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Clever and fast Tweet It! Twitter client gets updated with new features, improvements

Like shoes, Twitter clients are a personal preference where one size doesn’t fit all. We all have our favorites and Tweet It! happens to be one of mine. It’s fast, smooth, packed with features and just has a lot of personality.

Version just landed in the Store and it brings some significant and important changes to charming Twitter client, including continued support for Windows Phone 7.x and 8 users.

Tweet It!


  • Implemented a full transition to API 1.1
  • Speed increased by almost a factor of 2
  • Updated page lists
  • Updated profile pages;
  • Improved the operation of the lists of tweets (stream no longer jumps with the included previews of photos and video);
  • Fixed a bug on the page set of tweets in a horizontal orientation for WP8;
  • Added support for keyboard devices for WP8 (well, you never know!)
  • And other small fixes that already cannot recall

Tweet It! has always been quite fast to use but with the latest speed increase, it’s even better. The app is full of all sorts of goodies including Bing Translation, find conversation, retweet with quote, “street mode” (turns camera on), “bed side mode” (locks orientation), photo resize options, inline images, font size and more.

Tweet It!

The app fetches for $2.99 though there is a free trial which we urge you to try it here in the Store.

Like it? Don’t like it? Let us know in comments!

Via:; Thanks, Svetlojar, for the tip!

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Reader comments

Clever and fast Tweet It! Twitter client gets updated with new features, improvements


Got this when it was free but currently using gleek and official twitter app, might give the updated version a try

For many users that's fine, but the ME Tile is very weak on features, and even the Official Twitter client has fewer features than almost every 3rd party Twitter app. For people who really USE Twitter on a regular basis, neither seems to be a good choice. For example, many users love to "Mute" tweets. This is impossible in all but a few Twitter apps, and VERY handy if you are someone who gets tired of the rants and crap that might come through.

Well I rarely use twitter. I don't get the point of some of the useless crap people talk about on twitter. Usually its just people bitching about their useless lifes

My only problem with Tweet It is that you cannot choose where to upload your pictures.
Also, do any Twitter clients support proper list management now?  I use Medoh most of the time and it seems that I can't add people to lists anymore without the application crashing...
That said, I used Tweet It straight for a month a while back (except when I needed to upload pictures) and I really enjoyed it.

When some weird error happen on Mehdoh (a lot), usually reinstalling fix it. Now if only Tweet it support multiple account ..

Did you upgrade to the latest mehdoh? 7.14 or 8.14 dependant upon WP7 or WP8... that had a fix for adding people to lists.

Seems that with the newest update, I can't upload pictures in tweets anymore. Uploading pictures works fine in the official Twitter app though. :\