Tip of the Week: "Street View" via Google Maps!

Here's a real cool trick from our friends at XDA.

As you may have noticed, in the WM version of Google Maps we do not yet have the patented Google "Street View" feature whereby you can see real 360° pan shots of the street you are mapping. The soon-to-drop Android G1 and BlackBerry devices have it, but no love for Google's WM stepchild.

But, until that update you can do this:

  • download Esmertec Jbed (java manager) here (if needed)
  • download "KDKobes Google Maps Street View" .jar file here; place in \My Documents

Install the Esmertec Java client (you'll need to link it to your Start Menu from from the root \Esmertec Java folder). Then Menu --> Install --> Local files and it should find KDKobe's .jar file. Install and you're done!

Now, just launch Google Maps (BB edition, natch) from the Esmertec Java client and away you go. Find a street address, hit options on the bubble and click "Street View". You can even make it full screen, albeit a bit grainy.

Down sides? No "My Location" or GPS. But hey, it's a start! My own thoughts? Overall it works surprisingly well. Give it a go.

via Tilt Mobility & props to KDKobes for discovering this!

ps Eat our shorts CrackBerry! ;-) WM is unstoppable.


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Tip of the Week: "Street View" via Google Maps!


street view is the only thing google has going for it. LiveSearch is MUCH more advanced. The "speak your search" feature just kills google maps. LiveSearch is also a full replacement for 411. You can safely hit "speak" say your party and viola it finds it. Click once select phone number click and your dialing.
Google is WAY behind on their Windows Mobile software and it shows.