Tonido released for Windows Phone 8 for remote access to your home computer

Tonido for Windows Phone 8

Tonido (www.tonido.com) is a personal cloud service, that spans multiple mobile platforms. It was released back in 2012 for Windows Phone 7. Better late than never, a Windows Phone 8 version of Tonido has been released and shows a bit of promise.

What is Tonido you ask? Tonido is a Windows Phone 8 app that allows you to remotely access your entire collection of documents, photos, music and videos that are stored on your home computer. With Tonido you can stream music and videos, download files for offline use, and upload photo and videos captured from your Windows Phone to your PC. It's not just a cloud, but rather your 'personal cloud', where storage and your privacy are not an issue.

To use Tonido you will need to:

  • Install the Tonido desktop app on your computer (PC, MAC or Linux supported)
  • Create a user id and password
  • Then install and run the Tonido app from your Windows Phone

A URL will be generated from your home computer based on your user account, which will be used from your Windows Phone to access your photo, music, video and document files.


Music streaming supports a wide range of formats including FLAC, OGG, WMA, and MP3. Image file support includes JPEG, PNG, GIF, CR2, NEF, CRW and more.

In just tinkering with Tonido for a short time, the interface could be a little smoother. It takes a little time to get used to not only the navigation from your Windows Phone but also setting up the file access from your PC.

Nonetheless, Tonido comes across as a handy option if you need to access files on your computer from your Windows Phone. Tonido is a free app that is available for Windows Phone 8. You can find your copy of Tonido here in the Windows Phone Store.

Source: Tonido (Press Release)

Thanks, Atif A., for the tip!

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Reader comments

Tonido released for Windows Phone 8 for remote access to your home computer


Yeah, i'm going to start demanding that MS puts this back into onedrive. Remote desktop is overrated, but this feature was awesome and came in handy.

Wow didn't realize that got pulled with Win 8.1 I used that feature quite a bit in the past. Also loved remote desktop that live sync provided seamlessly.

Or have a NAS setup (serving as a backup at the same time) and access it that way without having to leave your computer on all the time. Synology, by the way, has all its apps (as in plural) on Windows Phone. I was so surprised about that.

Does your data go through their servers or straight to your PC?
Either way, not sure I see a valid reason to use this over my massive one drive account or NAS

Idk.. PLEX Media Server and it's client apps (installed on my 1020 and my Surface 2) serve all of my video and music streaming needs. And as far as files/documents etc go, it's OneDrive FTW! :)

So I got it to working smoothly on the frontend....but I just can't log out from phone. The 'logout' selection just takes you back to 'home' and doesn't really log me out. I've added the 'question - answer' addition to the login....but still auto opens access to server PC w/o any PWs required. Sooooooo if you lose your phone/stolen, then the perp ALSO gets access to your home/server PC as well. Not good.

And yeah installed-reinstalled wp8 app, no love for issue. Anyone else with this no logout issue?

Nice app. The best thing about Tonido is that it neatly organizes all my photos, music and videos. no storage limits and i dont need to depend on any cloud.

I managed to log in a few times but couldnt see any files etc, now I get the server error message. re installed the phone app but no change :(

Very useful app! My friend had it on his Android phone for awhile and he was raving about it. Happy to see it on Windows Phone 8. Also, surprisingly,  UI built specifically for WindowsPhone instead just porting the experience from Android... 

Nice one to remotely access your favorite Music & Images stored in your home PC. Lesser burden of storing everything that you might want anytime, on phone.

Definitely a huge improvement over the old app but still lacking some features...missing avi and mkv support, can't upload multiple items at once and no instant camera backup feature.