Tip: QR Coder makes sharing web sites between phones easypeasy

QR Coder

Here's a funny problem we all have with smartphones regardless of OS choice: how to quickly share websites and inks between phones.

Sure, you can email, text or type out the address but it's a waste of email on both ends and if it's a long sub-link for an article, typing it out is a pain  This problem also bothered Faisal Iqbal so he decided to do something about it and thus QR Coder was born.

Faisal created a Java Script that you save as a favorite on your Windows Phone. While on the web page you want to share, you simply go to the favorites and select QR Coder. That Java Script will then dynamically generate a QR code based on the site you're viewing and display as an overlay on the screen. Your fellow pal can use their Android, iPhone, Symbian or Windows Phone to scan it and they now instantly have the link on their phone.


It's actually really easy to setup too, literally 30 seconds. Go to Faisal's site and watch his video on how to get it going on your phone. Feel free to share it with your non-Windows Phone users for maximum convenience.


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Tip: QR Coder makes sharing web sites between phones easypeasy


Works a treat, I used it to get this page to my phone and from my phone to a friends. Nice work.

This has to be one of the coolest javascript and QR code uses I have seen! While we are on the subject of sharing with in close proximity, it'll be really awesome to see NFC come to fruition. I wonder what kind of cool apps Nokia will push out for that.

Nevermind, tag doesn't generate QR codes, unless I couldn't see how. But this tool does something totally different, lol. Awesome find by the dev.

If you can't see the video. Like I couldn't I'm on my WP. Just copy the JavaScript code go to any website add that to your favorites in the address paste your JavaScript code. Rename it "QR Coder" and then save it. That's all you have to do. If you want to share any website go the website you want to share go to your favorites go to QR Coder and it'll show a QR code for that website you're currently on. Next step is to scan it with the phone. And that's all. Easy.

U r so right. Why not just share (email or text) the link from the browser. There is no need for QR here. Unless u just want to be kewl.

Thank you all for appreciation!
I will update the post with better step by step guide and a new demo video soon.
// challn3g3r //

Problem is that every person I've met who has an iPhone has either uninstalled their QR reader app or never installed one to start with. Grrr...

BTW, can anyone tell me if he can add this in iOS and Android browsers as favorite? I don't have device with either of these, so didn't tested.
// chall3ng3r //

No connection but my phone hd7 got a minor update from 810710 to 810779. Any ideas what changes are there or is this Tango?

Cool, but I've never had a problem with share page, except when I forget I'm sending the link via SMS to a friend who doesn't have a smartphone.

Hi, just wanna thank you for sharing your thoughts with us for QR Code. I think it has really made file sharing so much easier! Though generally they might look dull with black and white colors, they can be fun too with just a little bit of design! Google online and you will find plenty of it. Some are just amazing

Hi, just wanna thank you for sharing your thoughts with us for QR Code. Though generally they might look dull with black and white colors, they can be fun too with just a little bit of design! Google online and you will find plenty of it. Some are just amazing. :)