Titanfall to add in-game, but not real money, currency in upcoming update


Developer Respawn Entertainment has announced that it will release an upcoming free update to the Xbox One version of its sci-fi shooter Titanfall which will add an in-game currency system to purchase items, but it won't involve players paying for those items with real money.

In fact, Respawn made sure that was clear when they announced the concept of the new "Black Market" feature in Titanfall today, saying:

With the introduction of an in-game currency, some may worry that the next step is that we will let players spend real-world money to get an edge in the game. We have stated several times that Titanfall will not have micro-transactions. Fear not, for we plan to keep that promise - NO MICROTRANSACTIONS! The only way to get Credits is by playing the game!

The Black Market opens up when players reach level 11 in Titanfall. They will then be able to purchase items like Titan insignias and Burn Card packs. The currency itself is called Credits and are earned by a number of player actions, such as winning matches, completing daily challenges and selling Burn Card packs. When a player reaches level 50 in Titanfall, a percentage of the XP that is earned will be converted into Credits.

The Black Market and Credits will be added to Titanfall on July 31, the same day that it will release its Frontier's Edge DLC pack for $9.99, which adds three new maps to the game. What do you think of the in-game currency design for Titanfall?

Source: Respawn Entertainment


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Titanfall to add in-game, but not real money, currency in upcoming update


EA is a video game company, a video game company that has made a game for Xbox, Xbox is made by Microsoft, microsoft makes windows and Microsoft also makes windows phone. There's your relevance smart ass.

Don't read..and care to comment!! Your comment is irrelevant.....because you clearly seem to be ignorant of the headline...!

They did inform us about the new mobile nation...and how there will be changes in the way things work here at wpcentral along with all the other mobile nation site...at the beginning of this year...they were very clear about wat they said....and whatever they post ...is in accordance with that....

Ha! I was thinking the same thing! The only reason I own titanfall is because I bought the Xbox one with titanfall for $445. I was hoping for greatness but it was a disappointment. Almost the same amount of maps as any other fps, no campaign and only 3 titans! Two dlc releases both containing 3 maps each( other fps 4 plus other additional stuff), and still no new titans!? It is called titanfall should have been limited titans fall!

The game was all hype. Just as almost all shooters are nowadays. "Naw, this one's gonna be innovative and different!" Smh.

Same amount of maps as any other fps? That is such an odd complaint. Wouldn't it also be a complaint about all fps if it's the norm?

Only 3 titans? That's 3 more than any other fps.  Out of genuine curiosity, what would you want out of another titan? I can see complaining that there isn't a decent variety of titan weapons (WAY too few titan weapons, IMO), but the titans themselves? 

No campaign? You mean besides the campaign mode right there on the start menu? If you mean it doesn't have the traditional memory-wasting standard campaign mode of 5 minutes of yawn-inducing/weakly-acted/poorly-written/cheaply-animated/badly-synched cut scenes followed by "you can only go where we say" gameplay, then, yeah. Respawn made something FAR cooler where the storyline plays out WHILE you're actually playing, with very few cutscenes thrown in. And you get to play the entire campaign from both sides of the story. I thought that was a pretty cool concept.

Bad news for you - campeign doesn't bring ANY additional content and they are were still chargin full 60 bucks price on release.

What essentialy put me off this game is balance. I failed to find any.

Almost daily. For those of us who've maxed out the regen, this is great news. Don't have to keep switching weapons to get new burn cards.

It's a good idea. The game always seemed a little light in terms of the mechanics. Maybe this will add some much needed definition to the universe.

Always wanted to play dis game..but got no console and not moving to 64 bit os...y don't they make it available for 32 bit os :/

Because 32-bit on PCs is old news? There are plenty of arguments for a game needing access to more memory, too. Limiting the OS and game to < 4GB doesn't make sense.

Because it's 2014, not 2007.

It's the same reason why they're not supporting Windows 3.1 or SNES.

Honestly I am glad you guys cover Xbox related material with out it I would probably miss out on some stuff. Like the early beta entry for Destiny and update for the Xbox of games in the market place. And this update for titan fall. I am a gamer and WP user pretty much all is relevant to me, besides the India and eastern updates for the phone. But I don't care still good read.