Torchbear gets updated, torches continue to circle globe

Torchbear is a social networking styled game for your Windows Phone where you see how far you can pass a torch between other Torchbear members. A torch can be a thought, idea or image and collectively, Torchbear torches have traveled approximately 86,750 miles. Working off the success of the application and feedback from users, Torchbear has been updated to version 1.2.

New features include:

  • Torch points have been removed, torches are now ranked by Number of Followers the torch has
  • Players now receive points for distance traveled whilst carrying a torch (1 point per 50 miles) and unique torch exchanges (15 points if exchange is less than 1 mile, 10 points if exchange is less than 5 miles,5 points if exchange is less than 10 miles)
  • New Leaderboards that now include leaderboards for both torches and players, each category is split up into Worlds Top 20, Nearby Top 20, and the Top 20 Players/Torches you are following
  • Torch Profile - ability to save any torch profile pic to your phone and the Ability to rotate torch profiles pics
  • Torch Details - You can now update torch details after you have created a torch
  • Torch Exchanges - we now allow players to make multiple exchanges with torches they have previously held
  • The "Around Me" list has been improved, we now visually show which torches you have already held, and which torches currently have pending torch requests either by you or by someone else
  • Photos - all photos including both torch & player profile pics can now be saved to the phone

Torchbear is a free application for your Windows Phone and you can find it here at the Windows Phone Marketplace. You can also check in on torches and view a world map of Torchbear activity at the Torchbear website.


Reader comments

Torchbear gets updated, torches continue to circle globe


The proximity to torches should be increased. I dunno, maybe give extra points if you're within a mile of a torch but cap it at 10 or 20 miles but give less points? Nearest to me is 34km (about 24ish miles). I suppose I could make the trek... heh.All in all it's a cool app and I see some potential with it. Keep it up!

Thanks for the feedback. We are still playing around with what the best distance is and might make more updates in the next few weeks.We have done something similar to what you said around the pointsPlayers get the following points for unique torch exchanges.15 points if exchange is less than 1 mile10 points if exchange is less than 5 miles5 points if exchange is less than 10 milesYou can see the full details of the update here http://torchbear.blogspot.com/2011/11/first-torchbear-marketplace-update...Thanks for checking it out :)

Ah that's great! I sorta live in the middle of nowhere so fellow torchers aren't very plentiful. I hope it picks up more and more users. I have it pinned to start. Great work! :D

I'm also a lone torcher. It's a great app with an excellent concept, but the nearest torch to me is still 187 miles away, with the next one being 224 miles away.

We working on something special that will help the lone torches and get them in the game.Its going to be an exciting update.Torches have been pooping up in places we never could have imagined, if you can hang tight you will see how much cooler torchbear is about to get.