Torchbear version 1.5 update adds Live tile and major sharing improvements


Torchbear, the app that combines social networking and gaming, keeps growing and growing. The latest update greatly improves sharing features (important for such a social app), adds a new Live tile, and even performance enhancements.

Torchbear version 1.5 release notes:

  • MANGO Support including LIVE Tile Support & System Tray Progress control!
  • System Tray is now transparent which gives us more screen space!
  • You can now Luv, Lulz, Like or Dislike any torch update
  • You can now comment on any torch update on a torch you have previously held
  • Twitter Support - can now share any torch update with 1 click twitter sharing
  • Sharing - can now share any torch update on Linked-In, Twitter, Facebook, Windows Live, and Windows Hotmail
  • Improved Notifications (now supports live tile, also the in-app notification screen has improved)
  • Improved News, Local News, and My News pages
  • Speed Improvements
  • Uses less bandwidth
  • Bug Fixes

How do you guys like Torchbear these days? The 1.4 and 1.5 updates have really improved the interface and given the app an impressive level of visual polish. The nearest torch to me is 39 miles away, but users who live in big cities and areas in which Windows Phone thrives will likely have a great time with the app.

Torchbear is a free application for your Windows Phone and you can find it here on the Marketplace. You can also check in on torches and view a world map of Torchbear activity at the Torchbear website.

QR: Torchbear


Reader comments

Torchbear version 1.5 update adds Live tile and major sharing improvements


I think I would like it more if there were more torches for me to choose from.  It was fun at first, but my interest waned a long time ago.

I like this app! Just picked up a torch started in Germany, I live in Sweden. I wish people had better ideas when creating their torches though.

The article says that torchbear keeps growing, but I am having difficulties finding torches I haven't carried yet. I think there are not that many active users and the users usually don't move around a lot. But sometimes you see torches travelling really far and some torches have nice ideas. So I will stick with it for a while.