Timelapse Pro updated with Skydrive support

Timelapse Pro is a handy app for your Windows Phone for time lapse photography. We took a look at it a while ago and found it to be a very nice photography app for your Windows Phone. Timelapse Pro was recently updated to version 2.5 that adds Skydrive support and the ability to create animated .gif files from your time lapse footage.

You can still create videos from the time lapse photos through third party apps such as Windows Live Movie Maker. But if you need a quick way to generate an animated presentation from your pictures, the .gif creator comes in handy.

Timelapse Pro .GIF Export Tool

Once you finish capturing your photos, when you go to preview the footage you will still see the options to record more photos, save photos, or delete the picture set.  With version 2.5 the option to upload the video comes into play.

When you choose to upload the video you will be taken to an upload wizard where you choose the resolution size (up to 480x360).  Once the .gif is created you can choose where to upload the .gif file to. You can choose your Skydrive account or upload the file to Timelapse Pro's server (20mb size limit). Once uploaded you will be provided a link that you can share as you wish (email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

All in all, the update improves Timelapse Pro rather nicely. There is a trial version available (doesn't support the .gif upload feature though) and the full version of Timelapse Pro will run you $.99.  You can find Timelapse Pro here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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Reader comments

Timelapse Pro updated with Skydrive support


I use Thumba for my effects and editing, this is an app i would like to give a shot at using. Back when WP7 first came out there was an app called Zitch. which was fun to play with. too bad the deve didn't get into making it better or applying it to other things. I like good camera apps for the phone.

Great app though time lapse requires several minutes if not hours of photos. Hard to not use the phone for that long. :)

Or get an incoming calls. Good thing that's easy to turn off. We need a not phone device for some of these (that security one, this picture one, lots more that need time) cool apps.