it and for some people, that is newsworthy. If this was a Tweet from some random person, it would not be worth a post. However, when a carrier posts it, we think it is. 

You are free to disagree, of course.

I find this useful. I'm a Territory Account Manager for a large phone manufacture and this is incredible useful news, that I wouldn't have seen anywhere else, unless I was following the 3UK twitter, which I don't.
I also agree, if it is coming from the official channel, then of course its news.
I find some of the articles posted here are pointless for me. I have no need to read a news article about a Pandora app, as I live in the UK and can't use it anyway, but I just ignore the article and carry on with my day.
WPCentral is a brilliantly run news website for Windows Phone, don't complain about their news articles when you don't agree with them or like them, compared to WMPowerUser (which is usually full of rubbish or rants), this website is close to being a God.

No it's not useful, sorry to say.
As anyone who waited on a Windows Phone 7 phone when they were first released, asking people at phone companies on twitter or in call centres their upcoming plans is mostly pointless. (Often the Twitter people are the support call centre people)
Its frustrating that the front line staff don't know anything, but most of the time they don't.
Examples, O2 staff had no idea which handsets they would be stocking the day before their website was updated. During that day, I had to even point out to call centre staff that the phones were on the website.
T-Mobile had them on their website, i called to ask if they were in stock, they said if they are on the website they are. Placed an order, only to be emailed that they weren't in stock <face palm> Cancelled my order. Kept fobbing me off telling me next day, couple of days, T-Mobile call centre staff outright lie, they did to me several times instead of just admitting they had no idea. Shoddy company. 
Went with VodaFone as they could no only tell me when, but where I could get  a phone, the day after release in a store 5 miles away. VodaFone were way more professional. It gave me a lot of insight into how the various cellphone companies deal with customers. I even had a fault with my first 2 handsets (search for LG Optimus Bluettoth issue - very common) First time, VodaFone replaced at store (under 14 days) second time [i waited for a new firmware in vein] VodaFone replaced it via their call centre. Next day, working fine. LG had a hardware issue.
For me VodaFone customer service, and LG Warranty repair are both great.
The only network I have no exerience of is 3. My sons phone is on 3 and he has superb download speeds. Was considering trying them next time.  Just don't expect the plebs lower down to know commercially sensitive information about releases and schedules.

As a saleman for a large corporation, it's too early for any company to annouce a yet to be announced product as something they will be selling.  You do not do that in contract sales least you lose your job.   The reason ATT's info came about was based on a leak.  Nokia runs different products at different times on rollouts based on negotiations with carriers and country timing.
topleya you are funny.  Rumor is Android's malware problem continues to grow faster than sales and why is Android's marketing, which is based on emotion, targeted for those who like name's like "ice cream sandwich", "android(little robot)" and have you seen the new Android store in Australia?  It looks like a kiddies store for Kermit the Frog.
I prefer the adult swanky Nokia brand as based on Android's marketing, I'm too old for Android because I'm older than 12.

Seriously guys, if you dont like the story, dont read it.  Its that simple.
I'd prefer to read some rumur and think Dan was having a slow news day then miss out on some little titbit has importance for me.  As I'm considering switching to three this particular story does intrest me so good for Rich for posting it.