TVShow or PrimeTV... that is the question

We've reviewed PrimeTV and given away copies of TVShow. But which is the best television information app for your Windows Phone?

Tough call. Both offer detailed information on your favorites television shows as well as image galleries and videos on the shows. Both support Trakt.tv and Twitter (TVShow also supports Facebook). Both have live tiles and toast notifications on you favorite shows. Both have easy to navigate user interfaces.  TVShow does support subtitles but is that an across the board feature everyone uses?

But which is the best? While you can search and add favorite television series to track by keyword, Prime TV also gives you recommendations from your Trakt.tv account and from those shows that are trending upwards on Trakt.tv.

I'd love to say there's a smoking gun that would put one of these apps ahead of the other but they are so close, it's truly a dead tie. Both apps have similar features that are at times only distinguishable by how your access them. For example, TVShow has a YouTube button that sends you to a video page. PrimeTV incorporates a YouTube page into the Television Series hub.

Fortunately, both have free trials so you can judge for yourself. The full versions of both run $.99. You can find the Marketplace links and a side by side video comparison after the break.  If you find one of these two apps better than the other, feel free to share in our comments section.


Marketplace Links (opens Zune)


TVShow Lite - lacks certain features such as live tile, notifications, and data back up. Plus it's ad-supported.



Reader comments

TVShow or PrimeTV... that is the question


Does anyone know if either of these apps shoots your email or txt reminders when a new show premiers or suggest new shows that you might like?

I know they can give you live tile and toast reminders for your shows... not seeing anything on email or text options in the settings. Prime TV does have trending shows and recommendations (have to be a trackt member) from Trackt that are options when you go to add shows.

I bought both but my favourite is Prime TV as it was sleek from v 1.0 and improved nicely. TV Show offers PC and cloud saving of your settings which is nice, not sure it's on Prime TV.You can't go wrong with either.

I have both and prefer TV Show, works better on my device and seems to be better at getting the right air time.

I tried the trials of both and had to flip a coin to pick one. I bought Prime TV and used Trakt to sync the shows. Both apps are great.

I like the idea of these apps, and intend to give them both a whirl. But I'm really surprised at the lack of TV Listing apps for WP7. I have an iPod Touch, my wife has an android, and on both of those platforms there are many choices. I'm sad that I can't have an equivilent on my new WP7 phone.  :(   Anyone know of something I might have missed?