Torrex Pro adds download only over Wi-Fi option in latest update for Windows Phone 8.1

Torrex Pro

Torrex Pro has just picked up an update on Windows Phone. It's not a major update, but it makes one of our favorite BitTorrent apps on Windows Phone an even better option for those on limited data plans. Now you can set the app to download only over Wi-Fi.

Torrex Pro is a great BitTorrent client for Windows Phone 8.1. With the app you're able to download any torrent or magnet links. Background downloading is also supported with the app.

However, before today's update, you couldn't make the app only download over Wi-Fi. Which might be really bad for your limited data plan if you start a download at home and end up on your cellular network before it's over. That's an easy way to eat through your data plan.

Today's update, version, adds a 'only download over Wi-Fi' option that will make many of you happy. Small update, but makes it really handy.

Take Torrex Pro for a free spin and let us know what you think! It's available for Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1!

Thanks for the tip Sameer!

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Reader comments

Torrex Pro adds download only over Wi-Fi option in latest update for Windows Phone 8.1


How to get background downloading working though? The downloading seems to pause and resume everytime I go out and come back to app. There's no setting either.

WPcentral had that fact wrong in their last article about torrex as well. It's entirely possible (even likely) they've made the same mistake again. As far as I know WP doesn't have an API available to do so.

I'm having problems changing the destination folder in settings, just crashes! Plus I have two toggles for preventing the screen locking?! Anyone else? L1520

I recently downloaded an album (Music) using this app and when I went to play my music, all my music was gone except for the new album I just downloaded............back to wptorrent Pro for me :(

Very sad day

Does this manage torrent download to other locations besides the phone? Seems pointless having a torrent client with such a limited memory. No good for films.

It can download to an SD card..... I think what you're thinking of is a torrent "remote". This is a torrent client. :P

Yeah I am. Thanks. No SD card here. But how do you deal with fakes, poor quality rips and bad tagging? This is something I want to manage on my laptop before moving stuff to my phone.

I do it by not stealing movies off the internet and purchasing content legally... but I know I am not in good company syaing that around here...

Torrent apps with out support for proxy's are worthless - in my opinion.
It's one thing if you home ISP drops you be use you have alternatives, but what happens if your phone ISP drops you?
I'm sure there are other users for torrent apps, but it seems very narrow in focus.
That said, I do live using BitTorrent Sync to mirror folders from my PC to phone's SD card. :)

Does this one support torrent video streaming? Didn't really find anything in the description indicating that. I bought the pro version of wptorrent and that one has it.

Torrex is great! I've been using it on my Surface for a while and ended up getting it for free when it came out for WP as a universal app. I can download in the background on my Surface now, I love it and it's quite fast.

I'm unable to add download destination.whenever I try to choose destination ,the inbuilt file manager crashes.....plz help......L920

I like this app because is simple, looks fine and it runs in the background but when trying to download a lot of times I get an error that the file is unsupported but wptorrent downloads it no problem and yes the file is supported by WP OS

The background download of data doest work very well. Does it work for anyone else when the screen is locked? wptorrent downloads even when the screen is locked.