The TV Show 5: Freudian slap

The TV Show 5: Freudian slap

The TV Show is like app or game reviews for television episodes. Whether you're watching it on the Xbox in your living room or streaming to your Windows Phone, Surface, or Windows PC, follow along for the week of TV that was. On this episode Dave and Rene talk about True Detective, why we're realists, violence vs. sex, 24 and our hopes for a Yvonne Strahovski spin-off, and the sickening crunch of Game of Thrones.

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The TV Show 5: Freudian slap


It seems you too have let yourself to fall into the same trap as many others did. Humans always like to make something out of nothing and that’s what the writer went for, IMO.

Rust cohle is a realist-pessimist and that’s exactly what this series is. There was never anything supernatural here.

To me, it was all about the characters and their 17 year journey. Everything else is secondary.

As for the finale, I kind of agree. I expected the killer to be more than what he was, but as I mentioned, it was about the detectives and not much about the case.

P.S. Cohle is the most impressive character I’ve ever seen on TV.

I was disappointed that so many didn't get this. TD is a damn fine detective drama, and so far removed from crappy network procedural shows. I mean, was anyone disappointed that Breaking Bad didn't have ghosts or aliens? So I can't understand that weird expectation for TD.

I think the purpose there is that there likely is much more to the big bad, involving the cult, however they got their actual killer, so "case closed". They were never thing to get the church, or the men with money within it, so just the next best thing.

This stuff is available on XBox Video. No different than talking about apps.

So begins the full potential of WPC! :)