Turn by Turn Navigation US + CAN offline version released

The other day we mentioned how the company GPS Tuner was gearing up for a release of their offline mapping solution for Windows Phone. What makes 'Turn by Turn Navigation US + CAN' unique when compared to the newly released Navigon is that you can select individual map regions to download as opposed to the whole country. As you can see above, we're downloading the Northeast US and it comes in at a humble 231MB which is a lot lighter than the 1.6GB Navigon makes you download.

The app is priced at $28.99, which considering the options you're getting, sounds pretty decent. Navigon is similarly priced in the US but that's just temporary until it gets bumped to $50, in that sense in the long run this app is certainly more cost efficient. Other features include:

  • Voice-Guided Turn by Turn Navigation with premium audio quality
  • Full detailed Navteq maps
  • Automatic Map rotation according to your heading
  • POI and address search
  • Add POI-s or locations to Favorites
  • Route calculation based on Time or Distance
  • Supporting Portrait and Landscape mode
  • Automatic re-routing if you miss a turn
  • Speed dependent Volume control
  • Driving and Walking directions
  • US and Metric units are supported
  • Itinerary (turn list for planned routes)
  • Avoid Highway/Toll roads option

We're obviously in the middle of downloading some maps and we'll see about throwing up a video. Oh and best part? Unlike Navigon, you DO have a trial, so give it a go here in the Marketplace. And we expect a European version sometime soon too.

One thing that we can gripe about? It's not a Mango app. So no fast app switching nor is there any contacts integration, making quick routing a pain.

Thanks, TheWeeBear, for the heads up!


Reader comments

Turn by Turn Navigation US + CAN offline version released


A major difference is that Navigon does support more languages.Like in my case support for the Dutch language.

SO I'm a little confused... owners of the older version can or can't upgrade to the new version? That would suck if we have to buy the new version.

This is a completely new version. You'll have to purchase again as it uses premium maps now and has a lot of new features.

Yeah, I don't think they're gonna take a $20 loss--they have to pay for that Navateq license ;-) Does it suck? A little, but it's not like your current version is obsolete and doesn't work. This is just a more premium version.

I really like this UI way better than Navigon or Garmin. The only issue I have had in the past with Turn By Turn was GPS going in and out. I dont know if using the Navteq maps will resolve this. I know its a software issue because Garmin is flawless in this category. Im downloading the trial and if it works I will purchase this and uninstall Garmin. I also like the search feature with Turn by Turn.

Hmm, any chance of a side-by-side review/feature list with Navigon, so we can figure out which one is the better buy while they're still roughly the same price?

Ouch... you twisted my arm. I'll have a side by side comparison with NAVIGON tomorrow in the performance review. If all goes well, look for it late afternoon.

Buy Navigon. If these idiots aren't gonna update those who bought the original version and supported them to get to this point, count on this app being a half-assed amateur version of Navigon. I went with Navigon and I'm gonna leave their pointless older version as a reminder of how hopeless this developer is when they piss off their initial customers. I will hit every board in telling others to buy Navigon everytime I am sitting somewhere bored with my phone.

I really wanna believe that you are a Navigon employee because otherwise you aren't making any sense Navteq maps licenses are not free...

Then go with Garmin. It makes perfect sense. When you piss off your customers we write all kinds of negative reviews. That should wind up costing them more I'd imagine. You'll see us around.

A nice new Titan arrived today and Turn by Turn (uk) wasn't one of the applications I've re-installed and it never will be. Last week my partner and I went to Alton Towers and at first I fired up (on the HD7) the mango updated maps to try... no voice guidance? So I dropped back to Turn by Turn...Planning route... Waitstill planning a route... waitRoute found... coolblah blah re-routing planning routeOver and over and over again.Turn by Turn: When I needed you you FAILED.I turned the phone off and on again with the same result. No thanks.

Even though I was a Telenav Junkie, This is much better in terms of places to find. I just got it and jus playin with it I am very happy. I used it once and it was Right on. Turn by Turn, never use it. I jus look at picture, map. I pulled up a few addresses with no Problem. I like the fact that with no signal it will still run. That was the big Problem with Telenav. Unless I have a problem, This is Great. Love it.