Today only: Dell Venue 8 Pro for $199 at Microsoft Store (US/Canada) [Updated]

Dell Venue 8 Pro

Microsoft has kicked off its 12 Days of Deals today with the Dell Venue 8 Pro starting the festive period of savings. If you're looking to pick up a Windows 8 tablet this holiday season, look no further as this device is currently available for just $199. Full Windows 8.1 tablet for under $200? Where's the purchase button?

Update: Unfortunately, Microsoft's online store appears to be out of Dell Venue 8 Pro stock. We recommend you check with your local Microsoft Store to see if they have units available.

There are two sides to each daily deal in this Microsoft promotion. You have a super saver offer for the first 20 customers at Microsoft Stores, and then an all-day offer for everyone else (including online purchases). For example, with today's Dell Venue 8 Pro, if you were lucky enough to be among the first 20 customers at your local Microsoft Store, you were able to bag the tablet for just $99.

This will be in effect for each deal across the 12 days. We'll have some details up shortly about other offers you'll be able to take advantage of. Here's a shot of a queue outside a Microsoft Store, showing just how many folks were attempting to walk away with a cheap tablet.

Microsoft US Store Deals Queue

So, what are you waiting for? Pop down to your local store or head online to purchase your own Dell Venue 8 Pro for $199. Featuring a IPS display (12800x800), full Windows 8.1 and quad-core Intel Atom processing, we're sure you'll enjoy the tablet as much as our own Daniel Rubino. 

Who's grabbing one?

Source: Microsoft Store; thanks, Harold, for the photo!


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Today only: Dell Venue 8 Pro for $199 at Microsoft Store (US/Canada) [Updated]


Yes. I got one. I'm considering giving it away as a gift to a relative, but I just found out that my Dell Venue Pro 11 isn't coming until the end of January, I'm considering keeping it. I had to get there at 7 am to be 5th in line though. Decisions... Decisions....

Yep....it's awesome. MS store in Atlanta, GA. Dude in line with me already had a 64GB one and was playing Dota on Steam in line.

Once he got the $99 one, he went to Costco to return the larger one. They're giving away $25 Windows Store cards too with the purchase of any 8.1 device (like this one).

Which store were you at (perimeter or the one in town) and how long was the line before 8? I almost headed down there (1-2 hr ride) because I figured the rain would hold people up but still knew it would be a crap shoot.

Lenox, in town. 8 was too late to get the $99 deal, but if you were there by 7, you would've gotten it.

Thanks Reeves, I probably would have missed it then. I hope you got one and the deal. I purchased a 64gb one last week and its the bomb, love it. I also lucked out and got the 32gb one yesterday for my wife from the MS store online for $199 around 11am so it still worked out for me :)

Got one at Bellevue Mall.  They extended it to the first 50 due to the huge response.  A friend and I were 27/28 in line and both got it for $99.  They screwed up and charged me the wrong price, and let me buy a second one as compensation, so I got two.  Very happy, and the store crew was excellent.

Yes. Went to the Corte Madera store in northern California, got there at 7:05 and was 9th in line. 20th person showed up at around 8:10. Our line was outside and it was freezing all morning at 25 degrees. The store employees gave us hot chocolate though which was nice.

Congrats Joe, I was also at the Corte Madera store. I foolishly arrived at 5:00am and was #2 in line. Dude who was #1 in line arrived 10 minutes before me but walked 4 miles to get there!!! 
The temperatures at that hour were 21 degrees, which is insane for Marin, but it did warm up once the sun rose. 


I got mine for $99 but didn't go to the store. Got it from Walmart on a price match. Went the night before to check if they would match the doorbuster price, he said yes so I went in this morning at about 9:30am showed them the email from microsoft with the ad and they matched the $99. Took their last one in stock. My uncle tried office depot but they wouldn't match the doorbuster so I guess it just depends on which store you tried.

How long was the line? The store closest to me will open in about 2 hours and I was thinking about getting there half an hour before the store opens. Do you think that will be sufficient or should I get there earlier ?

Actually this store opens at 10am but today they opened at 9am. I reached there at 9, 20 $99 line was full and in $199 line there were 15 ahead of me and they were out of stock after like 5 more after me.

I told my friend about the deal and he went to the Yorkdale store north of Toronto at 7:30am, the store opens at 9:30am. He was number 55 and said there were people there at 1am.

Hey Dave - my advice get there as early as possible.

I went to the store 30 mins prior to its 10am opening. And there were 50+ people in line. Some folks had lined up or rather camped out at 6am. The store started letting people in early albeit 1 person at a time and it was sold out before the store officially opened. Some where around 945am the store rep comes out and announces that they are "all sold out!" .....DAMN IT!

Lol man, I got there 40 minutes before the store opens and there were 50+ people already in the line. I could've gotten there about an hour and a half early if it wasn't snowing. Damn snow screwed my whole plan lol.

Got mine at Oakbrook, Il. A batch of 11 of us got our wristbands at about 5:30 am. Had to pick it up by 10am.

It's out of stock online, but it shows me the regular $299 price. Did it change back because it went out of stock?

I was under the impression that the online price would be $199 while there was stock available and the $99 price would be the first ten untis at a physical store.

You can still get the $199 deal online but dont order it from the shortcut because it will not add it to your cart. you have to go to the products menu, then tablets. Order it from there and it should work. I just picked one up and got confirmation.

No longer works. The price is back up to $299. If you click on the shortcut, you get the product page with a "something went wrong" message. Oh, the irony.

Well no luck through the website. Endless spinning things just proves their site sucks. What the heck was MS thinking? They sold an insignificant number of devices that won't improve their market share, proves they can't build proper websites, and makes people think W8 tablets should be under $200.

It's not that people can't build web services to handle tens if thousands of people at once, but if you only have to deal with the traffic a few times a year at most, it makes no economic sense to pay for more servers. 

That's the whole point of Azure. Which I would think is what powers the site. But more importantly, my point is that they would have to know this would happen. You might be thinking about servers and user sessions, but your average consumer is thinking "wtf, M$ can't build a web site!" And some people, like myself, are second guessing Azure and why it can't handle this expected spike in traffic.

They gave out number cards to the first 20 people. I'm at 25, but still going to buy it at 199. Hope you are more lucky. They only have 36 in stock.

I reached there at 9.20, there was a pretty big line so I left. Could've easily gotten there at something like 8.45 if it hadn't just started snowing.

Lol this was sold out in minutes even at the $199 price online. I had one in my cart and it sold out while processing the order :/

I wonder what the next deals will be. Hard to imagine them topping this one. Doesn't seem like we'll get much notice for tomorrow.

That was the best deal everything else pretty much doesn't make the cut for me at least. Day 1 - Dell Tablet $99
Day 2 - Garmin Fitness Watch + $25 Gift card $99.99
Day 3 - AT&T Nokia 1020 - Free
Day 4 - Fitbit Flex and Yurbuds Fitness earbuds w/$25 gift card $99.99
Day 5 - GTA 5 $20 (assume xbox360 only)
Day 6 - Surface Pro combo deal $100 off
Day 7 - Xbox Music pass 1 year $30
Day 8 - HP Pavilion X2 13 $599
Day 9 - 60% off SOL Republic Headphones $40
Day 10 - AT&T Lumia 1520 Free and $50 app card w/purchase?
Day 11- JBL Flip Bluetooth Speaker $40
Day 12 - HP Envy 15 $499

The Envy 15 doesn't look like a bad deal, but I agree the $99 V8P is the best deal of the bunch.

I tried to post the link but it wont let me but it was on the redflagdeals forum. Someone posted an actual picture of the 12 deals.

Where'd you get this list? Wouldn't mind the 1020 for free. I'm assuming it's a 2 year contract.

Managed to get one online somehow! About time seeing as the last few times I've ordered something from the store it never worked.

This sucks. Never showed the $99 price online, managed to get a $199 in my cart but it magically disappeared later. Now I'm left empty-handed. Way to disappoint your faithful customers Microsoft.

No kidding. I even took the effort go to their physical store. Turns out they were open at 9 when their site and their fucking windows phone app said 10. I've been an MS fanboy for years and now im thinking they are the dumbest company in the world.

The $99 was in stores only, but I agree that they could have handled the whole thing better.  I got there at 7. The sales rep showed up at 8:00 and knew nothing. She had to go find paper to make slips of paper with the numbers on them so she knew who were the first 20. Very poorly planned. The manager of the kiosk never showed up before I got mine at 9:30.  There were many irate people there. I mean if its a national "door buster" at a mall kiosk, they should have been prepared.  There were only 2 people there handling sales as well.  They need to hire someone to handle the PR and manage these sales better.

The experience foe me at the official MS store in Atlanta was a trillion times better. They had it well-organized, had color-coded wristbands, plus they sent employees out to chat with us, give us water, and let us play with a store unit while we waited. Didn't worry about people on the registers as most employees were ringing people up throughout the store on their Lumias. Awesome experience.

The $99 deal was good online as well. The original deal article from a few days ago has comments from people who had tablet in their cart for $99, but lost it when the site crashed on their orders.

Woke up early (it started 5am Hawaii Time) and three times almost had it in the cart but noooo luck.  At least have a good amount of stock on hand if you're going to have a sale like this.  Probably ended up upsetting far more customers than they anticipated.

Better than driving for an hour reaching the store 40 minutes before it opens just to find out that the line is pretty freakin huge and they will be sold out by the time your turn comes. Lol.

Valid point. Lol. The nearest stores are at least 3 hours from me. I was shooting for an online purchase. Oh well. I didn't need it. Haha

Methinks a Dell Venue Pro 8 was not meant for me. Just checked Micro Center. Now in-store only, and the two left at my nearest location are open box.

Been in line (Bridgewater, NJ) for about 1.5 hours now. Should be getting mine soon. They seem to have a lot in stock here and are selling it till 9 pm today.

did you get it?

i was there too...but was like 40th on line, so i left after they gave out the wrist bands....but was able to get it online for $199, plus $25 gift card.

Anybody try price matching this anywhere?  Seems like a better way to avoid the chaos, if it works, that is...

I posted the below on the orginal article's comments section, but reposting for those who tried to get one online:

Was on the MS Store site since 9:45 AM Eastern Time. Site crashed at 9:55 AM. There was no add to cart icon until 10:25 am. I succesfully added to cart, but it kept crashing at check out. At 10:35 AM, it was sold out. Pretty pissed since there was no error on my end. When the site allouws me to adds to cart but doesn't allow me to check out because the site crashed, it's pretty sad especially since MS is a technology company. You would hope that they would be able to handle the volume. Any way, congrats to those who either got one through the MS site or went to the store and picked one up.

Same experience. Not only is MS a tech company, but they push their own cloud service, azure, which is supposed to be perfect for scaling to handle higher traffic.

Yeah, I won't be saying anything about this at work. Already enough MS-bashers around the office who do not need additional ammo.

I got screwed! I had it in my cart and had an order number...but microsofts website was screwed up and sent multiple credit card verification attempts and it locked up my card due to "possible fraudulent activity". Daaaamn!!

I got mine from Costco for 199.00.  Loved to have saved the C-Note but I'm enjoying the hell out of the tablet.

MS (or Dell) should keep the price on $199 for ever. That would help a lot of people to get familiar with Windows 8.1 as a tablet-only platform, because so far, Android and iOS are the primary choices for tablets.

Woke up at 7am, got to a Msft store in Boston at 7:30 and line was already over 20. Should've stayed in bed instead.

was unable to get the $99 deal. Had the $199 in cart, but could not complete the transaction.

This is really silly of MSFT to offer these trivially small # of devices in the 12 days of blah deals - it will backfire on them.


Got to Oak Brook store outside Chicago before opening hours. They actually opened at 5am because there was a line since 2am. There was also a snowstorm overnight. This store is sold out of the Dell. They said they may get another shipment today, but call first.

I missed getting the $99 price by about 6 people. I didn't know the mall opened at 6am, but the MS guy said there were people waiting outside the store window before he got there at 630

Whosoever got it for 99 are fortunate, I got up a 3 this morn, headed over to the yorkdale mall to find out 20 ppl had already been there waiting. There was a Microsoft employee giving out numbers but it seemed like he had friends involved.

Got one at the Chicago Michigan Ave store. I was 19th in line at 7:50 this morning. Luckly this store is in a "mall" and they let us in at 8 so we didn't have to wait in the cold.  And even better they opened the Microsoft store early at about 8:45.

At yorkdale in Toronto I got there at 9:20 and was number 80 in line. They had 100 in total including 20 at 99.00. All sold out by 10:00.

Got into the city at 7am and went straight from airport to Yorkdale Mall (Toronto). Lineup stretched up to around the Apple store *heehee*. Got there by 830am hoping to be 1st 20.... There must have been 50-70 people already in line. Asked one guy what time the lineup started and he heard of people lining up at 3am. Even at $199 it's a great deal for the Dell Venue 8. Tried lining up a 2nd time to get one for a friend but the store was strict about its 1 per customer policy.

Yup, I was there at around 330 am this morn and the first 20 was already there. I left when I found out. I had already made up my mind that 99 bucks or go home cause what I truly want is the dell venue 11 pro.

Wow, that is crazy. Good for you for sticking to your guns. Were they lined up inside the mall or outside?

I was there too but I didn't stay because I was number 25. I figured a better deal will come about in a few months.

Inside the mall, I was one of them. I suggested to the people that we should line up by the apple store so the crowd follows us.

Saint Louis store was easily at 30-40 people by 8:15 am. Oh well, stuck with my Surface 2 :)

Yeah, I didn't stick around to ask at what time they got to 20, but the line was 30-40 deep at 8:15. I wasn't sure what I would do with it for $99, and I didn't want it for $199. My trusty Surface 2 suits me fine. The Dell would have been a nice gift for someone, though.

Same here in Portland, OR. Got there somewhat early only to find 40-50 people already there. I already have enough tablets where $199 just isn't worth it for another. 

It is a shame none of the other deals make me want to go stand in the cold weather early for them. And you know those "free" phone deals are attached to 2-year contracts. So you'll be able to get that same deal in a couple months. 

In fact, the reality is, CES is around the corner and as new as these Dells are, they are likely going to be updated and this stock discounted in Jan. You might not be able to get them for $99, but I bet $150 if you look in the right spots. Tech just replaced is always super cheap. And with new processors only fractionally better than old, going up a generation isn't what it once was.

In Puerto Rico when I got to the store at 8 there were more than 200 people in line and some how they honored everyone the $99 price, however we have to wait till more merchandise arrives and then pick it up. They will be calling us.

I went to the Austin store I guess I misread something cause I thought it was the first 10 people and yall saying 20 for the $99 deal. I probably could have gotten one. I said if the line wasn't crazy I'd go in work late. I wasn't gonna pay the $199 cause I just bought the 1520 yesterday and said if I don't get it I wouldn't care. But now I'm a little bummed cause y'all keep saying first 20 :-(

Fiasco at MSFT store. Apparently the lined formed outside of the SF shopping center didn't count. And people snuck into the mall and formed another line. Some poor guy in wheel chair couldn't get in as there's no elevator service.

I didn't even try. I knew what it was going to be like. But then again I didn't have to. Got it as a gift yesterday. Early presents are nice. They were on sale for $250 at Future Shop. Still a decent savings. Having gift cards laying around didn't hurt the final price either. Anyone who picked one make sure you do the Dell updates. There's a huge improvement once you install all of those. Today is Miracast day. Ordering now.

Curious if anyone went to the Austin, TX store.  Curious how the experience went.  I chose the Gym over the tablet. :__(

I stopped by to see how full it was. At 7:00 there may have been about 15-20 people there. I went to work.

I don't when I left that's all that was there. They looked to have camped. Bundled up with blankets. I went later to get a case for my 2520 and they were all sold out. They also said. They had two 32gb surface that came in but I passed.

I just managed to order it online for $199 (free shipping) ... the site came back up at 1140amET.



Already gone again. Is someone at Microsoft buying them 2 at a time from the Dell site, then putting them up for sale on the Microsoft site?

Couldn't get on website earlier but finally did and ordered one a few minutes ago for $199. Hope I don't have to wait too long.

I checked the website to see at what time my local store opens, it said 10:00. I got there an hour early and they were already open and out if the $99 special. I was a bit upset, but still manage to get one for $199, which in itself, is still an awesome deal.

The store site is a mess. I am up to four different ways to get to the product, and all of them work, I mean fail, differently.

I was at the store outside of Philadelphia about an hour and a half early.  All 20 tickets were already handed out, and we had about another 20 people show up at that time.  The store rep say "we have it for 199 still"  More than half got out of line and left.

I was back home in time to try and use the web by 10am, but all it did was crash.


So let me ask a stupid question. This deal for $199 is open for 12 days? Or just some particular days. Because i couldn't go today. Urgent work. Would love to get it for $199 though. Anybody please..??

Got mine from the indianapolis store!

The manager and employees were super nice. Great experience. Manager let me and my friend upgrade from the 32gb version to the 64gb version and still get the deal ($200 off), so I got the 64gb version for $150!

I went ahead and picked up a Surface Arc Bluetooth mouse, it is damn sweet as well.

Got mine from the indianapolis store!

The manager and employees were super nice. Great experience. Manager let me and my friend upgrade from the 32gb version to the 64gb version and still get the deal ($200 off), so I got the 64gb version for $150!

I went ahead and picked up a Surface Arc Bluetooth mouse, it is damn sweet as well.


That's pretty awesome - I wouldn't have thought to ask. (Was number 21 in line, so I left anyway)

My only complaint was they had 2 people working and one guy kind of overseeing the kiosk.  The line kept getting longer and longer.  He only spoke up about the tickets after someone flat out asked him.

So I posted earlier about my bad experience on attempting to purchase one online. Basically, the site kept crashing even when I had the product in my cart. It was all sold out at 10:30 AM EST. So my wife and I went to the MS Store in Bridgewater (NJ) and as we arrived, they just had a new shipment come in. We both picked one up (2 total) for the $199 price tag (apparently they had over 150 people in line at 730 am but ran out of stock...so most people left the line and then a new shipment came in). As I was purchasing the tablet, one of the MS reps mentioned that one Xbox One came in and so I grabbed that as well.

I was also in that line. the manager came back out with like 100 more wristbands. Patience payoffs

At 10am EST I was trying to get it but a Microsoft Store server i've been connected to went down - and even representative admited it, that some of the MS Store servers went down giving "Placeholder Error File" message.

Some people reported that they managed to get $99 price match in  they local Staples and OfficeDepot but I went to Staples and they said that they can't match daily deals prices. 

At 12 noon EST I've placed an order for $199 with no problems. +25$ Gift card from MS Store, Plus 5% Discover Card cashback, plus 4% cashback from FatWallet. 

The only problem with these "Microsoft Store only" deals is that for the vast majority of the nation a MS Store is mirage, a myth, rare as a $2 bill. Most people have never laid eyes on a MS Store.  I would have to drive half way across my state to find one. This deal should have been in at least one other retail store as well, maybe Best Buy or Staples.

I was at the OP mall in KCK at 7:40 am and was #14 in line, by 8:00 am #20 showed up and by 9:30 they had about 60 in line waiting for the $199 deal, they gave tickets to the first 20 around 8:40. 

Struck out at the Microsoft store but took the email advertisement to WalMart. They price match the $199 all day price in the ad. I'll post a pick later once I get a chance.

i was a little lucky... in Nj... there are only three stores... so i went to the bridgewater store at about 4:30...and ended up being  the second one online so i was able to get one for $99.00.. i am  happy.. its nice.. i hope a lot more people picked it up for $99.00..met some cool people on the line..who read wpcentral and got this also... hope you enjoy your venue pro too :)

I arrived at the Glendale Galleria in CA at 9 AM at the Microsoft Store. The sight of the kiosk was embarrassing since it gives off a struggling impecunious desperate ambience. The whole idea of this promotion is to bring awareness to the Microsoft Store and have people become familiar with other Microsoft products offerings. I enjoyed exploring the Microsoft Store in Century City but with the kiosk, the trip was a complete waste of time. 


Having said that they were sold out both prices.  The guy who got #19 said he got there at 6 AM. There was people there since 1 AM camped out in the freezing cold.


Honestly though, Microsoft should reevaluate the kiosk store since it really devalues the products it attempts to sell since people avoid them like the plague at the mall. I was not really bummed to pick one up given the display is just too significant of a downgrade. I'm typing from a Nexus 7 2013 with a gorgeous display which I picked up at $200 after taxes. I would have gladly paid $250 for the Dell Venue Pro 8 over my Nexus 7 2013 if would had a similar display. 


you are trolling man... if you would have easily brought one for 250.00, you could have gotten one online for 199.00... i have seen those kiosks, they look fine!... no hint of deperation on microsofts part. i havent avoided the kiosks at all... not sure what you are trying to say here... dont believe you went to get one... i think you are just trolling...  why say you went to a store to get one, and in the same breath say you would have paid  250  if the screen was better... smells fishy...dont believe you...good luck with your nexus

Not sure how my post even resembles a troll. Just posting my thoughts. I actually took a picture but not in the mood to upload and link. 

Whole tone of the post seems like trolling......you apparently went to a Ms store with the intention of getting a dell venue pro...saw the kiosks... Apparently that turned your stomach so much.. That you couldn't bare to purchase one... Then saw the display and decided your nexus has a better display....but would have paid 250 for a device had the screen been better??..nevermind that the OS is a full copy of win8.1 ..among the other features....sorry just doesn't sound genuine...i also have a nexus 7.. (well my mom does now)...and while I could say the screen on the nexus 7 is beautiful... Not enough to keep me from buying another tablet especially if that was what I am gunning to buy.... To play devils advocate... There are people who may pass up a tablet for another tablet based on criteria they may prefer...but adding your extensive..and actually very incorrect assumption about the kiosks and people apparently running from them faster than they could run from a burning building...makes it seem like trolling...just saying

Got one for $199 in Vancouver. Couldn't believe how long the line was an hour before the store opened...

Went in for lunch to a kiosk store. Nada. Line was easily 40 people, they completely sold out after 15 or so.

For what it's worth, I received the 12 days email this morning. I printed the email and when to Office Depot to price match. They did the $199 match and not the doorbuster.

So, picked up 2.

Microsoft store in Bellevue Square still has some. Just picked one up and saw at least 50 behind the counter. 199

Back in stock at the Austin store for $199 and the $25 app card.  While I have a Surface 2, I can give this a shot, may convert the wife from her Surface to the Venue or jsut return it.  In any case, $25 in apps...

Managed to get it at $99. And lost a ton of sleep. Thank god this thing has full windows. The windows store apps need a ton of work. Can't wait to see if I can run some steam games and XBMC

Just went to the store in South Coast Plaza (Costa Mesa, CA) and they just got another shipment. The guy helping me said they sold over 100 this morning starting at 9am. I got mine for $199 at 12:00 PST.

I managed to get one for $199 from MS Online Store @ 8:25 PST, when the site was sporadically available.

I went to the Delaware store around 8:00 was number 4 in line. By 8:30 there were probably 50 people. They opened at 9:00 because of mall holiday hours. They actually let us in about 8:50. I was in an out, got coffee at Panera Bread and at work by 9:10. Great experience and a great deal.

Now what to do with it, keep it or Christmas gift it.

i got to the store in bridgewater, nj.....i was like number 40 on line. then the sales people came out to give out wrist band for the 20, and for the left over $200 tablets....i was left out still.

i check online and it said sold out ($199), but then i saw the ADD to Cart icon, so i give a shot ,an it went thru.... i hurry and finish purchase, i got notification email for complete purchase :-), then a minute later, i check site, an it was closed as sold out!!

i also got a $25 GC for the windows store to use on apps for either phone or tablet. :-)

i guess i got the last one.....lol.

I was also in that line. after they told the end of the line to go home, the manager came back out with like 100 more wristbands lol. i kinda felt bad. but hey i was like number 37! :D


I got to the mall early only to find out the store opened an hour earlier for "holidays". The mall doesn't open until 10am. Store at 9?! I still bought it for $199. It's worth it.