The TV Show 2: Kill Your Darlings

The TV Show 2: Kill Your Darlings

The TV Show talks about the renaissance in storytelling and technology taking place in television today by focusing on the week of TV that was. On this episode Dave and Rene discuss the Gotham and Flash trailers, Arrow and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D finales, Big Bang Theory and Castle finales, try to remember 24 hour 3, Dick Whitman vs. Don Draper on Mad Men, and the consequences of killing characters. Subscribe and listen along!

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The TV Show 2: Kill Your Darlings


Its being pushed to all corners of mobile nations. Find it funny they only mention iTunes and gplay for finding the shows, tho. We are part of mobile nations but once again Microsoft gets no mention at all

We're looking for a way to easily add the Microsoft stuff.

Phil gave me the Google+ stuff because it's — wait for it! — blocked in Canada.

If you know a way to easily grab Microsoft link, please let me know and I'll add them!

Is Xbox Video also blocked in Canada? Being in the US, its difficult to remember that Microsoft doesn't always have the best track record for providing services to other countries and regions.

Arrow Season 2 via Xbox Video

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1 via Xbox Video

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 7 via Xbox Video

24: Live Another Day via Xbox Video

Mad Men Season 7 via Xbox Video

Game of Thrones Season 3 via Xbox Video

Big Bang Theory Season 7 via Xbox Video

The Blacklist Season 1 via Xbox Video

EDIT: I just checked these links from my 1520 and got an error page saying

"Sad but true, your browser isn't equipped to work with our site"

It's interesting that they don't have the links redirect into the Video app

I've been saying the same thing for over a year from all of the random shit that wpc has been trying to cover lately.

Wpc didn't cover this, mobile nations did. No time of wpc authors was wasted in writing this article, and you can safely pass this article if you dont want to read it. Simple :)

Well I'm glad that they didnt then. But why even post it to wpc and not just keep it on the main mobilenation app or website. I don't have wpcentral installed on my phone with push notifications on to read about random articles that has nothing to do about Microsoft or even mobile news in general.

Man, coverage of all of Microsoft was one thing but this is a little farfetched. I wish this were an opt-in.

Here's the thing: You're not single-dimensional and neither are we. Not covering media on smartphones — including Windows Phone — would be like not covering apps.

Smartphones aren't a fringe thing anymore. They're a mainstream thing.

This show is about all the amazing TV you can watch on your phone. We'll be having several shows like this — things that go beyond the platform that's already been built up and show how we can use it to build more things up.

In nature you either evolve or go extinct. We're not going to go extinct.

In 5 years none of us know what the smartphone space will look like, but we do know we'll be able to do amazing things with them. Thats' what Mobile Nations is here for :)

Good response Rene.  I enjoy reading and listening to discussions on all things tech and on all platforms. If anyone isn't equally interested, no one is holding a gun to your head. You can ignore the post and the show and it doesn't degrade your abiltiy to enjoy all the WP, Android, iPhone, and Blackberry content that Mobile Nations publishes!

In that paragraph you wrote there was not one thing mentioning about how you can watch tv shows on your mobile device. Are you guys going to start making podcasts discussing upcoming movies now too? Where do you draw the line?

We have a show about movies and TV shows new and old! It's called Review.

We last did Captain America and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We're next doing Arrow Season 2, Amazing Spider-Man, Godzilla, and Game of Thrones season 4.

You folks know how to get apps and media on your phone, we're reviewing them now the same way we review apps.

If you don't like it, that's fine. There'll be plenty of other great stuff for you.

Mobile Nations is all about providing a service for our readers, and that means everything that goes along with it.

We trust you folks to skip what you don't like and enjoy what you do!

I guess im just naive to what all goes on and is covered by mobile nation since I just use the wpcentral app. I just thought of something really interesting. Maybe instead of having separate apps (ie iMore, wpc, crackberry, etc) you guys should develop a single Mobile Nation app where all of the other apps are included in some way and have the option for users, if they want, to be able to select which subsection (wpc, imore, cracckberry, etc) will directly launch into when they open the app. That way everyone has the possibility of knowing about what's going on with everything in Mobile Nations.

Rene, do members of the other forums complain about posts that don't exactly pertain to their chosen OS like we do on WPCentral? Just curious. I like all the Mobile Nations articles, keep up the good work!

Hard to say. WPCentral has the most comments of any site right now, but also the most complaints about stuff like this.

I think folks here love Windows Phone so much, it creates an incredible energy but means we also have to make sure we prove to WPCentral readers why it's important to give them even more of everything.

He said, "I *think* folks here love Windows Phone so much (but not so much that their marketshare impress anyone, not even Mobile Nations), it creates an incredible energy....."

I think jay bennett can do a simple job of picking up the code of wpc app, and pressing ctrl+f, and replacing for all server requests to iMore/androidcentral, and then make some small necessary changes which are specific to the site. They all being mobilenations sites, I'd think that the way to take info from servers for the apps should also be the same..
(sorry if i sound naive, i cant be certain that that's the only required thing, as i dont know how the mobilenations apps work)

We don't have the other Mobile Nations apps on iOS yet either, so it's totally not a market share thing.

The thing with Android is that we did it in-house so it was easy to just replicate it across the other sites.

Both iOS and Windows Phone started with outside developers, so that makes adding additional apps more of a challenge.

We're definitely moving that way. It's a race to see if iOS or Windows Phone can get there first. (I think both will likely beat BlackBerry, fwiw.)

Its a shame that here of all places they promote that shows like Game of Thrones is on iTunes and don't include that it is available on XBox TV as well.

Both Gotham and Flash look great. Speaking of the former's network, Fox has some really interesting high concept shows coming out next season. Thankfully, some are only a handful of episodes so at least we'll see them til the end of their season

I'm so mad that FOX cancelled Almost Human. I look forward to the next amazing show they cancel after just one season!

Well it's supposed to be about Windows phones so, actually I don't know why they even have a podcast. Articles are pretty much doing the best for us. For a podcast thought, why don't each division ( WPCentral, iMore, Android Central) compare the OSes or phones to each other. That would be a podcast I'd like to hear.

Nope! A side benefit of Mobile Nations becoming serious about our podcast network is that we'll be working all that stuff out! :)

Improve your reading skills a bit :p :

" On this episode Dave and Rene discuss the Gotham and Flash trailers, Arrow and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D finales, Big Bang Theory and Castle finales"

It has to do with last week's episode of Castle, which we discuss in the show.

I looked at dozens of images and that one really seemed to capture both the aloneness and the face palm aspects :)

I'm sure at least half the population watches Castle because of her

Joking aside, I wish Castle would use a WP instead of an iPhone, like NCIS:LA

I would have been ok with the post if they had included Windows links for the video. However, I did listen to much of the poscast. Got to the Castle part and realize we are totaly different in what we like about TV. What they liked about Castle, (which is my favorite show), I hated.  I hate these continuing story archs. I want my TV shows wrapped up in the episode.  In addition I have not seen many of the shows they where discussing. I also do not watch a lot of TV, I like to read about it, but sitting down and watching can be a pain. I read and play video games, more than I watch TV.