Tile Me! gets Twitter addition in update; show your Windows Phone pride with ease

We’ve covered the Tile Me! application quite a bit in the past. The free (and paid) app allows you to create profile pictures based off of the Windows Phone Me Tile for use on other social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. It’s a simple concept but wildly popular, especially with our audience. If you ever wondered how everyone was doing this in our forums or on Twitter, here you go.

An update for both versions of the app just went out today and it builds in Twitter support. That means you can now create your new profile pic and directly change it on Twitter with a few simple clicks. Booya.

Unfortunately, soon after we wrote about the animated GIF trick for usage on Twitter, the social network blocked the ability, so you won’t be able to use that feature (though the paid version of the app maintains animated GIF function).

The developer behind the app, InfiniteLoop, has also published a nice video tour of the app to show how it works (see above). That’s a great move because every time we write on Tile Me! and no matter how hard we try to be clear, some of you still “don’t get it”. Hopefully the video will help.

Pick up version 1.2 of Tile Me! Free here and if you want the paid version (high resolution PNG, animated GIF, SkyDrive) you can grab version 2.6 of that bad boy here. All Windows Phones supported.

QR: Tile Me  QR: Tile Me Paid


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Tile Me! gets Twitter addition in update; show your Windows Phone pride with ease


Well I am gay and he is cute. I love his photos look in his icons like in the comments here. He looks so fresh and clean. 

Thanks for purchasing Tile Me!. Write to @TileMeApp on twitter. I am happy to assist with any problems.

Since Twitter shut gif's down as a profile pic what other social media lets you use gif as your profile?

I'm not really sure if any of the popular ones allows it. I know that Outlook allows GIFs though (email service, not social media )

I don't get it! :p
On a serious note: If I set such a "Tile Me!" picture as my profile picture, wouldn't my actual me tile look utterly stupid?

Not if you set, say your Microsoft account profile pic, as the original, non Tile Me! picture. That way, you'll have your Tile Me! picture on your social networks, but the original on your Windows Phone startscreen.

But that way, the me tile looks blurry. Whenever you set an avatar for your Live account, the me tile uses a low res version of the image.