Tell Microsoft what music you’re missing on Xbox Music

When it comes to Microsoft’s Xbox Music, it’s certainly a work in progress. Setting up a globally competitive, all-in-one, music streaming and shopping service is certainly no small task. The service itself sports one of the largest collections of music, giving users the ability to stream or buy songs with one or two clicks. But what if your favorite band or album is not available?

Luckily, there’s an easy trick for telling Microsoft exactly what they are missing, giving them the ability to focus resources on getting that selection.

The tool is available on the web version of Xbox Music (music.xbox.com) and not, as far as we can tell, in the Windows 8 or Windows Phone apps just yet. To get to it, tap the upper right hand corner, where you login name should appear. From there, choose the ‘Request missing content’ feature, which will then bring up a small form to fill in, including artist, album, song or label.

While using the tool won’t necessarily result in the song or album becoming available, it’s a neat little feedback gizmo that can hopefully make things better in the long run. Hammering our licensing deals, especially across the planet, is one heck of a project.

We haven’t found too many artists that aren’t on Xbox Music, but what about you? What’s your top missing band that you can’t stream today?

Thanks for the tip, Grant H!


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Tell Microsoft what music you’re missing on Xbox Music



Then you don't answer. Its like asking "kids, what is your favourite care bear?" and you jump in with "i don't like care bears!" the question wasn't for you.

Your example is entirely irrelevant to what we're talking about. All articles are meant for all WPC members, across all nations and guests too.

Yes it is.

Asking for "Favourite care bear" (Xbox music) among crowd (people) where most of them are "Kids"(Indian majority of WP users) and hoping for a response like "i don't like care bears!"(Xbox music) rises a question. Get real.

This question/feedback was only asked from those who use Xbox Music. You don't use it so you wont know what is missing and hence you cant contribute to this article. It is same as asking a guy from Mexico, what spices go in an Indian curry. He wont know so wont participate. He wont ask to be fed Indian curry. He will say "Don't know, never made one, never ate one."

Though i do have to say, just cos someone is from Mexico doesn't mean he cant cook a mean tandoori...just sayin'

Ok a Mexican who only knows how to cook burrito and doesn't know any decent curry take aways. Isn't that same as WP user who may not like what WP offers but can't see what other OS can be any better?

You lost me. But now i cant stop thinking about how awesome a tandoori burrito would be right now!

Lolz yes though i am Indian but you are right.I just opend this article to check out about Xbox Music.But i always browse the comments for some funny ones!

wrong. this question applies to those who have xb music, which doesn't apply to you. no one is saying that doesn't suck, but that isn't the discussion at hand

You're wrong. Gautam's response was spot on. The question asked what music they couldn't get on Xbox Music and, for people in India, the correct answer is "everything." It's a legitimate complaint.

No. It really isn't. He can't get Xbox Music period. This is asking specifically for those who HAVE Xbox Music what is missing. You wouldn't be able to use the app to submit this to Microsoft anyway, and therefore this doesn't work for your point. Microsoft is clearly stating they want people who have access to Xbox Music to send their feedback.

What if reading about what we can do with Xbox Music was a reminder of how much they want it. At the risk of using another analogy...

A teacher walks into her kindergarten classroom and asks, "hey kids, we have tons of ice cream outside, what flavor do you want?"

Unfortunately, at the same time, a young student is connected to the class via Skype. He knows he is physically unable to eat said ice cream with his classmates, but now he wants ice cream. Before anyone can answer the teacher, he naturally says, "I want ice cream!"

What will you do:
A: ridicule him for not having ice cream
B: Turn the camera off so he can't see you eat your ice cream
C: Eat your ice cream like he isn't there, or
D: Get a scoop of every flavor and greedily eat it all in front of him

Classroom = Microsoft
Ice cream = Xbox Music
Students = Those who can use Xbox Music
Kid on Skype = WPUser11

Now if you'll excuse me, I am going to go eat some ice cream.

a particular song rather, Soldier On, by Temper Trap, was available, but for some reason got removed and now onlya shitty remix is available

Change your PCs region. Mine is permanently on US even though I'm in oz...for a variety of reasons :P

I tried doing that as soon as it told me originally but it didn't work. I gave it another shot just now, changing it on my Surface and on Xbox account settings but it still tells me I can't sign into Xbox Music. *sigh*

It knows I am not where I am setting it to be.

I'm not a Google fanboy but they've always played well, globally, equally. At least more than Microsoft in these sort of requirements.

well you would expect a company that started out as a search engine to have a better search engine with wider global reach!

Google did not have many of its services globally at the start. Why do you think Android was popular more in EU, US at first? Not just because it made affordable handsets did it capture markets. I remember using my ZTE phone in the UK with region set as USA to be able to use all Android functions. Heck even flashed US ROMs just to get certain stuff back in the day. Grass is always greener on the other side my friend.

Haha, exactly. Originally from the UK, moved for medical university here. The day it told me I could no longer hear my collection of music because I've been more than two weeks abroad was a sad day.
'Cheryl Cole nooooo...'

Still waiting in Bulgaria.. Some countries from the 3-rd world have it.. But we still don't.. No music, no movies, books, devices.. All we have is Apps.. So Google is not so good.. :-)))

Third world only existed during 1950. We are in 2014. So called third worlds are more educated than certain 1st and 2nd world regions. Also, richer than many.

I did mean it as a joke...sort of. Not that I wish it of course. I'm no Putin fan. I wouldn't put it past him though.

Putin is Badass!!! I love his style. I'd trade Odumbo for him in a heartbeat. Wish America had a Kick Azz president.

Apple has a better resolution, if your account is a US account, you get all US-stuff with your account regardless of where your computer is.

iTunes Radio/iTunes Match are based heavily on this, I created a US account in the Middle East to get all the privileges gained in the United States and there are plenty of tutorials on the web that helps you to make a US account without a postal/zip code or a legit number.

Not an Apple fanboy, I own a 920 and I think that most Microsoft/Nokia music services are meh and useless.

If it was just a naming contest, Cortana wins, such a cool name........so un microsoft !

This. XBOX lacks a lot of Japanese music in its catalog, and [the god awful] Music Match fails to recognize most my library of songs from Japan.

Yeah, can't agree more. It's sad that mostly you just get international stuff (mostly US music which sure I don't hear anymore). I really would appreciate it if they would put more JPop on the Store otherwise it makes no sense to even buy an abo there if nothing's there you like.

I guess since your in Argentina your English is a little bad. This is a XBOX MUSIC article NOT NOKIA MIX.

....And wireless sync, and decent offline music management and syncing, ability override metadata issues.. And fix the annoing duplicate and drm bugs.

Haha. This is about as dead on as it gets. Apple freaks feared their device wouldnt be the premium muic device, so thy mde fun of and trashed the Zune, evn though 95% of them never touched one. At the same time, alomst everyone i knownthat used one for sometime, loved them and the software. So essentqially, Microsoft killed the Zune to appease the Apple clowns that would make fun of it, of it were free and packed with $1000 worth of hardware.

Yeah, I don't understand why artists like Led Zeppelin that don't need any extra money won't let people stream their albums. For new artists that don't make any money from streaming I can understand, but Led Zep? Even if they would let us stream they would make tons of money.

Its totally the opposite. New and indie/underground artists are all over streaming services. Its good for exposure and getting the music out there. Big groups don't all play nice because they don't need to. They know people will buy their stuff and they like the cash.

Yeah, but for popular artists it's possible to make a whole bunch of money through streaming (maybe not as much as if everyone bought their albums, but still). For new artists, well, if they don't have enough people listening to their song they can easily end up with making less than a dollar a year. So yeah, it a good way to get more people to listen to your music, but if people don't ear about your music, even if it's available to stream they still won't stream it. If you have only a couple of hundred people listening to your stuff, you won't make a dollar by letting people stream it.

Oh i agree, but some bands ( or more likely their labels actually) are greedy, stubborn mules

I heard Zeppelin sold their entire catelog years ago. The artists don't own it anymore or have any say over who gets to stream it.

What would be nice is not only adding new artists, but also making sure artists that are already there don't end up leaving... It happened a couple of times in the last two years that I clicked on an album in my collection to stream it and it said the album was no longer available. Last week I found out I no longer have access to albums from the band Bright Eyes. They removed all of their albums except two compilations. :(

Man, I was just going to say something about Bright Eyes. I was searching for a song and noticed there isn't a back catalogue? I would have thought that there would be something other then two comp albums.

All of their albums have been there for the last two years but were removed two weeks ago...

I get all excited when I find a fun sounding older playlist on Xbox than I open it and there's only 2-3 songs left on it. Sad

Same thing with Bon Iver. Even the music I purchased won't play which is completely fucking ridiculous

Yeah, it's a big problem with buying stuff in the Cloud. At least for music you can download it and back it up on your computer. With games it's even more awful since you can't backup apps and games, so when they remove it from the store there is no way to get it back.

At least the new Windows 8 app is better than it was, but it could still definitely get better! A couple months ago they said they would let developers access Xbox Music so anyone could make an app for it, but I haven't heard anything about that since then. That would be pretty cool! We'd finally have alternatives to the music app, and they could finally make an app to scrobble to last.fm!!

Oh nice! So it's still alive! Now we just need for people with talent creating apps to ear about it... I'll send a tweet to Rudy Huyn to see if he's interested.

I'd love for Microsoft to fix the "artists with the same name showing up in the same artist page" issue.  For instance, search for Avatar in Xbox Music.  You'll find multiple artists with that name.  But select the name, all albums are lumped under the Artist view, with absolutely NO delineation between them.

So far, I haven't enountered any missing artists.  Album content, sure, as artists change labels from time to time, and might not have an agrement with Xbox Music/Microsoft for that catalog item.  Lacuna Coil's "Shallow Life" is a recent example, where it was available in the Zune Marketplace, but not anymore in the Xbox Music catalog.

That's not a Microsoft problem. Happens on all services. Artists submit their music via a service like tunecore or cdbaby. The artist will enter their "name" when they sign up and that's how it is added to the library. The solution would be artists coming up with original names (or adding the genre in brackets after their name like 'cage' does).

Nope.  That is incorrect, but thanks for playing.  iTunes, Google Play, Spotify do not have this issue.  Each service identifies the artist and then puts them into an Artist ID, so as to seperate artists with the same name into different internal database tables.  It baffles my mind why Microsoft has this issue.

Dude, I'm correct. Don't be an ass. Know how i know? I have friends that use these services. My mate "cee" dropped his album the other day called "this is all i know"...go check. There are a butload of albums from some other dude by the same name there too. Nit just xbox. Itunes and Spotify too. Yeah, thanks for playing and next time try not to be an asshole.

I wasn't saying artists don't use those services to submit catalog entries.  Google Play, iTunes, Spotify, EVERYONE EXCEPT MICROSOFT then turns around and catagorizes these artists under their internal Artist ID.  Clearly your example in an error in Google Play (yes, I did look it up.)  Every artist I have ever looked up on Xbox Music that contains other artists with no relation, are correct in iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify.

Girls Girls, you're both pretty...

Seriously though, its both and. iTunes, at least, implements an Artist ID system that's saved to a track's metadata, allowing it to separate identical artists. However, not all songs have the Artist ID within its metadata, and not all artists have a corresponding ID, causing their songs to be lumped with other artists by the same name.

Which was part of my point.  Artist submit, via their publishers, and it's up to the catalog maintainer to seperate out artists with the same name, with their own metadata ID (internal database ID).  Everyone except MIcrosoft has this, and there are bound to be mistakes and they (not Microsoft) are certainly not perfect.

I have the CDs so personally its not a problem, but AC/DC and Metallica are not available in the XBox Music store. Though it seems you can get the more popular songs thru downloading "Best of Rock" type albums.

Yes, I noticed ACDC wasn't there right off the bat. That need to be fixed. More hipster indie stuff than you can shake a stick at though.

Maynard stated quite clearly years ago that no music from Tool will ever be available online.  The only legal way to purchase anything by Tool is to support a brick and mortar music store. 

I guess Maynard never heard of torrents, rapidshare or usenet :P. Just kidding, i know what you mean!

My response to Maynard remains the same. I already have it all. Being a dick and making it inconvenient isn't helping them any.

Yep. I have all but one of their albums and I won't buy it because I have no way to listen to it. My laptop has no disc drive as many don't anymore so I have no way to get it on my phone or iPod. I am not going to buy a cd and only listen to it on my Xbox. They are making people want to steal their music.

Buy it then torrent it, then look at the artwork while listening to the CD.  I torrent a lot of music but i buy the ones i love becuase i want to support the band. =D

I love Tool and Maynard but seriously?! I could see this statement making sense and being a great thing to support small music stores but, Tool allows Walmart to sell their albums which destroys any good intentions by Maynard to support brick and mortar stores.

Maynard's kind of a self-righteous, pretentious DB. Tool's got some decent tunes, and the first APC album was great, but I just can't stand Maynard.

The only artist I have to manuall sync mp3s to all my devices. But they're so damn good, I don't have a problem doing it.

Yeah what would be really sweet is a landmark deal between xbox music and Beatport to create a portal to their offerings. Sometimes i have to go to beatport to get songs and it is an inconvenience. Id like to access beatport through xbox music. Nevertheless xbox music has a great range of edm.

Yep, this too. When I was showing Xbox musical pass to mom (a Droid user), she looked for the Beatles and couldn't find what she was looking for.

Yeah, The Beatles is the first band a lot of people search for on Xbox Music, but they sold their souls to Apple :(

You can upload your music to OneDrive. There are a couple of apps on the Windows Phone store to stream from OneDrive. That way you can listen to your music from anywhere without having to leave your computer open.

Well i want integrated solution, which would sync my shit and download it when i get new songs.
Like in iPhone

I have most of my own on there. Rip your music to your PC first. Then you just have to connect via USB and open control panel on PC. Open another control panel window and find your phone. Reduce both to half screen size and simply drag and drop into your phone. All clip art is automatically added as well. Then open your music player of choice on your phone and there it is.

Kpop lol or just more international music in general. I pretty much stopped using Xbox music because of this.

Its missing Beyoncé's self titled album. I refuse to use iTunes when I wanted to listen to a couple of tracks.

Beyoncé refused to release BEYONCÉ on any retailers except on iTunes, her album is not even found on big retailers such as Virgin Megastore. Her self-entitled album boosted her sales making iTunes thirsty for a similar release which is expected to be either from Lana Del Rey or Lil Wayne. (I say it is Adele)

BEYONCÉ is a game-changing album that won't be available on Xbox Music as long as it reigns the US charts and people are happy because Beyoncé finally recovered after her previous album '4' failed to sell and get her some hit songs which made her irrelevant on the R&B charts compared to let's say, Rihanna.

Most movie scores and soundtracks. Random Rush tracks. Zeppelin, Beatles, original versions of Siamese Dream and Mellon Collie. Zwan. Etc.

The Music app works fine for most people. If you have a problem with it you should contact Microsoft. Or try the famous "uninstall and reinstall".

Yeah, how about working consistently without popping up some arcane programming code for why a song can't be played only having it play a minute later.

You mean a band called Ratings or real ratings? Real ratings would be awesome. That's what I liked back in the days when I had an iPod, you could read other people's reviews when looking for new music.

Last.fm scrobble function, starred tracks, import playlists from spotify, lossless sound, all albums with Clutch, Metallica and Rammstein.

There's probably more that I forgot at the moment.

Yeah, but you have to buy them. The latest albums at least. If I'm already paying for Xbox music the albums should be free to stream and download for offline listening. Don't see the point of paying otherwise.

True, but I'm sure it has to do with all that licensing crap. Labels probably choose to add it that way or not add it at all. So, having it there is better than not.

Yes, and that right there is where the music industry goes wrong. They don't get it. I don't pay twice to watch a movie on Netflix and I really shouldn't. Either its there or it's not. They have to make better deals for the artists, that's were they're going wrong. The artists have to make more money from the streams and downloads. I already pay for the service, I shouldn't have to pay twice! Or actually I pay 12 times a year. The record labels just keep cashing in.

Biggest band that I can think of from my favorites that are missing is Metallica.. Pretty much everything else I have searched has been there for my listening pleasure :)

I can think of 10 big metal artists just off the top of my head that are either completely missing, or only one or two albums out of ten. I really hope Xbox music improves as I use it all the time, it can just be frustrating when you see an artists name you enjoy, yet they have no albums. Why even be listed if they have no albums?

Launch in Chile. It's specially needed, since Windows Phone commands a market share higher than iPhone here, but we only see a non existant support from Microsoft, while Apple has iTunes.

First how about the ability to choose the Artiste you want to hear and to like the songs you like to hear.
Then add some Jamaican Dancehall Reggae Music.

For example Slacker Radio Premium allows me to Select a handful of Artists and then select the songs from those Artist that I like and then only plays songs from those preselected Artists.
Then we can talk.

I'd like to be able to access my cloud collection on my phone and Xbox One without having to pay for Xbox Music Pass, it's a feature they offer through the web browser and Windows 8 player, why not the phone?

Yeah... I'm paying for Music Pass but would need to also pay for Xbox Live Gold to be able to stream on my Xbox. It's sad...

Oh, and, from what I read. If you use the new beta Music app on Windows Phone you can stream without having to buy an Xbox Music Pass. You should try it. And apparently Windows Phone 8.1 will work the same way. So now the only reason to pay would be if you don't want to stream, if you want the songs downloaded directly on your phone.

The Music Pass also allows you to download or add anything in the catalog to your collection. It's a bit more than streaming.

I would love to be able to connect to my friends from the music app to able to share albums and playlists. Right now Xbox Music is awesome, but it needs to be more interactive, to encourage people to share stuff with their friends. It will bring more people to the service, and it will encourage us to discover new music and use the service more often.

I would really like to see it upload my music that it can't match to a song already in the cloud. I love Xbox Music but currently only about half of my songs are matched with the service. If I could avoid plugging in the usb cable and syncing my phone entirely when I got new music not found on the service, I would be a really happy customer.

excuse me? rap crap? firstly, metal is a genre that lost most of its audiences because the radio played R&B and Pop which was more pleasing to the listener. Secondary, hip hop has a very huge fanbase and actually has a meaning, artists such as Macklemore, Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West and Drake discuss social, political and sentimental issues the society are dealing with right now. Some hip hop is shit tho e.g. Nicki Minaj, Tyga, 2 Chainz and A$AP ROCKY.

Back to metal, I really like some metal bands such as Iced Earth, Nightwish, The Agonist and Epica but most bands are utter shit especially the underground ones.

A handful of indie bands are missing. The War on Drugs and Mac Demarco aren't on the service at all, and artists like Angel Olsen and How to Dress Well are missing albums.

All of these artists have been featured on Pitchfork.com's "best new music" page so they aren't super obscure.

Add salt to the wound since they are all on Spotify's service.

I am in Australia and can see The War On Drugs - Lost in the Dream.

In fact I am downloading it now because you just reminded me a friend told me to give them a listen.

Which just highlights the differences in licencing across regions.

This one is bad. I understand when artists pull their music from sub services in general, but all of his albums are on Spotify.

As many said, basically international. The big annoyance with MSFT service is around music sync. It will not sync music you own unless it has it on the marketplace for your region. So basically MSFT refuses to acklowledge you could have music from outside the US market even if you legally got this music and even if their music service has it available for purchase elsewhee.

Another example of "war on users" ®