Turkish tech magazine fires Lumia 920 Windows Phones into space

Chip magazine, reportedly among the most popular technology resources in Turkey, has carried out an interesting test with the Lumia 920. The test has seen the Nokia Windows Phone sent into space. This isn't the first time the device has been used in the name of science as a Finnish retailer previously fired a handful up into space. So what's new in this experiment, compared to the one carried out in 2012?

The team from the magazine created a box and sent it up in to the atmosphere. The box itself contained the following items:

  • one camera to record lumia 920 lumia
  • one lumia 920 (located outside the box and exposed to all conditions on the trip)
  • one lumia 920 (inside the box to record downside view outside the box)
  • gps tracker (to calculate exactly where it lands)
  • extra chargers for the phones

The box was attached to a balloon and was released on April 2nd, 2013. As the balloon reached 20,000 meters the GPS signal were lost and the team had to wait until contact was re-established. After a period of 30 minutes the balloon exploded and the box began free-falling to Earth. The kit landed at 12:47, but more importantly, it's noted that the Lumia Windows Phone was able to function at -70 Celsius, recording the action.

Much like the previous experiment, the Lumia 920 is shown to display serious strength against the climb and subsequent drop to and from the edge of space. While the average consumer doesn't plan to send their Windows Phones in to space, it's a superb sight and the results of the device continuing to function in such harsh environments. 

Source: Chip Online, YouTube; thanks, Kubilay, for the translation and tip!


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Turkish tech magazine fires Lumia 920 Windows Phones into space


No comparison, NL920 would auto-win. In fact, that's what they should call every WP phone from now on; Auto-Win.

I can't imagine these experiments are not conducted using either iPhone or Android phones but since we're not seeing any videos appear on this I would assume the results are not that great  }:^> 

Ill translate what they say a little later on... Im glad fellow turks have great taste in mobile phones.
Bir ben, bir turkiyem.

You have your work cut out for you. That one guy was so wordy the cameraman got bored with him and started panning. Lol

Don't care about the Android or iPhone, just do the another test with all Windows Phone, from Lumia 920, HTC 8X, Samsung Ativ, Huawei Ascent W2 to see beside Lumia 920, will others survive?

They should send a chimpanzee into space with a 920 and see what kind of long distance charges he can rack up when he prank calls his friends in the Congo. It'll be the sequel to The Right Stuff".
"Lyndon Johnson: who's taking up the phone? Shepard, Glenn?
"von Braun: veer going to zend up a jimp".
"Lyndon Johnson: A JIMP? WHAT THE HELL IS A JIMP?"
"von Braun: You know, a jimp, a jimp! A jimpanzee!"

I saw "fired into space" and was hoping to see a rocket.  Alas, no rocket.  But that would be SO awesome for someone to build a huge model rocket and put  a 920 on board taking stabilized 1080p video.  Ok people, get to it. :)

All other countries will react to that launch, considering it may be more lethal than a nuclear missile. LOL

Well, how many G's can a 920 withstand? I've heard stories from Estes model rocket buffs who would place a lower life form into the nose cone in the name of scientific research . Opening "the hatch" after "splash down" would usually reveal a dead lower life form. Small rocket motors can go from zero to 456 miles per hour in 1.7 seconds. Larger rockets, though not as fast, have longer burn time and can generate 20 g's. Electronics built into artillery shells can withstand 15,500 g's. Why yes, I am a rocket scientist. Wikipedia is mailing my diploma in 6 weeks after they receive my 10, Count Chocula cereal box tops..

The next thing for The Lumia 920 successor to add is waterproof. It'll be a killer device for any situation! I could see police officers and soldiers carrying one. I could even see Bear Grills sporting one in his man vs wild series!

I will translate the full video with subtitles for none Turks this week and you can all know whats going on.