TV show Extra & Mario Lopez give away dozens of AT&T Lumia 900s, announce contest

Looks like the Nokia Lumia 900 on AT&T is starting to get that second bounce in advertising. Today on Extra (pop news entertainment show), host Mario Lopez and Microsoft's Margaret Arakawa were talking up the svelte flagship Windows Phone.

During the 60-second segment Mario and Margaret demonstrated the photo app and Facebook tagging/upload capability which we're thinking is always a strong selling point of the OS (especially with that massive social networking being front and center in the news this week). Mario also talks up being organized and how easy it is with Windows Phone.

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The phone used was the vibrant and eye-catching Cyan Lumia 900, always a great choice for demonstrating the device to woo potential new users. Extra announced that they will be giving away no less than 10 Nokia Lumia 900s plus 6-months of AT&T service which is a good deal if you're not already on the national carrier..

Finally, to top it all off they gave away dozens of 900's with the same 6-months of free service to all of those lucky folks surrounding them during the segment.

This kind of promotion is unbeatable and the exact kind of exposure the phone needs to get into the mainstream mindset. Hopefully we'll see it pay off as a substantial increase in market share in a few months from now.

Source: Extra; Thanks, Daniel P., for the tip!


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TV show Extra & Mario Lopez give away dozens of AT&T Lumia 900s, announce contest


Ohhh, I was just there on Tuesday! Wish I had known cause I definitely would've loved to get a free 900. Side note: The Extra stage is diagonal to the Apple Store. They must've loved seeing a Microsoft product getting national exposure.

Im so glad that Nokia is doing so well in America :) But at this rate, there will be none left for the rest of the world :P

There isn't. They are selling as many as they can make. That's why the UK launch is apparently being pushed back.

Damn I want one freaking stuck with sprint... Waiting to see if I win 6months service and free lumia...

The wait shouldn't be too bad, you know why? June is when the WP8 news will kick off and that will fuel you through the summer with OS news, device leaks and product roadmaps.

Next thing you know it's the Fall and you'll have Sprint dates being tossed around and hopefully their LTE network will be actually available in more markets, making it actually worth it to have a LTE Windows Phone.

I bought an iPhone I miss windows phone but not my arrive, not at all. I'll come back when we get good phones on sprint. I'm not going to AT&T. Ever, Verizon maybe. But for now I'm stuck with sprint.

What's so wrong about AT&T? I've been there for two years and it seems darn good. Great service for what you pay for.

Too expensive for me, I have 4 phones and pay less than 190 for everything, data, text, and calls, if I were to go to AT&T I'd pay over 260 for the same, also I'd have to pay 4 etf's so probably going to Verizon wouldn't be an option.

Although I have the option of picking up a black lumia 900, the elusive cyan is still no where to be found on Rogers :(

I KNOW RIGHT!? that totally pissed me off! i think nokia and rogers can EASILY double their sales of the lumia 900 in canada if they JUST RELEASED THE CYAN VERSION

I entered so I can get my wife one before Sept, when she's eligible for her upgrade. I hope I can win one for her.

I'm just glad I have a 800...i just went into Phones 4U here in the UK and there's a 3 month waiting list on the 900 at my local store. Jeez.

I love the dude in the 2nd photo that is taking a picture on his cell phone of someone taking a picture on her cell phone...  The spokesman should have turned around right then and there, stole the phone and thrown him the 900, haha.
"I'm not just taking crappy pictures, I'm making smartphones better!!!"