A Toshiba TG01 with Windows Phone 7 up for private sale

We know that the Toshiba TG01 is used by Microsoft and probably some testers elsewhere for running Windows Phone 7. Were they just for internal testing or was Toshiba experimenting with WP7? We'll probably never know why the Windows Mobile device was "upgraded" to WP7, but a few were. Though they are not as popular as the Asus dev phones, there's no reason to imagine that one would never turn up in private hands. And put up for sale..

That seems to the case at XDA, where an unknown forum member 'wp7tg01' is reportedly selling his. No specific price is set, but offers are being taken for the elusive device. But buyer beware, for one, no one knows this fella meaning there's no rep to judge his authenticity on. Number two, this is hardly the slam-dunk Windows Phone device that you can get for your hard earned money (remember, this hardware is 2+ years old!). From the description:

"The device is working properly, however the camera doesn't work with this ROM. It is carrier unlock, and I am only selling the device and battery without any accessories...You can make calls, surf the web, use Wifi, Marketplace, Xbox Live, the works."

Yeah, so the non-working camera kind of stinks as well as 4GB of storage. And we're not too confident on updating it to "Mango", though who knows at this point. No doubt we'd snag it up in a second but even we don't have that much money to spare. Cool relic though. And yes, we believe it's real too. See the video.

Source: XDA; Thanks, Alex, for the heads up!


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A Toshiba TG01 with Windows Phone 7 up for private sale


More or less I agree, but even for a ROM cooker I can't see how useful it would be. Not much can be gleaned from what is presumably an old build of the OS that's not fully functional.Sure, maybe they could get it to work on the remaining TG01's floating around, but that device was no where near as big as the HD2, so my bet would be little interest.

Interesting question Los, I managed to install it no problem on a device that Zune reported had only 480mb free (remember Zune always underestimates it) however the memory usage afterwards hadn't changed.I'd say you may need a little free space on your phone as the update installation needs to be copied to the device but once it's installed it doesn't really require any new space.That's possibly the least helpful answer I've given on this site but still I hope it's relevant to you!

Thanks Jay. I was just curious about it. I found it a bit weird that no one has mentioned mango's size. If MS really managed to make an update that massive with not much more space being used then that's some pretty damn efficient coding