Tile Me! gets updated with high-quality PNG image support and more

Tile Me!

The popular Twitter background creator for Windows Phone has been bumped to a new version, opening up high quality PNG formats for use. Tile Me! is a sweet little app, which allows you to enhance your Twitter profiles with multiple elements. Show your support for Microsoft's new UI and mobile platform with some added Live Tile effects. Pass the break to see what else is new.

It's worth noting that this release was made possible thanks to assistance from fellow developer Daniel Gary. As well as the high quality PNG support mentioned above (for both Twitter backgrounds and Facebook covers), here is what's new in

  • Twitter background and Facebook cover are now in high quality PNG format.
  • Added option to hide phone specifications in Twitter background and Facebook cover.
  • Fixed bug with the screenshot position on the Facebook cover.

If you haven't yet checked out Tile Me! for Windows Phone, check out our quick video below:

Ready to add some spice to your social profiles? You can download TileMe! from the Windows Phone Store for $0.99. There's also a free version available. Thanks, Marc, for the heads up!

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Reader comments

Tile Me! gets updated with high-quality PNG image support and more


Thanks for the article Rich! 

As always, WPCentral readers, I'm here to answer any questions you may have about the app.

I'm trying to create a Facebook background picture with a yellow Lumia920 in it. When I select a screenshot (its a screenshot of my start screen) that has a white background, it doesn't seem to be overlaid properly over the picture of the phone. It seems to be positioned off-center a bit (to the left), exposing some black background along the right edge of the phone (which wouldn't show up if the screenshot with white background was overlaid correctly). Could you please see if you can reproduce this issue? Otherwise, I can share a screenshot of the problem with you.

Checking it now. If you have a Twitter account, please get in touch with me there too, @ErtaySh or @TileMeApp

Thanks. Curious, what was the screenshot issue that was fixed? The changelog in the article mentions it. Thanks.

Yeah, apparently I had tested with a black background and thought I had the correct coordinates, while I was 2 pixels off the correct position.

Unfortunately I could not find a good front template for it. If you think you can take a good front picture of it, contact me on Twitter for more info @ErtaySh

That would require to resize the photo which will ruin it. You could just navigate to the photo in your library, and take a screenshot from that screen. Then use that as your screenshot.

Yes that's what I currently do but it would be nicer to have it just imported. But oh well it's still a cool app nonetheless.

The thing is, the phone is positioned in portrait mode. Most images are taken in landscape mode. 

If you have an image, you can resize it to 1280x768 in some other app / computer program, and choose it when selecting a screenshot. It will think it is a screenshot and accept it.

The image above reminds me of the Lumia 1520 , I finally got to see and touch it in person yesterday. I was genuinely interested in getting one and I almost bought one just last week , but after seeing and touching one I realize it's just not for me. The size is just too big and I have big hands. 

 It's  just a few  inches smaller than the Xperia Z Ultra which is insanely huge for a phone. The display is gorgeous but there isn't that much in Windows Phone that takes advantage of the large screen estate, everything is just scaled up. 

Guess I'd have to wait to a regular size phone, I wouldn't even mind something as large as the Note 3 but that's as far as I can go. 

So if i create one and upload it as my Facebook profile pic then how will my Me Tile pinned to main screen look like???

It will look a bit weird unless you change the Me tile only (update on Outlook only) to be a different picture (e.g. without the Me banner).

Very cool.  I have been wondering where to get those Twitter "See His Window Phone" background images.  I did not know the background creator was part of this full paid app.  I will purchase it.  Thanks!