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Touch-friendly version of Office reportedly headed to Android before Windows 8

A new report from ZDNet, citing unnamed sources, claims that Microsoft plans to launch touch-first versions of its Office apps for Android devices before the company releases similar apps for the Modern UI used in Windows 8.

The report states that Microsoft is currently planning to offer Android versions of Word, PowerPoint and Excel sometime before the end of 2014. It adds that Microsoft may not offer the Windows 8-Modern UI versions of those same apps until the spring of 2015. That also happens to be the same time frame the company is planning to launch the next major version of Windows, which may or may not be called Windows 9.

Officially, Microsoft is not commenting on these reports. However, from a business standpoint, it certainly makes sense to launch Office apps for Android products ahead of Windows 8, since they have a much bigger share of the mobile market. The apps will likely be free to download and will be able to read documents, but a paid Office 365 subscription will almost certainly be needed to create and edit documents in those apps.

Microsoft made the Office apps for Apple's iPad available in late March and in May the company announced that the apps had been downloaded 27 million times since the launch. The company has not commented on if it will launch versions of the Office apps for the smaller iPhone, although there is a version for Android phones, which recently went free.



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Touch-friendly version of Office reportedly headed to Android before Windows 8



If true, shame on Microsoft. If MS itself does not develop for its own platform first, what message are you giving to third party developers? Why would google make apps for WP or W8 if MS itself does not bother making them on time for its own devices? Economic sense or not, I am truly amazed at the bunch of morons running various MS divisons! Heck, it doesn't even make economic sense - Android users are a bunch of freeloaders - MS Office has ipad covered, which is where all the money is.

They've got a market thats maturing quickly w android and they need to get in it before people get used to alternatives.

Just personal experience running my own small business, you need to get into markets quickly. They screwed up by being late to the mobile front, they shouldnt compound that by not being the prefered productivity platform.

It also makes sense that they can jump users across platforms if they save everything in the cloud . Its all about how you get your foot in the door (having missed their first few opportunities).

Haven't you noticed what Microsoft has been doing lately?  They are de-emphasizing Windows and  more interested in providing MS services across other platforms.  Nokia X, Office of iPad and now Office for Android.  They are willing to risk the long term Windows success with the short term financial gains.  When it comes to IOS/OSX/Android, if you can't beat them, join them.

Well, that and the fact that most Windows 8 devices already have Office available (desktop) and hasn't every Windows Phone greater than 7 also included the Office hub? I mean really, what are we complaining about here. Using touch mode, the desktop version of Office really isn't that bad that we should be complaining in comparison to Android where for all intents and purposes you have nothing.

Basically.  We know the initial version will have some limitations Android users will put up with and Windows users would complain about mercilessly, because Windows users already have more capable alternatives with multiple versions of Desktop Office. Android users will be more likely satisfied with whatever they can get.  I went back to using Office 2010 because sorting large numbers of imbedded controls in Excel 2013 is excruciatingly slow. On an Atom powered Venue 8 pro, I switched to Excel 2000 to eliminate this problem. It can accomplish the same macros in 1/50th the time it takes Excel 2013. Windows users have options.

ZDnet may be hit and miss, but Mary Jo Foley is one of the best in the business and has been tracking the new versions of office very close. I don't read the articles on her site for fear of giving ZDnet the impression that they have something to offer the world, but I love listening to the Windows Weekly podcast with Mary Jo Foley and Paul Thurrott. Their humor is hit and miss, but their reporting on windows news is always reliable and even handed.

This is no's always been like this on W8 and WP. And I will always remind you guys that top Microsoft executives are all using iOS and Android...WP and W8 are just prototype devices to them. I don't remember the article but a Microsoft employee was working in a Windows 8 project on a Mac. With a picture like that on the web, what shows that these dudes take WP or Windows 8 platforms seriously?? We are just testers guys...accept it cuz I have thus this news doesn't surprise me at all.

That sounds like a BYOD model being put to good use. Letting employees use what they like while working on your projects. I don't see it as a reason to jump to conclusions as you did that we are all beta testers.

Holy ignorance. This comment makes absolutely no sense. How are you going to successfully build a device that you yourself don't use? How are you going to iterate and know what a device needs and how to implement if you don't use it? You really think top MS execs use something other than a Windows Phone? I work at MS retail store, have met a lot of top people at MS and haven't seen a single one with a non-WP. Side note to your comment. Its not even the slightest of a big deal that they're releasing Office apps for Android and iOS users that didn't have access to them already. We all on Windows have full blown Office apps and you're going to whine that we don't have these limited touch apps? Puhlease.

@Snazrael Can see you live in a fantasy world and believe what you see. Come to the light bro and see what's happening....don't be a kid .

What the hell dude?

Y.. You are the one who sounds living in a fantasy. This is bigger than your complaints about being left out as a "fan".

Business, Profits and ROI has been older than you and Microsoft all together -- they'll follow the money as expected, over your priorities.

Not watching, msft has a open policy when it comes to computing devices, whether mac or pc, as long as you get the job done. But 99.9% uses windows.

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Wouldn't someone at Microsoft working to develop an app for Apple users work on an Apple machine to test its functionality? A picture is worth a thousand words, the first of which are... "You're taking that out of context...".

True.  Most of the poeple I know with Macs have Windows installed on them.  They bought them a few years ago when ultrabook choices were much more limited that today.

Coffin builders don't use their own devices and the people who are using them are just testers? Well I guess grandpa has been testing long enough time to dig him out of the ground

Yea that's not true.  Every Microsoft person I work with has a Microsoft device (at leas while they are on the clock).


Confession: I've been using Office 2013 on Surface, Surface Pro, DV8P and Surface Pro 2... and I've never come across a time when the "real" Office isn't touch friendly... I have, however, found that iPad "touch optimized" version of Office to be missing many critical components that anyone in MSExpert program will notice instantly.

There's a button right there in the ribbon that's makes Office 2013 touch-friendly... and it's worked swell for me.

This. But I'm trying to leave the desktop so I welcome a ModernUI version with all the bells and whistles, not what iOS and Android have.

There is a Aplha version of Office for the modern UI. This is a viewer and not a full office suite on modern UI.

Makes sense? It doesn't make sense at all. They're just killing their own mobile OS's and supporting the competitions. Their own OS has no benefit anymore over the competition if they do this.

I agree, it doesn't make sense. Why not at least appease the people who use your product by launching on both platforms at the same time?

It's only for reading documents, i.e. it doesn't do nearly as much as the W/WP versions. I'm tired of the anti-WP comments. They're getting annoying. Has anyone ever heard of putting things into perspective? Clearly not.

You do realize that windows devices already have full office ( for free in the case of many tablets/hybrids) right? so obviously it makes sense to get all those android and ios users before they get used with some other inferior office replacement. By making it free only for viewing documents and forcing a subscription to actually do some work, it still shows users that the best experience is obviously on a windows machine.

Yup, make sense, even if I don't like it from a user and MSFT ecosystem fan.

You have to look at it form MSFT point of view, every Android device that doesn't have Office Touch is a device that will try alternatives, like Google Apps. It's also a Trojan Horse for Microsoft. it's a way to capture a user and then move them to the rest of the ecosystem.

Even if I agree with it, it doesn't stop from feeling being left behind by MSFT and the danger is for me to finaly let go and buy a non-MSFT device since all the services I like are well supported.

Actually I think Microsoft is working on a much better free Office app for the Windows Store, I SERIOUSLY THINK IT'S GONNA BE LIKE THE WINDOWS PHONE VERSION and EVEN BETTER. Stay calm microsofties, then you'll be able to say: hey, I've got Office for free because I use Windows, and you? - Obviously, it's gonna be a basic editing app, but it's way better than just a viewer like iOS and Android, and you'll be able to improve it with a subscription I guess.

Oh right ¬_¬, lets go laughing through our sorrows. "Ha..Ha..Ha.." :] :) :/ :| :( :[
But deep within us, we all know that this is not good.

I see the Touch Office is the badly needed crutch for W8 Modern UI.  MS should first lead by example to aggressively publish apps for the Modern UI by converting their bread'n butter Office for W8 first.  The Desktop sure does have full version of Office.  But that is not the point.  Promoting W8 Modern UI should be their top priority.  They can worry about competitors' bad legs later after W8 is taken care of first.  The public perception is that MS has put more emphasis on IOS/Android becasue they are more sucessful.  That is where the money is.  Windows 8 can wait. As a reality, the Office for iPad and the IOS8 will certainly help Apple to penetrate enterprises where MS is also targeting too.  No wonder Tim Cook said 'Thank You, Microsoft'.

Wrong, they are a devices and services company and their devices are second class citizens to their rivals!!!!

All I gotta say is, the Windows version better be better. If it's like other apps and weaker on their own platform... Game over.

Exactly, Google keeps fucking over Windows and WP users by not providing their apps for Microsoft platforms and what do Microsoft do give all their apps to Android first!!!

Get your act together Microsoft, if you want your platforms in the number one spot then you have to say screw Apple and Google and provide for your platforms first.

I don't think Microsoft wants to screw over their services just to get a little bump in platform market share.

So their dedicated users mean nothing to them? Because we continue to get services after the other platforms, and in some cases, even inferior.

If it means that they'll lose millions by having people not pay for Office? Um... no, I don't think their dedicated users are worth millions of dollars.

Remeber the Remote Desktop app that all other platforms got before WP, that's another example of Microsoft putting other platforms above their own and then they wonder why their market share isn't higher.

Office Gemini better be something damn special if it ever gets around to being released!!!

What do you mean? That RDP app was meant be primarily used on tablets, not phones. Last time I checked, Windows 8 was the first to get the app. The RDP app for Android and iOS was meant to be used on Android tablets and iPads and only came to WP after the outcry from users.

And his point was that your example doesn't make a lot of sense. 


The FULL version of MS office is available on Windows 8/RT and always has been.  The touch version will be nice to have as an option, but it doesn't make sense to act like we are the last to get office.  The touch version is really only going to be useful for casual viewing compared to the full version that we aready have.

--Wrote this below---

Let me put this into perspective:

Are you able to use Desktop Office in your Laptop and Tablet? Yes.

Arm Windows:
Are you able to use Arm Office in your Tablet? Yes.

Therefore, you have plenty of solutions.

Releasing Office Touch isn't going to make you productive all of a sudden; or even any more than the current solutions available.

The impact of Users not being able to use Office Touch is probably considered very minimal at this point.

On the other hand, not releasing Office for Android means none of these Users can experience it -- Google seems to be doubling down on their Text App. It makes sense for Microsoft to follow the money instead of prioritizing Windows that is already covered.

So you don't want the Windows ecosystem to gain market share?

The problem is that Surface users were promised a touch optimised version of Office ages ago and in that time they released the iOS version and soon the Android version will be released. Don't you see how much of a kick in the teeth it is when their own platforms are treated as second class citizens?

Windows already has had it's fair chance -- Office was ported to Arm and we have all been able to use it since it's inception.

If the demand for Arm Office was great, you can bet Microsoft would have continued pouring money into it.


As I have stated on other comments, Windows & Tablets have options: Windows for Desktop & Arm versions -- If tomorrow Microsoft's profit were to dip due to Office not performing well, you should know Satya can be fired for ignoring the other platforms.

Shareholders do not care about whether if you are taking care of the current Users while ignoring the outside market.

Not really.  People that actually care liked Google services and Android because it was "open".  Android got to the #1 spot by being the only competitor to overpriced Apple mobile products at the time.  Most of the Android phones in the world are forks that don't really tie back to Google anyway.

They will keep on using Google apps till they shrivel up and fall over. The Android versions will require a subscription to come any where close to the full office. I could not care less that Android gets it this year, but am disappointed we will wait a year. However, with WP and RT merging in the next version (or at least sharing even more code) we have to assume that is the biggest reason for the release strategy. We likely will be pleasantly surprised what we see in 2015 on phone and Surface/touch devices.

Yeah, I guess consumers should consider buying an iPad first, then Android, and then maybe consider a Windows tablet.

Ironically, thats the order I went through to end up with a Windows tablet.

Cripple? I prefer OneNote proper to the Modern app (and I don't dislike Modern apps - I just prefer the rich client here). Many Windows 8 users already have easy access to rich client apps, and don't hurt near as bad for Modern versions as the Android folks. Sales to Android customers is extra money for Microsoft. What goes around, comes around.

I agree, jg. I've noticed that "touch friendly" is synonomous with "truncated features." I need all the functionality of the desktop apps. I know I'm in the minority when there are so many people out there who think Google Docs is a word processing app, but to me, it's a web-based equivalent of Notepad.

In no big rush for the truncated features version of Office. Let the Androidites discover life beyond Google.

Agreed.  Touch friendly, by definition, requires a limited experience simply because you can't fit every option into a complex app without making the UI so small that it's no longer touch friendly.


It's so ironic that people are complaining that Windows users are the last to get office.  Really?  We have had office on office for more than 20 years.  The watered down touch version is really only needed for mini-sized tablets, but even then I use my Dell Venue Pro 8 with desktop office all the time without issue.

Microsoft has to finish the merger between WindowsPhone and WindowsRT before they start coding a mess of different apps. Plus, this continues to entice Android users away from Google Docs and back onto the MS office suite of products.

While initially this doesn't appear to make sense, it's a sound strategy. Otherwise, MS will have to recode the software again for WindowsPhone and whatever they decide to call the rebranded RT.

Wtf what is wrong with you MS. Everybody else could than use touch friendly office instead Microsoft users? This is big bullshit.

People say it make sense, but it doesnt really! Microsoft should be working on making the best experiences available on Windows devices, how else do they expect people to switch when they can get everything on their existing devices and more often than not in a more polished state too.

This is getting annoying now

They're selling the software because that's what they do. We get it free on our Windows phones and tablets (mostly) and that hasn't really sparked demand. Face it... We're niche compared to iOS and Android and in order for MS' software and services to remain relevant and profitable (so they can continue pouring money into Windows phone and Bing) they're going to have to also cater to the mainstream.

I can see why they would want to do it (Office 365 subscriptions etc) but then whats the point of them adverstising of Windows 8 tablets or Windows Phone and specifically saying that they run Office, (look at Nokias twitter, they make a big deal of Windows Phone being able to edit Office docs etc.) when the competition can also edit Office files better than Windows. If they want to stop being a niche then they need a proper diferentiator!

I refuse calling the use of Office "niche" Windows still dominates serious production on PCs. Using Macs for desktop publishing is a niche. Using Windows PCs for all your business needs is core productivity.

I never called Office niche. I'm obviously referring to Windows Phone and tablets as niche because of our tiny market share.

If there were no option for Office on RT or other Windows tablets, I would be more upset, but there is a very functional version of office - a version that is arguably more feature packed than what is available for iOS or Android. Its not full metro, but its very functional to hold us over until the metro version arrives. iOS and Android users have nothing.

Still, it further cements in consumers minds that everything comes to iOS first, Android second, and Windows maybe.

I hope this comes with Google reciprocating by way of apps for Windows Phone. I'd definitely give them a pass on this one if that were the case.

What on earth can Google offer WP users that we don't have better already? Sorry, but I'll take Excel over Google Sheets all day long.

No, just no. Why would people support Microsofts OS if Microsoft doesn't support it's own OS? This is unacceptable.

While I know it makes sense from a business standpoint, it does still suck. The very least they could do is launch a Win8 version simultaneously, but none of us are behind the scenes to see what goes into it. Hopefully the versions we get will in the end be vastly superior.

Will the Office on WP8/8.1 ever get a useful update? (ie one that lets its version of Excel handle even simple functions such as DATEDIF).

That could explain it then.. but surely the least they could do for it is make the sheet throw up an error instead of just rendering the entire file read-only when used on the phone?  It's quite a useful function.

Oh boy... #Prepareforthecommentsection!

FYI... Although Microsoft owns Windows, there are business cases that define the need to prioritize certain Platforms before their in-house solutions.

It is no surprise to me.
I think most would reckon a day where they are meeting the need of their Users, but if the money isn't there and Profits tank... You are more likely to see a fired CEO.
Unlike most of us, his job is to find growth and profit above all else.. Even if it means by-passing their own products.

Apple is able to do so because that has always been their business model -- they make money by limiting availability to their platform, not the other way around.

-Just my two cents.

It makes sense to support other platforms with software, yes. It doesn't make sense to give your competitors a key app that you don't have on your own platform.

Such a bad way to go about things. There's nothing wrong with an iOS or Android version of office, but for them to get it first instead of before Windows 8 or at the very least the same time as Windows 8 is a hugely stupid mistake since it shows everyone that even MS considers W8 a second class citizen.

Nooooo, everybody loves Satya. I like him too, but he could get on his people and make them at least release office touch for W8 & WP8 at the same time or before. However this is only speculation right now

Let me put this into perspective:

Are you able to use desktop office in your Laptop and Tablet? Yes.

Arm Windows:
Are you able to use Arm Office in your Tablet? Yes.
Therefore, you have plenty of solutions.

Releasing Office Touch isn't going to make you Productive all of a sudden; or even any more than the current solutions available.

The impact of Users not being able to use Office Touch is probably considered very minimal at this point.

On the other hand, not releasing Office for Android means none of these Users can experience it -- Google seems to be doubling down on their Text App. It makes sense for Microsoft to follow the money instead of prioritizing Windows that is already covered.

It's not a full version. You can only read documents. That's it. I'd rather have a full-fledged version of Office for free than an app that only reads documents.

This doesn't bother me too much, but what really doesn't make sense is that if Office for Touch truly is what's holding MS back on releasing a Surface Mini, then why wait until next year? That's a long time from now, and we'll likely have at least a new iPad Mini and Nexus device before then, and maybe even a new Kindle device.

Anyway..."unnamed sources" + ZDNet + Something that could be seen as a negative for Microsoft= take it with a grain of salt.

This is probably the final nail in the coffin for me now. The late whatsapp debacle, XBOX music total fuckup amongst many other things now this. I may come back 2016 but MS are getting further behind now

I'm starting to lose faith. I don't care that Android users get it first. What I hate is that the Windows version gets pushed back. Office on WP is outdated and they did promise us universal apps.
Also where are the people saying that WP 8.1 should've actually been called WP 9? Looks like IOS 8 stole all the glory.

Probably we can start the hashtag #MSofficewithLoveWindows8.1 #touchoptimized. We might get a chance to get Beta 3 months after the launch.

Couldn't understand the logic, how would Devs will red carpet (I.e. Simultaneous) launch, when we ourselves keep us in next to secondary..

Long live! Makes no sense at all..

Ok I get the whole making sure your services are available on every platform thing (though Google and Apple don't do that) but make sure they're on your OWN platform before handing them out to your competitors! It sends a terrible message to consumers when you deliver a better product to your competitors' customers than your own customers.

I agree that Windows ARM isn't getting enough attention from M$.. but at least it has office and better keyboard and mouse than android. (and it's FREE) Since keyboard mouse is bad on android unless you have the Asus transformer... It makes sense for them to get office .. since they don't have office at all and windows RT does.

Let's be realistic. The only MS users actually being screwed here are RT users. Apparently there aren't enough of us to matter.

Except that there is now one less reason for anyone to switch to Windows tablets. If they made this available to windows first, they might have a better chance of getting people to jump from Android to windows and this creating more draw for third party developers. I think office could easily be a catalyst for huge growth in the mobile space for Microsoft/Windows devices

Not true. I have Office 2013 on my Venue 8 Pro. Even set to touch mode it is TERRIBLE to use with touch. It is almost impossible to use effectively. I will pretty much have to get a mouse connected to use it and then I practically have to have a stand of some sort for the tablet. Hell, I'd gladly take the gimped RT version over trying to use the desktop app with a touch screen. It is the x86 Windows tablet users who are the ones getting screwed.

Not true. I have Office 2013 on my Venue 8 Pro. Even set to touch mode it is TERRIBLE to use with touch. It is almost impossible to use effectively. I will pretty much have to get a mouse connected to use it and then I practically have to have a stand of some sort for the tablet. Hell, I'd gladly take the gimped RT version over trying to use the desktop app with a touch screen. It is the x86 Windows tablet users who are the ones getting screwed. You know, the ones they are trying to woo with the likes of the Surface Pro 3.

It may just be my ignorance, but I no longer see the advantage of my Surface RT over an Android tablet (at least for me). Now that Android has Office, why stick with Windows RT? Responses gladly welcomed. (The type-touch keyboard and built in kickstand are pretty cool though).

Android tablets have a severely limited Office app. By severely limited, I mean that it can only read documents. Windows tablets can do anything with the document.

Microsoft is the only company I know of that will put top notch products on competitors platforms before their own. I don't think that is very cool.

I disagree that this makes completely good business sense, at least not for its Windows and Devices teams. This only benefits the Office team. This is one less reason for someone/companies to use/switch to Windows tablets.

Im sure the fact that we can all run a FULL copy of Office on our tablets was part of the decision to support windows metro last.  It makes sense to me.  And honestly, I don't even feel the desire for a touch-Office when I'm running a full version, even on my 8" tablet. 


And ironcially, talking in the business world, I know many iPad users that are jealous of *us*, being able to run FULL office.  So it's all in how you look at it.

Once again, no it doesn't make sense. When you give people no reason to switch, they won't switch. Furthermore, Google refuses to play nice with Microsoft and this is the reward? We keep giving them quality apps while Google cries like a little bitch about an awesome YouTube app that Microsoft makes?

The world didn't collapse with the launch of Office for iPad, so I think we'll be okay with it on Android too, since the Windows version will be superior anyway.

This is a GOOD decision on Microsoft's part.  Office is a huge business for them and they need to protect that product category first.  Android is the dominate mobile operating system and would be a huge win to get the touch friendly Microsoft Office suite on Android as soon as possible before Google Docs makes any further inroads.  For all the millions of phones and more importantly Android tablets that businesses have to be able to utilize a version of a full Microsoft Office is crucial.  The revenues they can bring in from this could be enormous and will keep Office being the dominate business productivity suite for the world. 

Well done Microsoft!  I was worried Office wouldn't be coming for Android which would have been a dire mistake.  For us on Windows....we already have the best form of Office known to man.  The touch version will be here soon enough, Spring 2015 along side Windows 9 most likely (coincidentally). 

And as usual the wait, wait, wait... i dont mind them releasing office to android. But, why cant they release even to wp at the same time or at least 1 day ahead...? Never mind we shall continue to wait

I think it's good, that they try to make their programs available on more plattforms then just Windows (even if Windows is the best, muhahaha^^) but are they serious? Even if Android has more marketshare and it makes sense because of that, why the hell they do it for other plattforms first before making it for their own? I don't get it, before playing some saint they should do something about/for their plattform first, before doing it for others.

Yeah, but imagine a full office that was touch friendly. What a catalyst that would be to start moving people to Windows tablets

Windows users? Maybe Windows Phone users, but not Windows. This is a new world for Microsoft. I wouldn't worry about it. Making money on Office (and Office 365) is more importan than supporting their own platform. This wasn't always the way it was. Microsoft would only support things that supported the company as a whole. Even if it was crappy software. Look where that has gotten them. They are strong in servers (corporate, lesser on Internet) and desktop, but they missed on mobile. 

It could work out for them anyways. If they have a good mobile OS, then people will use it and they won't have to figure out how to port documents to it when they make the switch. Microsoft will have to compete on quality not marketing. It will be good for the market. 

I will admit it is kinda fun to watch Microsoft fans scream. It is nice to be on the other side. I've been using LInux since the mid-90's. There has been a saying in the world of Linux that if Microsoft ever ported Office to Linux, then Linux truly had gained world domination. Android is powered by Linux. So it appears that hell froze over.

oh, nice title John Callaham! yeah click bait controversy sensationalist articles are the best! is this becoming the new Neowin? yay!

also why do people get so hurt by this? do you know you have FULL productive office in windows? even RT users have it. "but it's not touch" yeah, but it will not have the same features anyway. do you know you can design full vector stuff in Word? do you think you can do the same in a limited mobile version? even "code writer" would work if I wanted to write something in my tablet.

so why people complain about this? just to complain? oh yeah that's expected.
how many people use OneNote desktop vs Win8 app one??... I like both OneNote but it's not a secret win8 version is limited, and now OneNote is free in desktop, it's obvious what would be a better option.

so again, why complain when you can have full office? because you can't touch it well enough? well... it's still a dumb reason to want a limited version vs a full one.
People complain like if there was no already a full productive version in Windows and as a Webapp which is free.
some people just love to complain... it's funny.

I will go and complain Lightwave or Autodesk or Maxon or the foundry for not giving me an amazing touch 3d software because it must give me the best experience in my tablet, it doesn't matter if I lose features and it's limited as long as I can touch it good with my fingers. yeah it makes sense /s

Its good for the the android, but if they want to edit the documents it requires subscription. Lol. What is the use then!
Point of launching is to enable the user to switch geniuinly if android user care... Lol.

This is making me worried as to what's going to happen to "Nokia" phones.... Nokia putting it's customers first, Microsoft putting everyone else first! It's all downhill from now eh?...

Personally I'd rather have the full featured office 2013 on my surface than the touch version

One Microsoft: we release products for competitors platform before our own platform. what kind of strategy is this !

Wait, how does it make sense from a business standpoint to support other platforms first? Are you saying Android users won't use Microsoft's software if Windows users were to recieve these updates first? Because I don't think it would make the least bit of difference to them. I wouldn't even mind if Microsoft released updates to everyone at the same time. But this is frankly bullshit and a little tiring. If the latest and greatest that Microsoft have to offer is on iOS and Android then I don't see why I should stick around. There's no reason for me to recommend Windows devices to others. I love my WP and I was very interested in picking up a Surface but I'm seriously considering jumping ship when my upgrade rolls around. In fact, unless MS decides to stop treating their users like second class citizens then I'm definitely bailing.

Android people.  Not Chrome OS.  Windows Phone & iOS already have it, this is just for Android in general.  Not that big of a deal imo.  We will get Win8.1 Touch version soon enough.

Case in point, i needed to create a presentation in PowerPoint on a recent train journey. Did i take my iPad with touch office? No i took my RT as it is superior for document creation

Microsoft's approach makes it more and more appealing for me to ditch my WP for Android or iOS. They got more apps and I can keep using MS apps. I like Windows, but they need to pay attention to it. Office should have had a touch version on Windows right at the release of Windows 8.

Actually it's sort of the way around , I think this Microsoft's new strategy whiich quite similar to google's strategy at the beginning of android . A get people on other platforms to use and like your products , B get them to switch to your slightly or even quite inferior products with cheap prices and some strong brands ( or else nobody with half brain hemisphere would buy a chromebook the only thing that's actually worse than  netbook not to mention the privacy issues which threaen any meaning of independance ) ,C work on your own platforms to get them better , as people will grow soft to them ( cause due to the time lapse between them and competing products they will be inferior I mean WP and windows were only released after 4 and 5 of the first version of ios not to mention the horrible limitations on WP 7.0 ,7.5 heck even 8.0 )  D . slow down your development to competing platforms to grow the gravity of your own platforms .E . Let the monopoly begin.
But the analogy to google has a clear difference when it comes to microsoft because they have more and better experience buildinbg better OSes ( no matter how much you compare android is a 5 year old toy when compared to the full windows , WP not so much , still windows kicks ass inn aesthetics ), and microsoft has the mosr renown and beloved software on the face of the plant ( Spoiler alert : not windows :p ..).. OFFICE , the key to bringing people to the microsoft ecosystem, than to MS platforms , paired with a very strong brand in mobile phone world ( expecpt the US) Nokia : I hate admitting this but I'll probably buy anything with nokia on it ( I mean it went broke because unlike samsung , people won't actually have to reby the phones they love but destroyed ,becasue it's gonna take a lot of effort to scratch them) , I do admit there's a little bit of inconsistency to MS handling it's own platform , but with ONE MS plan , and a new kick ass CEO, that should be resloved soon  , I mean in two , three years now , heck we could hear of the anti trust case vs MS because it's a "monopoly"( Which is total BS considering what google is doing right now , MS really needs to get google's lawyers , and advertising, pretty  much the real advantages google have with samsungs upcoming stab in the back named Tizen ) .
If you read all this than  you're really patient ,  1up super reader ;) .

I've read the whole post :). Your opinion makes sense, but it means that it's a pain to wait for the last phase. So maybe you're better off with another platform in the meantime. 

Microsoft is killing own platforms. Takes advantages of Windows and implement it to iOS and Android. Definitely good short term business. For long term will decrease Microsoft competitiveness in hardware.

Lets face the facts now.. If you were already using an iPad or decent android tablet, you were never going to switch to a windows tablet just for Office. You were too busy being cool, playing with fart apps. Anyway, I'm happier using the familiar "full" MS office suite on my Surface 2 which is flawless with touch cover.

I mean, from a Logical standpoint. Windows and Windows Phone has always had a version of Office available. Android and iOS did not. It makes sense to make the "touch friendly" Offices on those first and then on Windows because it already has Office.

And my guess is that the reason for the delay is because they are working to make it a Universal app that scales well.

While this is good from a revenue perspective no doubt, but at what cost. Recently they removed office 365 subscription to IOS and android making office on these platforms at par with windows phone. Hence where is the differentiator? The stand out feature for windows phone. Further we talk abt windows phone 8.1 so much as an awesome update but it removes the biggest feature of windows phone 8. multiple posting to social networks via me tile. Now in windows phone the apps are still not that great compared to IOS and android, removed some windows phone exclusive features like me tile functionaliy and now office is for androind and IOS and that too completely free like windows phone. Honestly I think microsoft's commitment to the platform is looking questionable , I am not sure if this is going to end up pretty much like nokia's Ngage!

Lastly where is the bloody official youtube app? MS gives office to android but receives no love from google.......this is really stupid.

No,I don't agree with releasing it to other OS users first, unless whatever they get first we get free.

Don't know why anyone would be surprised. They pretty much all but said this would be the case already. I don't like it any more than anyone else, but it is what it is and we'll get ours soon enough.

Means no Surface Mini before 2015 :/?! Hope we won't have to pay for Office Touch when it finally arrives!

Not unusual. Microsoft has been building and releasing for android and IOS for a while now.  They are much bigger platforms and will stand to make the greatest amount of dollars for MS. Blackberry even builds for those platforms before Windows so might as well get used to seeing this. 

I understand the market share argument and that they need to prioritize that, but I'm also wondering if it may be harder to develop for Windows/WP.

Not harder almost the same but, people don't waste their time because of market share. They feel they're profitable with iOS and Android. Plus they both use HTML5 also so that's a major difference

The Office Mobile experience on the iPad makes the native Windows Phone device look like Office Mobile is foreign. I wish Windows would bring that experience of fullness and functions to Windows Phone. On my girlfriends Android the Word Documents are identical to my desktop format. On my Windows Phone looks identical to Notepad format.

- Ass Backwards