Turbo Camera framing up a bit of success on the Marketplace

Turbo Camera for Windows Phone

Some time ago we reviewed the Windows Phone camera app Turbo Camera. It's an app that brings a rather fun burst mode to your Windows Phone camera that can capture images at a rate as high as thirty frames per second. Since our review, the app has climbed to the top twenty apps in the Marketplace and is currently the number one camera app in the Marketplace. Turbo Camera is available in twenty-nine Marketplace countries and is doing rather well in each.

Turbo Camera

Along with its popularity and success, Turbo Camera has also seen a few updates improving performance and bringing new features to the table. The latest update, version 1.7, adds the following features to Turbo Camera.

  • Create animated GIF videos from your pictures
  • Backup your video to SkyDrive
  • Share your videos via email
  • Improved thumbnail resolution on export.

The one feature I like about Turbo Camera is after you've captured a few hundred frames, you get to choose which images are saved to your Pictures Hub. You also can select which camera resolution you want to use as well. Just keep in mind, the higher the resolution the fps may slow down a tad.  On the Nokia Lumia 900 I was able to get in the neighborhood of 15-20 fps at max resolution.  The HTC Titan II, at max resolution, was about 1.5 frames slower. 

There is a free trial version available for Turbo Camera that won't let you save any photos but will give you a feel for the app. The full version of Turbo Camera is running $1.99 and you can grab it all here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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Reader comments

Turbo Camera framing up a bit of success on the Marketplace


This is one awesome app. Well worth the $1.99.
Heading off the complaints... Yes, people, animated GIFs are grainy. That's what happens when full color has to be reduced to a 256-color palette.

I was at a birthday party, the kid was about to blow out the candles. Standing next to a couple iPhone 4s everyone is getting to shoot their pic. I rattle off a whole string of photos using this app. It sounded like a machine gun. The ladies next to me with their iPhones go shat the heck is that? Of course I had to answer its a Windows Phone with turbo camera. You got that? (insert evil laugh). I ended up sending them the exact shot they wanted. Man, talk about being smoked by Windows Phone. Ben would be proud.

Great story! Love it, same thing I did at work, everyone was amazed and in awe! Yes, Ben should really be proud!

what about AEB? i been waiting for a app that can take three different exposure levels with a single shot. i hate having to go into setting and manually setting it.

The article suggests 15-20 fps ar max resolution on a lumia 900. On my lumia 800 I'm only getting about 1.5 fps at max resolution. Any other lumia 800 users have comparison figures?

Turbocamera sure has come a long way since this version in which we only had 640x480 res..
Now we have Res Options, Great Support, has many asked for Resolution options.
A must have Option for catching those moments on film. And Showing off the power of Windows Phones has well..

Turbo Camera tries to capture frames as fast as possible for selected resolution. Currently 640x480 offers best overall performance and suites to email/sharing perfectly, so it is the default resolution at app startup. You can easily chance camera res between all supported from settings page.
GIF video resolution is adjustable from settings page too, but is limited to 256 colore by gif standard itself.

Thanks for the info. The reason I ask is that on my lumia 800 I get about 15 fps at 640x480 burst mode, but selecting *any* other resolution reduces the fps to about 1.5 fps. That's 10 times slower... Is that right?

Our best fps with Lumia 800 was 32,4 captures in one second (pointing the sun, burst mode, yuv). Lumia 900 is even faster.

yea, I can get close to 30fps in butt mode on my 800 too. Is it right that it drops to under 1.5 fps with any other resolution?

Yes, resolutions other than burst misure lower fps due to different image size and camera memory management/access. It depends on the phone/camera specific model too.
For example Lumia 900 is faster than his small brother 800 at all resolutions even if they share many hardware components. Best thing is to benchmark all WP models at various resolutions and share the results :)

Awesome app. Had a BBQ today and used it while my kids jumped on the trampoline. Lots of fun. Great app for the price.

I use the app regularly. Max resolution 4:3 aspect it is 0.5 fps. Min resolution an outstanding 50 fps on lumia 900. That is a hundred times faster. i use the highest res always unless i want to show off to someone.

Hector, how was your best ever fps in burst mode with your 900 (focus a shining sky or a direct light source to push capture rate to max) :) ?

Turbo Camera does not apply any filter to camera image data, in order to maximize fps.
You can change image resolution and capture rate from settings page, but image quality depends on your phone specific camera model only. Next updates will include a post-capture image editing tool, so you will be able to adjust some image settings too.