Trivia Buff, a cornucopia of facts for your Windows Phone

Trivia Buff

If you're looking for a healthy source of trivia facts take a look at the Windows Phone app Trivia Buff.

Trivia Buff taps into Reddit for the facts and each factoid is verified and has a corresponding article in support. Facts can be shared and Trivia Buff has Live Tile support to display facts throughout the day.

Trivia Buff

Trivia Buff's layout has two main pages. One listing the new facts for the day and the other to list your favorite trivia facts.

The trivia facts are updated daily and in tapping on an individual factoid you'll pull up the corresponding article which you can tag as a favorite, share via Twitter or Facebook and email to friends.

There's really not much to Trivia Buff other than a healthy supply of trivia facts. You can find out that the Black Death plague skipped Poland as well as discovering that armadillos can inflate their stomach to float across water. Overall, Trivia Buff isn't too shabby of an app.

Trivia Buff is a free, ad-support app for your Windows Phone 7.x and 8 devices. You can find Trivia Buff here in the Windows Phone Store.

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Reader comments

Trivia Buff, a cornucopia of facts for your Windows Phone


So? Don't download them. But don't whine about developers who choose to earn their money by giving you a free app and putting an ad in it.

Do you really believe that I do download them, when I clearly stated that I don't like these kind of apps? That was just my opinion and I didn't mean to offend anyone. And it is of course a good thing that there is actually a paid version, but it wasn't mentioned in the article...

Great app!! Anyways, does anybody else fell a thumping when moving, or shaking, their 920 back and fourth? It feels like the battery in mine is moving around slightly.. Nothing major, but I can feel it, and it doesn't feel right.. I can't say I remember it doing this before, but maybe I never noticed it.. ????????

Yes! I have handed my phone to other people too see if they can feel it as well. I feel it when I shake it along its horizontal axis. Weird. I suspect the battery as well.

Technically a factoid is something thought to be true but is usually not true. Only recently has it entered the lexicon to mean a small piece of true trivia. So my question is this...are we getting the old school factoids or the new school factoids and if we get the old school can we report them as untrue in the app?

I love this app. Been using it for a few weeks now and I find myself browsing it every day. Oh, and use the big wide tile on the start screen to see the latest post.