Trine's Hangman updated and gets a price reduction

Trine's Hangman for Windows Phone

If you like playing word games on your Windows Phone, Trine's Hangman is one of the best out there. It's a simple game of hangman that is graphically well presented and you compete against other players around the world for global ranking. You have Wikipedia integration, achievements, and free ringtones. The game also has one of the best video trailers out there (see below).

The new version of Trine's Hangman, v1.20, is designed to make the game more user and budget friendly. The update makes the game more user friendly by making the ads less frequent, appearing after every eight words completed instead of after every three. Trine's is also more budget friendly for those who don't want ads with the price dropping down to $.99.

Along with updating Trine's Hangman, Gydar Industries is also focusing on a new game (no details as of yet) that will be both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 compatible. The new game will support seamless play between the PC and Windows Phone. So you can play on the go and continue where you left off on your computer when you get home.

Again, if you like word games you need to give Trine's Hangman a try. Trine's Hangman comes in two versions. You have Trine's Hangman with is a free, ad-supported version that you can find here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.  

You also have Trine's Hangman Pro which has a trial version that is identical to the full version but is ad supported. The ad free version of Trine's Hangman Pro is now running $.99 and well worth the buck investment. You can find Trine's Hangman Pro here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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Reader comments

Trine's Hangman updated and gets a price reduction


I actually just (2 minutes ago) discovered a bug right now.
I got an alert from my web-server, that someone had tried to create a player with blank password...which should not be possible.
Seems like some special-characters in username/password do not reach the server, so if you are unable to create a playername...you might want to drop some special-characters like "&" or "=".
I will of course fix this in the next update. 
I have seen this log-message on my server only 2-3 times in almost two years, so I guess it isn't too many people who experience this when creating a playername :)

So can we not pick a person to play online? If I wanted to play my wife over the Net? Is this cross platform, available to droid and apple fools? TIA.

This game does not support one-on-one play online, it does however have one-on-one localy on one phone, and a "play against the world"-mode.
And no it is not cross-platform, just WP7...or "exclusive for WP7" as I like to say it :)
Not because I have anything against Android or iOS. I  just have way too little spare-time to support multiple platforms. I hope to be able to turn "multi-platform" sometime in the future though.
I am working on a new word-puzzle-game, which will support one-on-one, and party mode (lots of friends in one game).
That game will also be cross-platform, but only between Windows 8 (PC) and Windows Phone (at least, they will be supported first).
That game will also support that each player jump between phone and PC within the same round.

All hail to Ronny. He made some great apps for winmo too:) if you ever go to Norway and need to use public transport you should use his apps. Pure quality!