'Tile Rider' is a new exclusive Windows Phone game with unique gameplay and brilliant graphics

Tile Rider

Tile Rider is a fresh action and adventure game from newcomers 7 Soft Pillows. The game is exclusive to Windows Phone and features the main character getting sucked into his device to fend off some baddies. That's certainly a different plot!

Evidently the game's engine is a custom job, and I have to admit that the graphics are quite gorgeous to look at when playing. Tile Rider is made by two men over the last two years, at least according to their Tweet. The game is also on Windows Phone first, as the 7 Soft Pillows considers that their main focus for development.

Tile Rider plays like a combination racer + action + puzzler in that you have to navigate each level from start to finish. The action and puzzles come in on the advanced levels where sometimes you have to fight off enemies, often using the environment around you in a similar style to Portal (e.g. pushing floor buttons to activate guns). The first few levels are super easy though they're mostly tutorials. I rather like the pointer/arrow that shows the trajectory of your vehicle, as it comes in handy when you need to navigate dangerous objects.

Tile Rider is certainly a fun game and the graphics are truly unique. As a fun trick, make sure you tilt your phone back and forth, and you should see the game's world peek out in a neat gyroscope effect. Tile Rider goes for $1.99, which isn't cheap, but there is a free trial, so you are more than welcome to give it a run to see if you think it's worth it.

Grab the game and let me know if it's a yay or nay! Also, make sure you see my hands on video and watch the game trailer too.

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'Tile Rider' is a new exclusive Windows Phone game with unique gameplay and brilliant graphics


Since when was $1.99 not cheap? It's only a dollar notes than 99 cents but 1 dollar less than $2.99... Which I think it's still cheap... Hey, we're not talking $4.99 here!

Yeah.... Once we get to the $19.99 - $59.99 of Xbox titles then we can talk "not cheap"... :)

Windows phone first... Great to see shows Windows phone is now getting a little of the recognition it deserves.. Looks like a fun game downloading right now

Two men creating a great yet simple game and considering WP first...
These news are the one I am looking forward to most!

1.99, really? Considering the amount of work that goes into making a game, that price is actually quite affordable. I understand that people refuse to pay for anything but really.

I'm not a phone gamer but played the trial and bought the game 5 minutes later...great graphics..great simple game play and I'm all for rewarding WP developers who get it right and actually TRY...hope they set an example.

GTA 2 tagline... "Respect is Everything"

Much respect to the devs,
Appears to be an impressive feat covering multiple iterations of WP and likely taking several years.

On a side note, I frequently have issues playing from a top-down view, even with games which have the gusto to pay homage to the bold Nikola Tesla!

At 28MB it's too large for my 720, I don't want my phone completely full, but happy to see a app, even a game app being new to WP before other devices...

You're 720 has about 4,000MB of app space! It has near enough unlimited app space if you WP8.1 installed.
28MB for a game with nice graphics is VERY reasonable.

Others already said, but I need to as well... $1.99 is cheap! Statements in this article suggesting otherwise only foster views that apps should not be paid for and that we are entitled to them for free.

1.9$ huh? BTW, has anyone tried changing back to local Regional area just to buy some apps and then go back to US again? Will Cortana Reset itself, and will my activities before still stored by her and would she give advice as usual post buying? (though I don't think it'd be gone, I need some reassuring)

Brilliant graphics? We need to demand more. These "graphics" are FAR from brilliant. Certainly a 2.4ghz quad core with 3GB of RAM can do better graphics than this.

Well dont forget most WP devices out there have 512 mb RAM some maybe have 1 gb RAM and a few, very few are packed with 2 gb of RAM.

So if they wanted to make some money on the WP platform they had to.be supporting the massive low end side of the WP user base. In that perspective, this game looks brilliant.

I'm feeling a bit left out on my HTC One. But after my contract, I will be a proud owner of a WP. I basiclly don't use Google services, I'm a Microsoft man. The cross devices intergration with the one app for all our screens promise has won me over.

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

Hi Everyone,

We are Alex and Pavel - creators of the game.

Thank you all for your support! Thanks WPCentral for such a detailed review!

We have received several feedbacks about sound issues on Lumia 1520 – the game becomes very loud when system sound level = 0. We were able to reproduce them several times on Lumia 1520 but can’t find any regularity. Unfortunately, the game can’t get any information about current system sound volume. It can be some hardware bug or compatibility issues (the game is based on XNA, which is no longer supported by Microsoft). We will try to investigate this issue, but currently we can only propose to use volume 1 or disable music in the game (left top corner) on Lumia 1520.

There is also inadequate sound behavior on HTC Mozart (WP7) – 3D sound doesn’t work properly on this device – all sounds are played with max volume (distances to the objects are ignored).

Thanks again for helpful feedbacks which give us chances to make the game better.

Hope you’ll enjoy the game!