Titanfall for Xbox and PC are today's Amazon deals of the day with 38% off (US)

Titanfall controller

Amazon US currently has a really sweet deal covering Titanfall for the next 17 hours. You can pick up both the Xbox and PC versions of the EA title for just $36.99. Part of Amazon’s series of Gold Box daily deals, today’s the perfect chance to pick up a copy if you haven’t yet entered your very own Titan.

It’s a strong saving of 38% for the game, which was recently updated with numerous improvements. A great part of the Titanfall experience is that those who still own Xbox 360 consoles are also be able to take part in matches. Remember folks; the deal is for today only.

Source: Amazon, via: Twitter (Major Nelsen)


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Titanfall for Xbox and PC are today's Amazon deals of the day with 38% off (US)


Tempting, still not sure if it's cheap enough just yet, I'm thinking this game has a $19.99 max value LOL.

Same here. Titanfall is a very fun game, just not $60 fun... plus having to deal with EA's DRM and servers on PC makes it much less appealing. I typically jump on a game when the expected $/gameplay hits 50 cents/hr, as I am more of an RPG/strategy guy I would maybe hit 30-40 hours on this before I would move on to something else, which means that it really needs to drop to $15-20 before I would consider it. But that is just me, I am much more interested in a solid single player story and game mechanics than a multiplayer only game... but then again this may be the return of crazy unrealistic shooters like the older UT games, so perhaps I should support this kind of gameplay if I am to expect a return of the genera as a whole?

Actually, I just grabbed the game code in Canada. Change your shipping address to somewhere in the U.S. when purchasing the game code, and you're golden. Redeemed just fine in Origin.

Just add a US address to your amazon account. It is a download code after all....

Search Titanfall on HotUKDeals for more info. It is listed as 'Titanfall £22.00 @Amazon.com'

I'm not sure...but just looking on HotUKDeals, there is a download code Titanfall for £28.99, and a physical copy for £32.95. Not as good as Amazon.com's £22 - but still v.reasonable

Not quite sure I understand the complaints of the price. Even if you only put in 120 hours, which is a small amount for an online game(the lady friend is approaching 1100 hours in Halo Reach and she doesn't play single player) that is only 0.50$ an hour. That is a pretty good deal. I'm glad they didn't waste their money on a terrible campaign like almost ever MP shooter ever has.

We're not saying this game (or games in general) is too expensive, I've bought & pre-ordered multiple games for the usual $60+ price. I just don't think this game is worth the money.

I bought this for the XB1. Great game with exception of matchmaking. I was being matched against teams loaded with players who had prestiged several times. I was getting killed a pathetic amount of times. I haven't played in weeks because of this. I heard the latest patch should fix this and I might give it another whirl tonight.

Matchmaking is getting better.  I'm not a great player, but as I continue to play I'm ranking up, so I'm starting to play against higher levels.  Don't fear the prestiging players too much.  The lower levels of G2 and G3 should have a harder or equal time against G1.  Check out this guide here:  http://www.ign.com/wikis/titanfall/Regeneration

As I said, I'm not a great player, but I love this game.  I hate to let my team down when I don't do well.  I've really enjoyed the Hardpoint mode.  I think there's a lot to like about Titanfall, and the deal today is an excellent one.  Just bought a second copy with this deal so my son and I can play together.

Oh, and keep in mind that EA is only the publisher, the game creators are Respawn.  I know there's a lot of dislike out there for EA, but don't let that blind you to a great game.

Last thing ( I promise), I love the grunts that run around.  They are indeed easy to kill, but its so cool to fight alongside of the ones on your side.  They hold the pilots (you) in complete awe, it's great to listen to their conversations.