Torchbear bumped to version 1.3


Torchbear, a mobile geolocation based social network game, which went live on the Marketplace a few months ago, has been updated to version 1.3. The update is pretty big with more features and improvements being applied to the app. A quick walkthrough on what's included:

  • Added Search for player and torches to the main page
  • Added World News and Local News
  • Added auto exchanges for pending torches longer than 3 days
  • Added instant exchanges for players who have stopped playing
  • Exchange distance has been increased
  • Added support for Miles or Kilometers
  • New Player Points system
  • Improved loading performance
  • New Leaderboards (World, Nearby, and Following)
  • Ability to save any photo to your phone (including profile pics)
  • Can now exchange torches with a person who has held the torch before

You can download Torchbear for free from the Marketplace. Be sure to check out the official website too.

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Torchbear bumped to version 1.3