Windows and Windows Phone 'Threshold' confirmed by project management listings

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New information about the next major Windows and Windows Phone update has come forward in numerous LinkedIn profiles. Codenamed Threshold, the update will cover multiple devices running not only the company's desktop OS, but also mobile hardware too.

The LinkedIn profiles mentioning 'Threshold' are important because it's one of the first instances of the term being used by Microsoft employees in a public space. However, while these are clear signs the company is indeed working on Threshold, the LinkedIn profiles fail to provide any details as to what is in the updates in terms of new features. Sources close to Windows Phone Central have revealed that notification-syncing between Windows and Windows Phone is one of the goals of the project.

According to Paul Thurrott, we'll see Threshold released in the spring of 2015. But before we see Threshold, Microsoft is rumored to release Update 2 for Windows 8.1 in August. We're not sure how Microsoft will name the next major updates under Threshold, once made available to the general public e.g. 'Windows 8.2', 'Windows 9' or something else altogether.

Windows Threshold

We've opted to not include links to said profiles, but it's clear to see mentions of Threshold in the above image above from LinkedIn. What would you all like to see in the distant future for both Windows and Windows Phone?

Source: LinkedIn, via: h0x0d, Neowin


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Windows and Windows Phone 'Threshold' confirmed by project management listings


Wasn't the code name threshold confirmed back in April at build when terry Myerson said 'threshold' during his presentation? This article seems a little pointless...

threshold is something that should of been released by now because it was one of MS strongest reason to jump into Windows and WP 8 platforms. The idea is freaking phenomenal if you can bring all the platforms together. But until it happens, I just see MS as a billion dollar company that cant get anything right the first time.

As my friend told me once Windows 8 is just the beta for Windows 9.

I know it's probably out of the realm of possibilities, but if they could release the PC & mobile updates at the same time, that could change the game.

I think they've publicly said that this is their intention and ultimate goal. In two years, I can definitely see OS updates landing on Phone, Tablet/PC and Xbox all landing on the same day. It's an exciting time, indeed.

Threshold means the starting point for a new state or experience...so is that means this is the last update or will it give all the missing features..so entering windows phone 9

Didn't they say that the Live Tiles would be incorporated into a Start Menu in Threshold? Maybe that is the new experience. I for one love the Start Screen though. Let's hope they can make it work for everybody!

i would like to connect the phone with the pc via bluetooth,wi-fi or cloud services to be able to write and read messages from the phone on the pc. also answer calls or make them directly from the desktop.

how nice would it be to have the wireless charging plate connected to the compuer so you can sit at your desk, put your phone on the pad and it automatically pairs to your pc, letting you access all your phone data and apps maybe in a snapped to the side view way.

Meh Google got there first, 6 years we have been asking for a uniform platform....hope this isn't half baked

How is Chrome OS and Android unified? Google has no clear map for PC/larger devices, just tablets and phones.

Also, which is bigger: Android TV or Xbox One? Which would be better to have apps on?

People are not understanding the meaning behind this unification.

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

Chrome browser shows android notifications, MS would release such thing at 2015/2016 at best

While iOS and Android users will enjoy "some kind" of unification between their devices

Ms has bigger plans but it's always late to the party, it throws out their cards too early so competitors "takes" their ideas, for example remember when you wrote an article about 'actionable notifications in WP8.1'? They didn't reach us, but guess what, new version of iOS will have it!!!! Hooraaaay

LOL.. You call that "unification"??
Based on your opinion, i have to say that Windows 2000 has great unification across old Win CE, Symbian and Palm OS devices.

Oh really? What PC from google are you talking about? Android tablets run the same OS as the phones so that isn't really a valid comparison. And if you're talking about chromebooks, I can't even...

What usable desktop does Google offer? None. So I have a hard time seeing how Google got there first. Microsoft is on the path to be the first platform that syncs apps and OS across Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone, and TV.

For Apple and MS in terms of feature integration (i.e. Continuity) yes, but OSX and iOS are still pretty far apart in terms of kernel code and programming languages - I mean they're not far, but heck the next version of Windows will be able to run THE SAME unified apps across multiple interfaces (tablets, XBO, etc.) without any significant tweaking required and receive universal updates for all as well. As for Android, if you want to talk about unification and uniform platforms then what's with the MASSIVE Android fragmentation that currently exists? I wouldn't call that unification. Other than that they announced Android apps running on Chrome OS so I guess that's something, but fragmentation on Android is still quite a big issue

All my mic apps have stopped working including Cortana.she works only when I type. Using Lumia 920 dev preview. Many others have the same complain. Can anyone pls confirm if it is a genuine OS bug or hardware failure cause. Nokia said mg warranty will be void if use dev preveiw so cant go there until the official updates arrive. please help

Not trying to be rude, but your comments has nothing to do with the article. Go post in the forums. That's what they are for.

In reply to the main topic, Just a bit of extra speed when releasing the new Windows Phone 8.1 handsets would be great and a giant marketing campaign to promote all the new Lumia's and new OEM handsets, features wise I am loving my Lumia as it is, just need more people to wake up and smell the coffee (and see how great Windows Phone really is).

In reply to ravi_singh just reset your phone with the nokia software recovery tool it will put it back to your phones original condition and your warranty should still be unaffected. ask in the forums about the nokia software recovery tool its available to download from nokia. (make sure you backup anything you want to keep)

I want this feature-When I'm on my PC and my phone is in the next room,I want to attend a call on my PC. Just like in Symbian and iOS.

All is good and capable to dominate the market of android and apple. But, these microsoft is not providing it soon. We are waiting even today for firmware update after 1year!!!

Looking forward to it ... Hope the rumors about a tighter integration & unification are true.
Also, something like what Apple did with Yosemite\iOS8 & LG (did on their latest stuff) where you can take\make calls from your PC\Tablet if the phone is away ... The would be really cool

Also what the Moto X started when it was first released. Motorola's version is the best because I think it works with any laptop hardware, be it PC, Mac, or Chromebook. Hope Microsoft can supersede the standard of remote phone control that Motorola set.

Yeah spring 2015? When I look at what is happening to the lumia 930.. I don't think we will see it until Winter 15 .. Still a great thing coming up!

Sorry I meant the Message hub. Don't know what to call it. Where Facebook messages and sms are in one thread

Ah yes, that would be nice if they just brought back the integrated hubs in general. But the integrated messaging was definitely great compared to what we have now.

Unified Inbox is already present.  It's called "Linked Inbox".  I have 4 email address's going into my Linked Inbox.

Yea that'd be cool, but let's not forget how awfully late our non SMS messages arrived (Facebook eg), it was as clumsy as Skype currently is on WP although I admit it'd be nice to get an improved version of it. +920

A well-designed Messaging hub that syncs messages from multiple applications (including Skype and SMS) across multiple devices in one place.....unification please :P

For full W9, I want transparent tiles, and interactive live tiles able to be pinned to the desktop itself, also, ability to run RT apps windowed over desktop. I would also like full windows to have quadrant snapping ability, and also vertical orientation (1 over 1) snap also the ability to pair with any phone, be it android, IOS, WP to answer calls, Skype, and sent texts directly from the PC, similar to new feature in OSX. Windows phone 9 needs better attachment management in email, Xbox music/video apps needs to stream content from Onedrive for free, support RT desktop mode, and the ability to run full RT apps when docked to a monitor (think PC in a pocket)..... That would be sick. I love it already, just some minor improvements to make it better.

The fact that Microsoft is working on the next major iteration shows that the previous major iteration (WP8.1) has already been given to carriers and is most likely waiting for release by them.

It doesn't show that at all...
It shows they are continually working on future updates as they were doing work on Threshold before 8.1 dev preview was even released. At best it proves that Microsoft still believes in their platform and is willing to continually improve it for at least a few more months.

Possibly since the new 630/635 are launching with low specs I expect them to have a couple years of support in the lifecycle so I see no hardware reason why

Bluetooth PAN so the last reason for connecting the phone to the PC via USB goes away. Connect via Bluetooth and be able to use the phone sync app to transfer the large format versions of the pictures etc, also support it so for devs doing testing they just need the Bluetooth connection and not a cable also.

This would be great as then WP would be the first smartphone that never needs a cable again - well except for charging but some of the models have wireless charging and that's a hardware thing anyway not software.

It's kind of amazing that iOS8-OSX Yosemite and Google's L update are going to have mobile to computer/desktop/laptop sync and intergration before Microsoft, who've been talking about it for ages.

In Yosemite, you can be working on a document, see that your iPhone is ringing, and take the call right on your Mac.   It's what the Windows folks have been saying 'it's coming' for years, and Apple is there first.

That's because Apple have to mantain two operaring systems with 2 kernels. MS use the Win NT kernel, making Universal Apps a reality.

In other words, MS have been focusing on the unity for the devs on the OS (focusing on create a consistent app language across multiple "platforms") whereas Apple have been focusing on the unity for their users (with Continuity and all). At the end of the day though, it's up to the devs to show the best in an OS

With Update 2 set for an August release, and Update 3 set for December, I hope MS stick to their 4 month release cycle in 2015. Which means, Threshold could go live as early s April 2015 :)

I'd be shocked if they kept Threshold updates under the Windows 8 brand, partially because they'd be deserving of a new version number, and partially because the Windows 8 brand has tarnished Windows the same way Vista has.

And the best part is we are all still running Windows Vista. The public naming is all marketing, and the masses are oblivious.

  • Windows Vista = Windows 6.0
  • Windows 7 = Windows 6.1
  • Windows 8 = Windows 6.2
  • Windows 8.1 = Windows 6.3

It wouldn't surprise me if Windows 9 will turn out to be a Windows 6.x. Under the different desktop + Start menu/screen shells the OS has been relatively unchanged January 2007. We just see a different shell and think, oh, everything is brand new.


What I learned from your Head Article Photo... You guys are far more artistic and talented at making your Windows Phone Home screen than I am.

In the image displayed, is that the default Calender Live tile in 8.1 ? Is this a 3rd Party App ?


i want a perfect sync between my phone tablet desktop and everything that has a windows logo, i mean getting home listening to some music and having it instantly playing on my ht, my phone should be able to join the homegroup to share files and all, transfering calls from device to device, same notifications everywhere, in fact, it should feel as if there is only one OS running over the air on a bunch of screens at the same time

What would I like to see with project threshold for windows 8.2?

1.interactive live tiles for both portrait and landscape support

2. further deep integration of inking and ink-to-text support across the OS. (http://microsoft-news.com/microsoft-courier-ui-vision-may-soon-become-real-by-this-new-cross-group-inking-team-from-windows-office-and-windows/). This demo used to be already a part of outlook 2007 and windows 7 back in the day, just needs some love and make it better than it was.

3. I want bing and in app search back as a single common user experience in the wiindows 8 OS. Currently search is getting moved around too much. Especially for the tablet experience. I want the original 8.0 search experience back in 8.2 with bing and in app search still integrated in the charms search bar. Currently I am vinding to have to keep switching search between in app searches, search through the search bar on the start screen and the search via the charms bar. I would like the single experience of a universal search (including microusb files and documents searches on my surface pro) in one place. It liked the way it was done in version 8.0. Bring that option back, plllllleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaassseee??????!!!!)

4. Make the desktop environment more stylus and touch friendly. Make butttons and file icons and link tiles etc bigger.

5. Make it possible to use more of the startscreen realestate to fill with live tiles.

6. make ik possible to use other tile formats. currently now there are aspect ratio options for "1x1", "2x2", "8x8", "4x2". Why not "2x4", "8x16" and "16x8" and "8x2"as well?

7. make the api easier for developers to resize and align their apps to use in snapview. Currently this is an awful experience with many app, There is often no snap view UI support, or pages are not resized so you get half an app to use and have to scroll through apps with the horizontal scroll bar. Awful experience.

8. offer developers tools to more easily and comprehesively reorganize the app view and functionality in portrait mode. Currently with many apps the exection of many app in portrait mode is poorly done, with buttons, squashed to one side, or disappearing behind other links and tile buttons, or paragrahs of text and content misaligned, causing cutoffs on one side of the screen on a surface.





Not this sort of rumor mongering BS again. Didn't you all get enough of embarassing yourselves with your constant blather about Blue unifying the platforms? In the end, it is what they said it was - Windows 8.1. The "we never present unfounded rumors unless it suits us" crowd strike again.  This means absolutely nothing and Thurrott hasn't know a damn thing of substance since they cut him out of the loop back when Windows 7 was still the OS on everyone's news feed. .

Folks the feature I like I heard will be in the threshold update is the ability to put Modern UI/AKA metro apps on the desktop. I think threshold will be renamed Windows 9. I heard that work is being done at Microsoft to enable Developers to make an app that will work on a windows smart phones and with a few modifications work on a window on arms CPU tablet like the Surface 2 or Nokia lumia 2520. I predict that When threshold comes out Windows RT OS will be gone and updated Surface 2 and Nokia 2520 tablets will boot up and show a Windows 9 logo. No more "RT". However ARMS CPU Tablets will probably still not use standard Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 desktop x86 programs