Travel in style. Unofficial Uber app arrives for Windows Phone.

Uber towncar

Personally, we zip around the busy streets of Manhattan on our motorcycle because lane-splitting is the bomb but for the rest of you, especially those who sport a monocle, Uber may be more your cup of tea.

What's Uber (www.uber.com)? It's an on demand car service that's present in many cities including Manhattan, San Francisco, Boston, LA, Chicago and more. And by on-demand we mean you can use your phone to pin point your location, send an SMS and a driver will come ferry you away to your cigar club, opera or Taco Bell all the while shouting "Oh Belvedere!". All charges (including tips) are automatically billed to your credit card making this quite convenient for the leisure class.

WP Central

The service has an iPhone and Android app but alas, nothing for Windows Phone. Now, developer FremontFidelity has put one on the Windows Phone Marketplace for free and it's quite nifty.

There's not much to it really. It pinpoints your location via GPS, translates that into a street address and then texts the Uber service with the info. You can also cancel your ride ($10 charge) all with the convenient touch of a button. In essence, the app is just shortcuts to these services and makes us wonder why Uber can't make an app.

Regardless, Uber towncar is free and gets the job done. We should note before you use the app you need to sign up at the Uber site and create an account.

Pick up Uber towncar here in the Windows Phone Marketplace. Thanks, Amir, for the tip

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Travel in style. Unofficial Uber app arrives for Windows Phone.


Funnily enough, Brent Spiner just tweeted this morning how many 'good rides' he had taken recently while traveling - by using Uber :-)

Thanks for the kind words Daniel. This whole app took a few hours for me to throw together, so you're right to ask why the Uber team hasn't done it themselves. Even I would like to see an official app with all the features that I couldn't expose through the minimal text message interface. 
Instead they suggest that WP7 customers use their mobile website which doesn't have any location awareness. Far less slick than the experience on other phones.