TVShow with Live Tile is a go in the Marketplace

The other day we mentioned about Rudy Hyun and his TVShow app which was coded in 30 hours. That was the free "lite" version and we were anxiously awaiting his $0.99 paid one with a Live Tile and more features. Well, as you can guess it's here and it rocks.

As you can see in the above pic, I have 3 upcoming shows with the next one being 'Community' (aka the best show on TV right now). The Live Tile update is practically instant after you add your shows (remember to hold down/press to mark all previous episodes as "seen"). What can we say? We're impressed and we highly recommend it. Outstanding work by the developer.

Rudy also lets us know that he already submitted the next update, which should be out in a few days. That willll bring the following features:

  • support utf-8 subtitles
  • rate episodes
  • reorder tv show
  • speed up the launch
  • Fix the silverlight toolkit bug (the application may close when we added an tvshow)
  • 'press and hold" on a tv show marks all episodes as seen.
  • and a feature requested by US citizen for US tv shows: the possibility to have first aired datetime (Eastern time) or your local aired time (+3 for pacific time zone, +1 for mountain time zone)

Sounds good to us. Grab the "lite" version here and the new paid one here in the Marketplace.


Reader comments

TVShow with Live Tile is a go in the Marketplace


Daniel,Somewhat confused - is the 'hold down/press to mark all previous episodes as "seen"' feature already in the current version (as the article mentions), or is it coming in the updated version (as the coming soon list mentions)?If it's currently available, I can't get it to work....- Jonathan

Rudy explains below, but I'll reiterate because it may not be clear:App --> my tvshow --> choose show --> episodes --> long press on listA menu should pop up with "Mark previous episodes as seen"In the upcoming update, you can do this with the show title directly.

No, It uses the tvrage database, there is UK, french, NL, JP tv shows :)And if you're not english, the app has a translation feature for summary and recaps

For information, the tile is automatically updated each night (between midnight and 1am) :DWith the upcoming update, the launch is 9 times faster (I rewrite my own serialization functions)@Daniel :there is 2 features : - on the tvshow page : hold down/press an episode => a menu appears with "mark all previous episodes as seen", already available (but some problem with very long tv shows as 'Late Show with Jay Leno', fixed in the submitted update)- on the main page : hold down/press a tvshow => a menu appears with "mark as all seen" (available friday or monday)TVShow is your app, if your need a feature, don't be shy! ('press and hold on a tv show marks all episodes as seen', 'reorder tv show' and 'local aired time for U.S' are 3 features requested by users yesterday)

Rudy,Great app - I purchased it immediately for both my phone and my wife's.One suggestion I have would be to see news for only the shows marked as favorites; currently it's easy to miss news about favorite shows...Anyway, just a suggestion.Thanks.

I'd buy this, if I could actually buy apps that is. Damnit MS, expand the marketplace to my country already.