Titanfall for Xbox One can be yours for just $25 with Xbox Live Gold


Titanfall is available for just $25 on Xbox One right now. That's the price you'll find if you're an Xbox Live Gold member and go to the Xbox One Deals with Gold section on your console. In addition to Titanfall, save on Titanfall DLC, EA Sports UFC and MGS V: Ground Zeroes.

Here's the pricing for Xbox Gold members on Xbox One:

You can buy and save on the games using the Xbox Store links above. Just be sure you're signed into your Xbox Live Gold account to see the sale price. Though you'll need to go to the Xbox One Deals with Gold section on your console to see the sale price for the Titanfall DLC.

Anyone going to pick these games up now that they're on sale? Head to the Windows Phone Central forums to find friends to play Titanfall.

Enjoy playing everyone!

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Titanfall for Xbox One can be yours for just $25 with Xbox Live Gold


No. This is the exact amount it should have been from the jump. It is not a game that was ever worth $59, IMHO. 

I beg to differ, but to each his own. I thought it was one of the more interesting concepts than simply rolling out another edition of Advanced Black Ops Combat Warfare 5: Zombie Edition.

Based on the mixed reviews I've seen. It's UFC that should be $25 right now.

Looks like we have different definition off what a games worth is. Titanfall was very much worth the $60 I paid. I have over 100 hours of gameplay and have had a blast for all 100+ hours.

$25 is a damn steal, everyone with an X1 should own this game.

If any single game for either next gen system was worth $59, it was titanfall.

Battlefield was a total piece of crap (honestly i thought i should have gotten a refund, shouldn't take over a month for a game to work) and cod is pretty close to the same game it always is (not bad, but nothing special).


Indeed, this isn't even the first time it's been a Deals with Gold game. It was reduced back in June as well (though, not this cheap). That said, I'm peeved: as Murphy's Law would have it, I purchased this game for $50 for my brother on Monday because he just got an Xbox One, and then, bam, Tuesday it drops to $25 on Deals with Gold. I did not see that coming at all because, as I said, it had already been a Deals with Gold game. Frustrating that it was only a half a day later, but, so it goes. At least I get to play online with my brother.

I'm came so close to picking it up the other day from Amazon for close to$50. I got it on my PC with an Origin deal and I love it but my PC needs an upgrade before it could compare to how it plays on the Xone plus now it will be on a 55" hi-def screen with surround sound now. Definitely worth even the$50. I just barely waited long enough for this deal so here I go :)

That price in Euros includes 20-25% in sales taxes. In Canada and the U.S., sales taxes (where applicable, which they are for most people) will be added onto the $25-30 price. So it's not as big a difference as you might imagine.

Depending on where you live in the US, you may pay no sales taxes and at most you will only pay around 9%...that is a significant pricing difference and it matters...

Already discounted must've not been that good. Makes me hesitant to get the Titanfall bundle with Kinect if the game is now only $25.

Already discounted this game is 6 months old and were about to hit holiday season... U guys must not watch game sales that often....

Umm everyone is complaining about Titanfall but did anyone notice Metal Gear Solid is only $15? That game released after Titanfall did.

There we go!! Too bad people like us are being alienated....no split screen MP and thin campaigns are becoming the norm. Dont people understand how much fun it is to play with people in the same room with you??? F*ck online play, it's boring.

Local multiplayer seems like a thing of the past it seems. I miss being able to have three friends over and playing on the split screens....

I bought it on Amazon Gold Box a while back for $37.  I've definitely got my money's worth out of it.  No regrets.  Congrats to people that get it at this price point.

To any NOOBs that get frustrated with this game, just keep playing.  It may seem like you just die instantly, but keep playing.  You will get better, and it's a ton of fun.  I'm actually a middle of the road player.  Gen 4.  I need to get my RE-45 autopisol kills and charger rifle critical hits to move to Gen5.  Should be there soon.

Last night I was pinned down by an Atlas with the chaingun.  Called in my Titan and crushed it!  Death from above!  Great fun!!!

yeah... just Run-Jump-Gun-Survive. Wall Run, Higher Grounds and Continue observe Small radar thing at bottom of the screen.  

This. It'll probably be a Game With Gold freebie and/or in The Vault at some point. But... do I want to wait/months/years for that? Hmmm... And there's always the chance it won't, too, and I wouldn't mind playing it now, so $25 looks pretty sweet. Decisions, decisions.

$25 isn't bad, but I refuse to buy EA products. They seriously suck and need to die. People need to stop giving them their money.

Hadn't ventured into online since original Xbox and Quake Arena days before that (and wasn't very good). Wasn't sure how I'd find Titanfall but totally hooked, easily the best value Xbox game I have , and up there in hours played now with Mass Effects and Skyrims on the PC. Only a Gen3 and not that bothered levelling as dislike the Plasma Cannon (but probably will complete that challenge sometime). Can't recommend it enough if you have an Xbox One!

I'm curious what it'll translate to in the Canadian store. $30, I'd guess, but sometimes I'm surprised. EA Access is $30 in Canada, for example

Australian prices include GST. Canadian and American prices do not include sales taxes. So it's not quite as bad as it looks. Still bad, but not quite as bad. :-)

Can't you guys buy from other country websites like Amazon US etc..??? one of my Indian friend bought this game from Amazon US becuase It was cheaper on Amazon US than Amazon India. 

I'll considering buying at this price. I rented it a few times and didn't really enjoy it. I'm a COD guy and Titanfall just seemed a bit shallow and simple (not enough weapons and stuff). Not to hate, it just didn't trip the triggers I wanted it to. But my friends love it, so I may grab it now just to have something to play with them.